Volume 5 Chapter 4 Part 2

Translator: Kurehashi Aiko
Editor: Jacinta

Luckily enough, Lucius didn’t seem to be discouraged by that man’s behavior and continued to nag him in his own way. Seeing the two of them acting like that and having that kind of silly rivalry when it comes to medicinal herbs, made me realize that Lucius was indeed a good man and everyone who thought otherwise would just be overly suspicious of him.

But it is also true that challenging that man even though he knew just how moody he can be was awfully bold of him. It made me think that Lucius acts more like a little brother to that man rather than a mere guest. So far it’s been nothing more than that between those two, but I wondered if things are going to stay that way all the time?

Wouldn’t it be better to ask someone else about that rather than asking me?

I’m sure that no matter what question she may have, Lucius would be more than happy to answer them for her. But contrary to my expectation, she looked kind of dissatisfied with my answer, muttering something alongside the lines of “But……” It felt really strange.

I don’t want the Marquis to see me get close to Lucius-sama.

No matter how often you are invited to parties like that, it must be scary to make that first step……

Hearing my friend’s words, I could only nod in agreement. Certainly, the Marquis seems to care about Lucius very much, but at the same time he seems to be a little bit overprotective. Aside from those like us who have happened to know the Marquis for quite some time now, he may have seemed like a pretty unapproachable figure to begin with. It would certainly require a lot of courage to even approach him but before I could tell her that, my dear friend continued.

And besides, he’s so handsome that even if I dared to approach him, I wouldn’t know what to say.

Oh, that’s right, even when I came up to them earlier to say hello it was only just that, I went back right away.

Even though he’s so handsome, the way he acts and laughs is so cute! He really is amazing.

We both praise Lucius and laugh afterwards. Certainly, normal words would surely be hard to summon when faced with someone like him. His handsomeness was one of a kind, one that would surely possess the power to dispel even the darkest nights. And his smile could even rival that of that man, if I do say so myself.

And the fact that they considered someone like me, who often lacked tact and the ability to read the mood, a friend, was speaking much about them. And while I knew it was a little bad of me to use the fact that he was currently staying with us for the time being, I very much enjoyed the fact that I could enjoy Lucius’s company. It happened at that time, when I turned my eyes towards him again.

Everyone, shut your mouths!

Suddenly, a rather stern voice sounded could be heard throughout the place, a voice that you wouldn’t normally hear around here. Looking towards the source of the voice, you could see a muscular man holding a large knife in his hand, pointing it towards some of the guests he managed to take a hold of. Clearly an uninvited guest.

The other guests could only watch in terror at the intruder. Then the intruder, seeing that his shout didn’t create as much of an impact as he thought it would, he glanced at his knife and slammed it into the table, destroying the tablecloths, sending plates and silverware flying into the air and sending the tea and sweets onto the ground.

What are you doing!? Capture this man at once!

The Marquis shouted at the guards, but the knights were unable to do anything to the man, seeing that they would end up hurting the hostage in the process. Also, the security around here was rather scarce, since the Marquis disliked placing too many guards during his parties. They would surely be useful here right now.



Getting closer, the thug noticed Malena who was standing right beside me and took her as hostage next. I tried to help her reflexively, but then I felt a sharp pain cutting through my arm and a chill run up my spine. In a matter of second, the thug’s aggression and bloodlust filled the garden and courtyard completely. It was simply overwhelming.

Edi, please……!

I shouted in desperation, but my scream was needless. In the next moment the thug was hit with an invisible force that pushed him away and slammed him into the nearby tree, knocking him out on the spot. It was so fast that everyone was at a loss for words.

At the same time that man approached the unconscious thug while looking down at him with his favorite staff in his hand, which appeared out of thin air. When I saw that he raised his staff towards the thug and the staff started to glow, I rushed towards him stopping him with my hurt arm from which blood was still spilling.

Edi, please calm down! You don’t have to do this! I’m fine, no one got hurt! See?

I knew that if I didn’t stop him in time, he would end up doing something to the thug that he might have regret later. The thug was already unconscious and would no longer be able to hurt anyone, but that man’s eyes were still burning with anger.



Once again I called his name, but this time my voice was harsher than before. Eventually his eyes stopped glowing, and he withdrew his staff. He then looked at me and recognizing my bleeding arm he looked really tired for some reason. I was sure that he was angry at me for this, but contrary to my assumption he only let out a deep sigh.

…… Why are you like that?


I can’t decide if it’s just courage or downright stupidity. Or maybe it is you’re just reckless.

While letting out a sigh as if he was tired of something, the man took out a small handkerchief from inside of his breast pocket and began to tie it tightly around my arm. There was only one thing I could really say to him in this situation.

I’m terribly sorry. That’s just how I am.

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