Volume 5 Chapter 1 Part 1


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko
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The sun was shining, the leaves were swaying gently on the tree branches and you could feel summer in the air. Was there anything to be afraid of or to concern yourself with on such a fine day as this?

As for me, Filmina Von Lancent, my everyday life was pretty much uneventful as of late, with the last major incident being the one during my “honeymoon”. Personally, I had no issue with spending my days leisurely like that. It was a nice change of pace. Enjoying your peace was a nice thing for a change, especially since during the past year I was roped in quite a few bizarre events that would probably be enough for a lifetime for any other person. I don’t know about other people, but I would exchange all that for plain and ordinary days of doing housework any time and any place. Like that, I could be just a normal housewife, sending my husband to work at the castle with a smile on my lips and greet him with a warm meal when he would come back at night.

Today was just another ordinary day, but with a little twist to it. Since the early morning, you could hear happy cheers and voices of the people all over the streets. So today was not really all that ordinary, now that I think about it. Today was a special day. The streets were full of people, street vendors set up booths alongside the main street and there were street performers everywhere. People were cheering, singing and dancing while on their way towards the royal palace. I was looking at all of that from a window in my room.

If someone was to ask why is the capital in such a festive mood right now, there could only be one possible answer. Today marked the anniversary of the Demon Lord’s defeat and restoring the peace back to the world. Because of that, there was a huge festival being held here in the capital city. The damages after the war were slowly being repaired, monster and demon menace was now under control, and so the people came to the capital to be merry about peace coming back to the world.

 Seeing the crowd so lively like that my face was lighting up in a smile, and my heart was filled with an urge to join the festivities. The food stalls were full of tasty treats that you wouldn’t normally see in the capital on an everyday occasion. I would like to try them all if I could. Truth to be told, I wanted to join the people outside and enjoy the occasion, but my current social status was not allowing me to do such a thing. It was one of the reasons why my expression right now was so gloomy.

I’m truly sorry……

Kyah!?For what?

I let out a sigh while looking out the window, when I suddenly heard a familiar voice speaking to me from behind. No matter how familiar the voice may be, you will always jump up in surprise and your heart will always skip a beat when you are spoken to like that so suddenly. That voice diverted my attention from the commotion outside.

Now, now, Edi. I told you that there’s no need for you to feel sorry about anything.

To my words, I could see the surprise being reflected in the eyes of my dear husband. The corner of his lips raised slightly as he said “I’m sorry” again, looking all apologetic. Personally, I don’t think that a combination of this voice of his with that expression on his face was a bad thing. It was good that he understood, but that expression was not suited for him, as it was making his usual fairy-like handsomeness diminish greatly.

I glared at the man from across the table. Seeing my gaze, he only tilted his head and looked confused. This gesture only made his porcelain-white skin seem even whiter and his rosy lips even more alluring than usual.

I knocked on the door but you didn’t respond. So I let myself in.

It is considered a violation of privacy to enter a Lady’s room without knocking first, you know?

…… That, I guess you’re right.

I was expecting the man to frown at me or get angry, but surprisingly enough his reaction was rather tame and calm. But it was certainly better than having him look down on me with an angry expression. Like that, his beauty was so great that out of the ten people passing by, surely at least nine of them would turn their gaze to look at him. If you haven’t already guessed it, this man was none other than Agedilus Von Lancent, my dear husband.

This man is not only my husband, but also a Court Magician. But there was another title that was affiliated with his name and today was the day when he would bear that title with pride and at full display. The title of a Hero. One of a selected few that went up against the Demon Lord and managed to defeat it. Agedilus Von Lancent, a man like that, it is hard to believe that he is my husband. Me, but a simple lady from a small noble house with nothing special going on about her.

And even though it was decided more than a decade ago that the two of us would be married to one another, it was sometimes still hard to believe. While I was thinking that, my dear husband drew closer.

Everyone else is ready. Would you like to go see them before the ceremony starts?

Oh my, you came here only to ask me that?

I smile at him in response and then nod my head. I reached out my hand towards that man, and when he gently took it in his own we started to walk away. Strangely enough, even though the man’s pace was quite fast, today he was walking unusually slowly. It was probably because he didn’t want me to step on the hem of my dress, which was made with a lot more cloth then I would have liked. I’d much rather prefer a simpler dress, but since the occasion called for grandeur there was nothing I could do about. Still, it was sweet of him to pay attention to such a minor detail.


For a short while we walk down the long and spacious corridor, going further and further away from the hustle and bustle of the noises coming from outside. Eventually we arrived at the waiting room meant for the stars of today’s show. From the moment we entered, the splendor of this room was something that almost left me speechless. And it was only partially because of the luxurious furniture that the room was filled with. The bigger part were the people waiting here.

…… It’s been a while, everyone.

It was a polite and official greeting, to which four bright smiles responded with no hesitation.

Oh, if it isn’t Filmina. I’m so glad that you came.

It was the Princess Clementine, dressed in a light robes, pure-white in color, looking more like a shrine maiden’s dress rather than the Princess’s formal attire. She let her long light hair loose and placed some seasonal flowers in them. Her smile was as gentle and dazzling like those flowers, looking exceptionally beautiful.

Being able to be seated right next to the Princess just like that was a true honor, one that someone of my status would never be able to experience. Right next to her was a table with served tea and some sweets, and across that table there was sitting the Commander of the Knights with his long red hair. Wearing the official knight uniform with a lion’s emblem on a blue background and embroidered with silver thread, he was the object of adoration for many young women across the kingdom. Seeing me, the Commander waved his hand at me and pointed towards the tea and sweets while smiling brightly.

Ohh, it’s certainly been a while, Filmina! I can see that you’ve grown to be quite a beauty!

Another trait of his was that he was able to blurt such lines so fast and without any hesitation. It was such a powerful ability that even the most reserved and rule-obsessed noblewomen couldn’t stop blushing in front of him. In response to his words I bow politely while raising the hem of my dress, pretending not to notice the look of irritation on that man’s face.

 Thank you very much. And I see you are as good when it comes to compliments as ever, Alhelm-sama.

You know me, I hate being stiff. But the look on your husband’s face scares me more than anything else. Right, Juli?

Yeah, umm, that’s right. It might be rude of me to say this, but I do believe that dealing with hordes of demons was less scary than that look on his face right now.

The Knights Commander says it was like that, pointing towards a man that approached the Princess and greeted her with a brilliant and dazzling smile on his lips. A little bit too dazzling if you asked me. That man was the most important person in today’s celebration. The Brave Hero himself.

A young man by the name of Julifaretto Lila Strenwihain, a noble youth with gorgeous blonde hair and dazzling green eyes. He came here today all the way from the province in disguise, and only recently changed his clothes to that of the nobleman, which looked really good on him. He saw us and flashed a smile, to which we all answered with the same gesture.

Juli-sama, it looks like you’re in good health.

Ever since the festival earlier this year we’ve been exchanging letters, but I’m glad that we’ve met in person like that.

Yes, I’m glad as well.

Anyway, together with me, he was a member of a little thing we were calling Agedilus’s Watchers Alliance”. Although we were exchanging status reports in the letters there was only so much that could be said that way, so I was truly pleased that I could finally meet him like that in person. And his smile was as dazzling as ever, making me want to look away just so that I wouldn’t be blinded by it.

Even though my husband is very handsome himself, and even though I was told that there are different kinds of beauty in this world, I don’t think I will ever get used to this man’s handsomeness. It was so unique that it was almost feeling unusual. With that all said and done, Juli went towards the window to observe the people outside.

Good day to you, Filmina-san.

Then I was approached by a young man with grey-silver hair and bright eyes which seemed to be reflecting the depth of the sky itself. Just like myself, that young man looked as though he felt totally out of place being here. I bowed my head slightly and returned the greeting.

Widnicol-sama, it’s certainly been a while since we’ve last met. I hope that you’re in good health?

T, thank you so much!


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