Volume 4 Chapter 13 Part 4


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That’s when the boy interrupted the Governess’s words, pointing towards her.

The boy was silent. He was listening to the story in complete silence, not showing any kind of emotions. Could it be that he already knew about it? Perhaps from the diary of Elizabel that he was reading?

Seeing that reaction Juri-kun laughs while shifting his gaze in between the two of us.

「You may be silent, child, but I know what you want to say. You want to say that since I am still cursed in this form it means that Elizabel still hadn’t forgiven me, right?」

In contrast to the tension visible on the Governess’s face, Juri-kun seemed to be quite relaxed. He only narrowed his eyes as his lips twisted in a smile. There was sure to be anger, sadness and despair caged up deep inside of him, but he wouldn’t let anybody else witness that. I was also sure that the name “Elizabel” must have invoked lots of memories from his distant past.

I couldn’t possibly find any words that could be said to Juri-kun at the current moment. Just then I felt that someone was gently pulling on my hand. Looking in that direction, I saw the eyes of that boy, looking straight into mine as he got closer to me and took me by the hand. I wonder if this feeling of warmth that I was feeling right now was the same for Juri-kun when he would touch Elizabel’s hand like this?

「Miss Lancent. Answer me this: do you really think that you can live happily at the side of someone of Pure Black like your husband?」

Was that jealousy in his voice? Anyways, it seems that I wouldn’t be able to escape from answering that question.

「Do you believe that even though you are so fundamentally different, you’ll be able to walk down the same path from now on?」

Hearing those words, I could feel my whole body tremble. But not only mine, the boy’s body was trembling as well. I looked down upon him and I saw that his eyes were carrying the same kind of fear and the same kind of doubt. That is when I was sure there was no longer any doubt left in me. So I clenched my hand around his hand really hard, gently smiled at him and turned towards Juri-kun again, this time about ready to give him my answer without any kind of hesitation.

「Yes, I believe it is possible.」

His words were all a bunch of nonsense to me. Does it matter that that boy is Pure Black? If he’s asking me if that fact affects my feelings towards him, then the answer will always be “No”. No matter who he is, I, Filmina Von Lancent, want to spend the rest of my life together with Agedilus Von Lancent. I can’t possibly imagine my life without him. I think that it is something truly worth believing in.

「Even though Pure Black may one day bring calamity upon this world?」

Saying that, Juri-kun’s smile takes a turn for the bitter. As ridiculous as it may have sounded, it was the truth in his words. But it was all the more reason for me to reply with even more confidence.

「I don’t plan on losing Edi or being separated from him in the near future.」

Juri-kun was silent. Then he shifts his gaze from me to the boy right next to me. Then he cried out an incantation, throwing his hand forward. I can feel the boy pulling on my hand and trying to pull me behind him. I look at him and see the light of determination in his eyes. There was also something else, something magical in them as well, so I know that there would be no other way out of this. I try to call out to him, but no words leave my mouth.

「…… The magic that is applied to me is the same kind as the one that was applied to Juri. So the way to resolve this is simple. Both phenomena are the cause of Elizabel’s magic and the emotions behind them. Honestly, I couldn’t ask for anything more convenient than this. I have the resolve to go back to how I once were, and I won’t let anyone stop me from doing that.」

He spoke as there was someone else in here as well. But there was no longer any time to pay attention to things like that, since the appearances of both Juri-kun and the Governess started to glow with a bright white light. I could see my own face reflected in their eyes. I gently touched my cheek. I could feel some kind of warmth on it, and when I turned around I could see the hand of that boy reaching out towards me. I remember that gentle smile and the warmth behind those eyes of his.

No matter how he acts or how he is, he’s him and nothing will change that fact. I will never perceive him as someone or SOMETHING else. That is also why I want to spend my future with him, and I want to protect that future. I wanted to tell him all that, but before I could do that, I could feel that the boy shifted his position. His voice also changed, now being calm and gentle. His arms, wrapped in thin black cloak encompass my shoulders and pull me closer to him.

「 ––––––!?」

For a moment I didn’t know what was going on, but then I felt a soft sensation on my lips. The boy looked at me while my face was turning red, looking just like a child that managed to succeed in some kind of a new mischief.


「It was so simple that it kept on eluding me this whole time. The solution for removing the curse was to kiss the one you love the most in the entire world.」

It sounded just like something taken straight out of a fairy tale. But soon enough, there was a magic circle appearing right under the boy’s feet, and the magic runes on the walls and the floor started to shine as well.

「Please don’t forget. Even though I will no longer be the little “me”, I’m still me. And I……」

The boy wanted to say something, but I wasn’t able to hear him anymore. The magical light wrapped around him, making me unable to hear or see anything for a moment.

Then, my hands that were wrapped around the boy’s hands not so long ago, were now being wrapped by a pair of hands that was larger than mine.

「In other words, it’s something like that.」

Finally, I opened my eyes hearing a familiar voice that I knew so well. Seeing the beautiful features of the man standing right in front of me, I found myself at a loss for words. His eyes full of warmth and magical light, he closes his hands tighter around mine, and I can feel the warmth of his body being passed to me.

「––––– Edi?」

「Yes. I’m sorry it took so long, Filmina.」

When I call out his name, he answers like that and smiles so brightly that not even the sun could hope to compare with him right about now. The man then let go of my hands and hugged me tightly, as if to show me that he was not an illusion or anything of the sort. Honestly, he hugged me so tightly that it hurt just a little bit, but it was not important for the moment.


My field of vision was distorted. What was that? Is it possible for one man to have this much warmth inside of him? I pressed my face against the man’s chest so that he wouldn’t see my tears. He would certainly laugh at me if he saw me like that right now. And it was anything but a laughing matter. And when he indeed laughed I couldn’t possibly be mad at him, knowing that there was no ill intent behind that laugh. Somehow, I was also glad that he wore his normal clothes before we came here, but I would never tell him that I was worried about what would have happened if his old ones didn’t fit him right now. It was also amazing just how clearly I could hear and feel the beating of his heart when we were hugging like that right now.



Feeling a sudden surge of relief coursing through me, I separated from the man and looked at him. I wanted him to see that everything was alright, so I wiped the remnants of my tears with my fingers and flashed him a smile. The man then nodded his head and turned his gaze towards Juri, embracing me around my waist with one hand.

「Now then, do you understand? Juri-dono, Miss Governess.」

「––––Yeah, I get it. I get it all too well.」

His voice was really quiet. Also, he was looking straight at me instead of at the man. I’m not sure, but I thought that for a moment there I saw a light of envy in Juri-kun’s eyes, and I didn’t know what to say to him. The pleasant warmth was wrapping itself all around me. In this warmth, I was unsure whether I’d be able to tell him anything that would bring him back the long lost hope.

「Juri-kun…… No, Jurionosol-sama. You said that your current predicament is a result of Elizabel’s hatred towards you, but I don’t believe that’s the case.」


The Governess’s eyes looked as though she didn’t know what I meant by that. I cast her a quick glance and then continued.

「Even if Elizabel-sama harbored some sort of hatred towards you, she still wanted you to live, right?


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