Volume 4 Chapter 10 Part 3


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「Ahh, that’s right. Agedilus wouldn’t stoop so low as to make a pact with some demon. You would need an upper echelon demon of considerable power to do that, but now that they are weakened after the war I doubt they have anyone like that. That is why I don’t think it’s the doing of the curse. At least that’s my opinion on the subject.」

「… Because the demons are in a weakened state for the moment?」

「That’s part of the reason. By the way, the islanders must have their share of stories and legends about demons, am I correct?」


Hearing Klanven’s words, my eyes widened in surprise. Just as he said, there was the legend of Black Witch Elizabell circulating on the island for almost three hundred years now. A Black Witch that plagued the people with disease and misfortune.

If the play I saw with Juri-kun was telling the truth, then Elizabell would be able to change her appearance to fit the tastes of the boy she liked. How could I overlook something so obvious? Was it because I didn’t want to discuss the topic of Elizabell with that man? If so, it was a terrible error on my part.

「Filmina? Is everything alright?」

「 –––– Yes. I’m sorry. Now that I think about it, there is a legend on the island about a witch with jet black hair.」

I somehow managed to smile back at the Princess who seemed to be genuinely worried about me. But the truth was that right now I am not alright, not even a bit. I scratched my head trying to connect all the facts as I sat down on the bed.

That is because the man was found unconscious in the ruins. And he himself was sure that it was the doing of the magic contained within the ruins themselves. But if the ruins had something to do with Elizabell, the black witch, then it wouldn’t be all that improbable for something like that to occur while someone was within them. I really am stupid. Why did I fail to notice that sooner?

But, from all that we know, Elizabell passed away those three hundred years ago. So how was such a phenomenon even possible in the first place? Was it because their magic was similar? Or maybe because they share a common trait of black hair? … As I was deep in thought, Widnichol spoke again.

「It is only my assumption, but I do believe that the magic that was cast on Master has something to do with emotions.」

「Magic that depends on emotion?」

What does that supposed to mean? Seeing my worried expression, Widnichol hurried up and started elaborating.

「That’s right. Did you know that the magic operations one can perform can be greatly influenced by one’s emotional state? However, sometimes strong emotions can influence the magic formulas and break them apart, or in some cases transform them into something completely new or different. But such new magic is almost never able to manifest, because it is rather unstable. You said it yourself earlier, Filmina-san: that Master’s adult consciousness manifested itself because of the strong emotional need. Based on that fact, I think it is safe to assume that the magic that hit Master is one of those “berserk” types. There may also be other factors, but……」

Widnichol continued to talk to himself in a lowered tone, but the most important part has already been spoken. No, it’s that we never taken such option into consideration, but it always seemed so improbable to us. Magic gone berserk. Does that mean that the ruins reacted to that man’s presence and used his own magic to manifest their will?

After being lost in thought for a while, the Princess also spoke up, apparently thinking of the very same thing I was thinking.

「Say, Filmina? Do you think we would be able to talk to Agedilus right about now?」

「Ah, umm, yes, I think so?」

I was amazed by the Princess’s words. Up until now, various opinions were clashing here and we had no way of getting to know which one was actually correct. But if we all were to talk to that man, maybe we could arrive at some sort of a conclusion.

I looked at the sleeping Edi. He seemed exhausted after today, so right about now should be ideal moment to try to communicate with him. Who knows? Maybe he was even waiting form right there, since he couldn’t walk too far away from his physical body?

「Alright, so now we shall go to Edi’s room and see if we’ll be able to communicate with him…」

But before I managed to finish that sentence, I heard a faint sound coming from outside of the door. It seems that others picked it up as well, so they were looking towards the door with expressions full of tension and surprise.


I was looking as tense and surprised as others, but then the door opened quietly and there was the image of a small boy coming through them, holding a bunch of documents in his small hands. The documents looked like the ones we were studying during the day, covered with ancient magic language from top to bottom.

「Edi? You were still up? Why didn’t you go to sleep?」

As the boy looked at me apologetically his whole body trembled slightly. He shook his head. Maybe it was because he happened to overhear something he knew he shouldn’t have heard? If that was the case then it would be rather bad, but what’s done is done. I stood up from the bed and walked up to the boy.

「What’s the matter? You wanted to talk to me about something?」

「… I happened to stumble upon a new magic formula in the documents, so I thought it might be some sort of clue.」

「Oh my, it would be simply wonderful if that was indeed the case. Please, sit down. There are some people I would like to introduce you to.」

Ohh, this boy may be little, but he’s that man after all. He’s been studying the magical language this whole time on his own. He may be small, but I was reminded yet again that his abilities were nothing to be underestimated.

Like he said, this new magic formula might contain a hint that would take us in the right direction. And since together we might be able to get this right, it was actually commendable that he came to me with it.

The boy walks further into the room, and I take the documents from his hands and place them on the bed for now, and then we stand side by side right in front of the magic stone that I placed on the mirror’s stand.

「Allow me to introduce you. This young man is my husband, Agedilus.」


The boy remained silent, but it was actually Widnichol who opened his mouth first, seemingly unable to contain his excitement.

「Uwah, amazing! It’s really Master, but a lot smaller!」

The sky-blue eyes of Widnichol were now shining like a pair of gemstones. Also, he was constantly whispering to himself things like “Amazing! Amazing! Just what kind of magic system is that!?”…… I got a hunch that if I don’t stop his enthusiasm right here right now, it might be a bad influence for that man and it might take a toll on our marriage. That was a terrifying thought.

I was also really glad that Widnichol was a man and not a woman. At least I was sure that he wouldn’t say something he might regret on the spur of the moment. I didn’t hide the fact that we are married from him, but I was afraid that someone else could feed him some unnecessary information that he absolutely did not need to know right now. But if it was like that, I think I could be rest assured. Otherwise things might have gone really south really fast.

But for now it was all good. Our matters are safe from those that need not know, and it looks like nothing is going to change about that in the near future. Besides, if something were to happen to that man while he was like that, I would surely be held responsible. While my thoughts were slowly drifting somewhere else and I could feel a headache slowly building up in my head, I heard a voice that brought me back to reality. Looking at the projection, I could see Klanven laughing as if he was having a time of his life right about now.

「I heard that from Clementine, but he really looks super cute. I knew it, you will never cease to amuse me, Filmina. Now, since this is such a rare opportunity coming our way, how about I have a look at our little Agedilus, hmm? 」

「I…… I’d rather you not do that.」

That was the only thing I could say right now. I tried to bring a smile to my lips, but I managed that rather poorly. Really now, this was hardly the situation for Klanven and his poor jokes, since I had very little left in me to bare with them. But as usual, Klanven only laughed earnestly.

「Dear Uncle, if you keep joking so much, no one will ever take you seriously. Well then, Widnichol. It’s about time for us to go soon.」

If the Princess didn’t say that to those two, they would probably never stop looking at that man in admiration. Hearing her, Klanven reacted with a simple “Alright, alright.” While Widnichol looked as though he just broke out of a trance and continued to repeat “I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” over and over again. As long as they understand, that’s fine.



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