Fiancée of the Wizard Novel Illustrations

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These images may contain spoilers so view at own risk~

Volume 1 Illustrations:

Cover Illustration   Color Illustration  Chapter 3  Chapter 5   Chapter 8  Extra 4
Side Story 1 Part 2     Side Story 2 Part 5  Side Story 3 Part 3   Side Story 3 Part 7

Volume 2 Illustrations: 

Cover Illustration   Color Illustration   Chapter 1 Part 2    Chapter 4 Part 1    Chapter 4 Part 3   Chapter 6 Part 3    Chapter 9 (Part 1)    Chapter 11 (Part 1)


  1. Thank you for posting the images for the first two novels. Can you post the images for the subsequent novels as well?

    • Posting additional images is on hiatus until after we migrate to the new web site, per AmareeLis request.
      Apparently the difference in how things will be organized are such that it’s not just changing a couple of URLs.

      Um, it may still be a while until the transition to the new web site occurs…

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