Volume 4 Chapter 4 Part 3


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I returned to the assigned guest room together with the man and sat on the corner of the perfectly made bed. It seemed that somebody must have thoroughly cleaned the room while we were out, as there wasn’t a single speck of dust.

I held back my urge to just lean back and go straight to sleep. The man sat down next to me. I cast a sideways glance at the man’s beautiful, night fairy like face and, as expected, he was thinking about something absent-mindedly.

「It seems you had fun today. 」

At my teasing words, the man leaned his head my way.

「It looks like that? 」

「Yes. You have the face of a kid who got a new toy. I’m sure you’ve forgotten all about me while investigating, right? 」


He didn’t reply, however his uncomfortable expression which he tried to hide by putting on an expressionless face, told me it was exactly as I thought. With my husband being in such a condition, it won’t be a honeymoon or anything of the kind. This damn workaholic.

「… Sorry. 」

I didn’t know whether he noticed my inner complaints, but he apologized with a rare, praiseworthy attitude. At that single line I sighed deeply. I turned towards the man who was peeking at my reaction and shook my head with a smile.

「I’m also sorry for saying such mean things. You haven’t done anything you should apologize for. It’s just me being selfish. 」

That’s right. In the first place we came here to work so making the investigation a priority is obvious. Even though I knew that, I wanted that man to understand my feelings a little. Having such thoughts was unbecoming of my age and selfish. I faced the man who stayed silent and continued.

「Also, please don’t worry. A very nice gentleman gave me a tour so I had a great time even though you weren’t there. 」

A lot of fun, in fact. After I added those words and smiled even wider, the man’s eyebrows twitched. His sunrise coloured eyes flash with a dangerous light.

「What did you say? 」

He said in a low voice. I didn’t pay any attention and continued while intentionally smiling brightly. 

「We promised to meet again tomorrow. That’s why please don’t mind me and work to your heart’s content. 」

At those words the man knitted his well-shaped eyebrows. That gesture had enough power to make weak-hearted ladies faint, but he was sorely mistaken if he thought it would work on me. I’d seen that face many times over the years since we’d met.

「Wait Filmina. That gentleman, is he a man? 」

「I’ve said “gentleman”, haven’t I? Of course he’s a man. 」

「Have you once again become involved with some troublesome people? Nothing good comes out of leaving you by yourself. 」

「What a horrible thing to say. Just who is it that has left me alone, I wonder? 」

I clearly saw the man’s mood plummet before my eyes. Unable to stop myself from smiling at his obvious feelings I continue while giggling.

「He’s a boy of around 10 years of age. He’s a very kind, wise and wonderful boy. 」

After adding that I was looking forward to tomorrow, the man stared at my face, his sunrise coloured eyes opened wide. He opened his thin lips to say something but in the end he closed. After a moment he opened them again.

「… The other person is a child? 」

「Yes. 」

「I was certain…」

「Certain? 」

I asked while smiling sweetly. The man lifted his eyebrows and scowled at me.

「You tricked me. 」

「Oh my, so disgraceful. It was you who misunderstood, wasn’t it? 」

I laughed, my smile seemingly saying that there wasn’t anyone better than me. The man twisted his beautiful face into a frown and clicked his tongue. His unmatched beauty was wasted on him. Although it’s my fault he made such a face.

He turned his face away from me and presented me with his back. Just as he was trying to stand up, I snuggled against that back. His back trembled slightly. He didn’t turn my way but he didn’t push me away either. I took this chance and opened my mouth while facing his back.

「Please, don’t do anything dangerous. We don’t know what might happen. 」

From previous conversation I learned that the ruins weren’t connected to the demons and that there wasn’t any immediate danger, but I couldn’t shake the uneasy feeling. I thought it sounded like I was trying to persuade a helpless child. Well in truth it might have been easier to persuade a child. After all, the other party was the world’s saviour and Royal Court’s Head Magician. I knew he wouldn’t obediently listen to me, however I couldn’t not say it. There was no guarantee that this research idiot, workaholic man who neglected his newlywed wife after coming to a resort, wouldn’t do reckless things.

He didn’t answer immediately. After a short silence,

「Got it. 」

He answered, but I couldn’t trust that silence at all.

「Did you really? 」

「I said I got it. I won’t make you cry again. 」

I let out a deep sigh at those reassuring words. From his tone I knew that even if I said something more it wouldn’t change anything.

「You absolutely mustn’t forget those words. 」

I put my cheek against his back and felt his warmth. It let me know that this man was alive. However, I’ve felt the sense of loss at losing him forever before, when I was notified he sacrificed himself together with the demons during the Demon King subjugation quest. I still couldn’t forget that despair. The world became monochrome and I didn’t care about anything.

After seeing the state I was in at that time, my wet nurse said,

「I was worried that at one point my lady would follow Lord Agedilus. 」

But at the time I didn’t even any willpower left to follow him. I could only obediently let the flow of time carry me along and live day after day. No, I’m sure I wasn’t alive at that time. I only wasn’t dead. I don’t want to feel that way ever again.

When I reluctantly let go of the man’s back, he spun around and faced me. I felt somewhat uncomfortable when he looked straight down at me with those sunrise coloured eyes. The moment I tried to ask 「Edi? 」, he took me into his arms. Just as I was confused by his sudden action, I heard him whisper in my ear while in his embrace.

「About the ruins investigation… We’ve met some unexpected difficulties. 」

「… Is that so? 」

No matter how twisted his character was, there was no denying his ability, which was acknowledged by the princess. It wasn’t for nothing that it was said, that there wasn’t a wizard better than this man in the entire world. The fact that this man said it was difficult spoke for itself.

「Yes. Someone who could create such a magical system, without a doubt, possessed extraordinary skill. It seems that my three predecessors gave up after a week, but I think withstanding it for a whole week already deserves praise. There doesn’t seem to be any danger for bystanders, but it seems that in order to clarify what purpose was this was technique created for I’ll have to shut myself up in those ruins for a while. 」

「Is that so?  About the investigation team gathered by lady Leticiela? Those people…」

「That team is a problem too. 」

「Eh? 」

When I asked him whether the investigation wouldn’t proceed faster if he borrowed strength from the team, he answered with a bitter expression.

「That investigation team is honestly not dependable at all. Their skill is at a level where they are only a hindrance to me. They are a bit better than amateurs, at best. The lady had the example of my predecessors. So although she says she wants to help, even if only a little, she doesn’t expect any results other than what’s already appearing in the current data. She doesn’t care if the currently stable technique is broken after somebody tinkers with it poorly. That’s why starting tomorrow I’ll be investigating alone. 」

I automatically raised my face at those words and looked up at his face. He said it as if it wasn’t anything important, but there was a line I couldn’t ignore mixed in his previous words. I freed both of my hands from his embrace and put them on his white cheeks fixing his head in place. I stared straight into those sunrise coloured eyes.

「Haven’t I told you not to do anything dangerous? What are you thinking, sneaking away to investigate alone? 」

When I said that while raising the ends of my eyebrows, the man who, till this point, hadn’t shown any feelings on his face smiled mischievously.

「Don’t say that. If I said I wanted to quickly finish investigating and spend time with you later, will you get angry? 」

I was at a loss for words. 

「After all we still have 13 days left」

That way of saying it was unfair. It was true, that with his position at the royal capital taking a break was nearly impossible. If he finished the investigation quickly, we would be able to have a real honeymoon… To be honest, it made me happy. The princess often told me,「That’s why, you my lady, are too naive. 」 but when he said it in such a way, I couldn’t say anything else.

「I’m amazed to hear that from our Royal Court’s Head Magician. 」

「I only said that because it’s you. 」

I smiled bitterly at that man who bluntly said those words without getting embarrassed. Honestly.

「You are helpless. 」

I stroked his cheeks which were sandwiched between my hands and the man lightly tapped his forehead against mine. Without saying anything, we both start laughing quietly. He truly was a helpless man. However myself, who accepts him, may be just as helpless. 

If it was this powerful man, then I was sure it’ll be alright. I could only believe in him and wait. Having reached this conclusion in my heart, I accepted the man’s kiss.

But I had no way of knowing how much I would regret this decision later on.





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