Volume 5 Chapter 5 Part 10

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Ara, Edi. Why the long face? Is the food perhaps not to your liking?

I asked him that while enduring the intensity of his glare. And even though his glare was indeed quite frightening at times, now it was nothing of the sort, looking rather gentle and soft in comparison. Lucius must have realized that as well, for he was staring at the man’s face with utmost curiosity.

Goodness gracious, I know that he is my husband, but somehow he can act so immature. However, I could understand where it was coming from. This whole “brother” situation must have been rather new to him, hence the way he was acting. Honestly, if I was suddenly put in a situation like that, I would probably act in the same way.

I smiled at both of them and got up from the table. Then I went towards the pot that was still on fire and stirred its contents with a large wooden spoon.

Would you like another serving? Please, Lucius-sama, no need  to be shy.

I’ll help myself, then.

Much obliged!

Their voices sounded simultaneously, much to my surprise. I started to laugh, and both Lucius and that man looked at one another and then looked away in embarrassment. That caused me to laugh even harder, seeing just how identical those gestures were. They both stared at me intensely, but there was no ill intent behind those stares.

After dinner, Lucius brewed us some of his herbal tea as usual, but.



Oh my.

That man opened his eyes wide and I let out a short gasp. The man then put his cup back on the table and looked as though he was thinking about something, shaking his head and moving his lips even though no sound came from them.

Lucius and I watched him closely, as he picked up his cup once more and started drinking, but this time around he didn’t return the cup to the saucer. At least, not before emptying the whole cup in one go. Then, as if nothing ever happened, he casually took a cookie and bit a huge portion of it.

Seeing that, Lucius’s arms dropped visibly as he smiled to himself in a bitter way. Maybe he was expecting too much? Still, this just won’t do. At all. Maybe that man needs a little push in the right direction.

Edi, did you notice anything in particular?

…… Like what?



I laughed at this scene and as a result the man’s brows frowned in suspicion. Lucius tried to stop me, but it was already too late. Some things must be said bluntly and clearly to some people, otherwise they will never understand.

Those were made by Lucius-sama, not me. But it looks like you find it rather tasty.

Hearing my words, the man’s expression froze stiff on the spot. He then slowly turned towards Lucius, glaring at him, and then he turned toward me and glared at me even more intensely than at Lucius. I wanted to laugh, but I decided to hold that urge in.

 Truth to be told, the tea was made by me. I practiced making it together with Lucius once we got back from shopping, but apparently its taste was the same as usual. But that was a good thing, I guess. Then I taught Lucius how to bake the cheese cookies. Even though the process was fairly simple, Lucius struggled with each and every step, but after much trial and error we finally managed to make them. They were far from being perfect, but they weren’t bad either.

The man remained silent, and Lucius was silent as well, apparently unable to find the appropriate words to say. I decided to watch them in silence as well, not saying anything myself. Sure enough, before long that man reached out for another cookie. Then he bit the cookie with a silent crunchy sound. Seeing that the man would actually continue to eat his cookies, Lucius opened his mouth wide and looked at me, seemingly unable to comprehend what he was seeing. Then a huge smile appeared on his face and he started sipping his own tea once more. I just smiled seeing that. I was probably the only one who also saw a faint smile appearing on that man’s lips for a short moment.


After that, the dinner ended, and what followed was a pretty much uneventful week. Right about now I was sitting in our bedroom, combing my hair after just having taken a bath. Long hair is nice and all, but if you neglect its care even for a short while, then it can become a mess that is difficult to put under wraps. I was always trying to brush it to the side of my head and put it over my arm, but this time around I saw someone else than my own reflection in the mirror…… Seeing something like that so suddenly, who could blame me if I were to raise my voice? We’ve been living together for a while now, but if that man would suddenly appear right behind me just like that out of nowhere, of course I’d get startled.

–––– Edi. I know that this is your room as well, but could you please understand that it’s not all that hard to knock first before entering? You startled me.

I turned around to face my husband, who was just silently looking down at me, water dripping from his still wet hair.

He must have just gotten out of the bath himself, for his skin was ever so slightly flushed red, giving it a strange sexual undertone. Forget about catching a cold, if you were to walk outside while looking like that, someone would be bound to try and assault you…… But I guess that for someone like him something like that was only a minor detail, something that he couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to even if he tried.

I shook my head to chase those thoughts away, and then stood up from the stool I was sitting on and forcibly placed that man on it. Then I start to dry his hair properly.

Geez, you’re not a little child anymore, so the least you could do would be to learn to take care of yourself properly. Now stay still, otherwise this will take far longer than it needs to take.

I said that while putting a towel over his head and started to gently rub his still wet hair, paying close attention as to not mess his hair by accident. Reluctant at first, that man soon resigned himself to his fate and mumbled in a hushed voice.

…… It sickens me.


Since I couldn’t hear him all that well, I stopped the movements of my hands and looked down at him.

It sickens me that you pay so much attention to him.


Now that’s surprising. I would have expected anything from him, but not that he would be jealous over such a trivial matter…… But I must say, hearing him say that seemed really lovely to me, so much in fact that I felt as though I could fall in love with him all over again just like that. It may sound silly, but that is exactly how I feel right about now.

Ahh, what should I do? Hearing that man being jealous over Lucius, I was sure that right about now my face must have been bright red. What is this feeling, how can jealousy have such a powerful effect? If so, that man must be burning with it at the current moment. Even he must have realized that he blurted something utterly embarrassing, for he lowered his head and started to stare at his own feet. I felt that this gesture was so cute and hot that I could barely even contain myself at this point.


You really are just the cutest thing ever, you known that, my sweet Edi?

Is that something bad?

Maybe just the tiniest little bit.

I resumed wiping his hair just like that, otherwise I was afraid I might burst into laughter. I could also see in the mirror that he was smiling as well. Right now, it was hard to believe that a man like that is believed to be evil and a possible reincarnation of the evil Demon Lord.

Eventually his hair dried, and I removed the towel from his head. Then the man looked up at me again. His appearance was simply fascinating, masculine but also delicate at the same time, making me think that his beauty put most of the noblewomen to shame. Driven by some kind of sudden impulse I enclose my arms around him and look him in the eyes.

So, is there something wrong?

What is?

Is there anything you’d like to say to me? If so, go right ahead.

I guess that’s what makes Edi Edi. As soon as I thought that he may start being honest with me and himself, his usual tone and sharp tongue came back. But I guess that’s fine as well. This is one of his cute points, in the end.

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