Volume 4 Chapter 1 Part 2


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I was about to be captivated by the Princess’s charming smile, but what if it was actually a cleverly set trap? I somehow managed to push that feeling away and instead decided to wait and see what Princess would say next. She then pointed her finger at the pamphlet laying on the table.

「Some time ago, the current lord of the Nibbiellata Isle came to us and requested the help of the Court Wizard.」

While I was cocking my head and trying to understand the meaning of those words, the Princess procured another document and presented it to us. I glanced through it briefly.

「Ruins of the ancient civilization?」

「Yes. Nibbiellata Isle is an autonomous region under the protection of this country since time immemorial, and the rule of the land was always left in the hands of the governing lords. I hear that the current lords are very adept at managing their land and are opening it for new business opportunities. As part of that, they want to hire explorers to investigate the parts of the isle that are still largely uninhibited, such as ruins, mountains and forests.」

「And while exploring they found the ancient ruins, is that right?」

If that was indeed the case, than the assistance of the Court Wizard was necessary alright. Only Wizards held knowledge sufficient enough to investigate the ruins from the era where the boundaries between humans and non-humans was ambiguous. I drank my tea in silence, since it was mostly that man’s area of expertise. Knowing that, the Princess procured another set of documents that she handled him.

「These are the Wizard documents that were sent to Agedilius. Three people in total. They were handpicked for this, so their abilities are more than appropriate for the job. They can be ready to leave for the Isle within a week’s time.」

Said the Princess while letting out a sigh, to which that man’s face didn’t even twitch. It seems that he was deeply absorbed in the documents that were before him.

The Wizards that my husband personally chose. Like the Princess said, there is no doubt as to their abilities if it’s like that. I have little to no knowledge about the world of magic, but I am sure that this man would not allow anyone to tarnish his good name. Especially since the place they are going to explore are the ruins of the ancient civilization, so who knows what awaits them inside of them?

The Princess laughed again and smiled brightly, although I am not sure which one of us caused her to react like that. But then her back straightened and her expression turned surprisingly serious.

「It’s been some time since the defeat of the Demon Lord, but that doesn’t change the fact that the remnants of its empire still remain in this world. We have no actual way of determining whether or not those remnants might become a threat to our world at some point. The Isle is one of the critical points when it comes to our economy, so if there is even the slightest possibility that there are some remnants of the Demon Lord cult there, we cannot just dismiss that possibility. Even if it turns out to be false, we must investigate this matter thoroughly.」

The Princess paused there for a moment, letting out a sigh after coming out with all of this serious information. Then, the man finally spoke up after being silent up until now.

「The situation is far more dire than we originally thought. I originally thought about sending Widnicol, since I thought it might be a good experience for him, but I see that I’ll have to go there myself.」

That’s right, it would be best to send in someone who had experience in fighting against the Demon Lord and his cohorts, and it would be the first time since the defeat of the Demon Lord that that man would leave the capital. But I wonder if the situation was really as dire as he was claiming it to be?

「I understand now why Edi has to go. But why am I also required there……?」

If he was to go alone, it could easily be covered up as going on a business trip and no one would suspect anything. But still, even though I knew it would be for a job, I would be envious of him going to the world-famous vacation resort while I was stuck in the mansion. Was it because Princess knew I would act in such a way?

Even though I was from a bloodline that was famous for being adept at magic, I had no magical talent and I couldn’t even use the most basic of magic. Even if I was to accompany him to the Isle, I would be of virtually no use to him, no matter how much I would like it to be different.

I looked at the Princess with a look on my face that must have spelled “I don’t understand”, for she looked at me, then at that man, and then at me again.

「I’m just hoping that since he’ll be there, there won’t be anything for you to do aside from relaxing.」


「But, Filmina. It just wouldn’t be fair for you to be left all on your own while he was going to such a paradise on earth, now would it?」

「If that’s how you see it, Princess.」

It seems that the Princess wasn’t going to allow for only one of us to have fun on the Isle while the other was patiently waiting for their return in the mansion.

「The position of the wife of the Court Wizard is far more dangerous than anyone might think. Be that as it may, you are his biggest weak point at all times.」

It may also be because she failed to show off during the festival that the Princess was taking this whole matter so seriously. And her words struck me deeply as well. It was the absolute truth that I was nothing more than a weakness for that man, one that could be easily exploited by people who wished ill towards him.

When the Princess whispered those words to me, I was so much at a loss that I didn’t know what to say. And so I just waited for her to continue. Incidentally, was she bearing some sort of a grudge towards me since the festival?

「Say, Filmina? Do you really think that Agedilius would just leave you to your own devices like that?」


Silently, I looked at the man. For some reason, he was also silent. Apparently, he was trying to avoid having to look me in the eyes. If he really wanted me to accompany him on this trip, then why didn’t he said so? Or maybe he wanted me to be close to him so that I wouldn’t cause trouble back at the capital? Which was the correct answer? Seeing me staring at man’s face, the Princess smiled.

「Personally, I have no objections with you going to the Isle as well. Sure, it’s going to be a little bit lonely in here, but I guess that’s what magical gems are for, right? We can stay in contact.」


「This Isle is a truly wonderful place. Trust me on that, I’ve been there before. The sea is beautiful, the food is delicious and the trade with other countries is thriving like it has never been before. How knows? Maybe you’ll see something rare and exotic while you’re there? You might even call that your honeymoon, you know? This place is perfect for things like that.」

To Princess’s words, I think back on all the events which have transpired so far. It is true that we’ve been married for a couple of months now, but since that man was always busy with work and there were also those incidents and the festival going on, we were yet to go on our honeymoon together.

To be honest, it didn’t matter that much to me if we were to go on a honeymoon or not, since my daily life was more than satisfying for me as it was right now. However, if we were to go and do this, it would make me extremely happy to be able to create memories together with that man.

However, even though Princess suggested something like that, I was but a wife and the opinion of my husband on that subject was supposed to be decisive. And as the Court Wizard, I knew that it was too early to think about this matter as being set in stone. I looked at him. He looked at me. I cocked my head slightly. Seeing that, the man spoke up after a moment.

「Instead of asking directly I was going to arrange for something to be prepared there in advance. Just a reminder, but even if the place looks nice, we are going there for work, not to play around. You’ll have to work as hard as during the preparations for the festival.」

I think that treating this outing like a duty rather than enjoyment was a bit much, but if it was going to make that man agree to the idea of me coming with his, so be it. I answer him with a beaming smile.

「Once you get there, please try to complete your investigation in about two weeks’ time.」


And thus it was decided that my husband and I were going to go to the paradise on earth, Nibbiellata Isle.


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