Volume 5 Chapter 5 Part 4

Translator: Kurehashi Aiko
Editor: Jacinta

Visibly stunned by the fact that Lucius was so strong, the boy could not help it but to laugh shortly.

Compared to the drills back at the Military Academy, this is nothing. Sorry, but you’re not going anywhere.

Lucius apprehends the snatcher and when he stands up there was a round of loud applause all around him. I shouldn’t be surprised about that. After all, he’s the brother of that man. He may look beautiful, but that doesn’t change the fact that he graduated from the Military Academy. Sometimes I cannot help it but to think that the world tends to work in mysterious ways.

Now, you’d do well to stop resisting and give back Filmina-neesan’s bag!

God damn it!

Lucius tried to get my bag from the snatcher, but in that one moment of carelessness the thief threw it in the air as a sort of last insult on his part. Even from where I was standing I could tell that the parabola that the bag made in the air was textbook beautiful. Then it landed right In the middle of the fountain with a statue of the Goddess that was in the middle of the market square.

Normally everyone would think that, and the bag would become broken if it was overcome with water. However, nothing of the sort happened. Before the bag could actually land in the water, Lucius kicked the ground and jumped high in the air.

L, Lucius-sama!?

 Instead, it was Lucius who landed in the fountain, splashing water everywhere. Together with the man we rushed to his side, only to see him soaking wet, but holding my bad in such a way that water would not be able to damage it.

It’s alright. The bag is in one piece. No need to worry.

That’s not important right now! Who care about some stupid bag! Just look how drenched you are!

Seeing just how wet he was, I took out the handkerchief from my bag and started to wipe Lucius’s face with it. But surprisingly enough he brushed my hand aside and got out of the fountain on his own, his clothes dripping wet. Suddenly, his face got really serious.

The ones who are important for Nii-san are important to me as well. So getting back your possession was the matter of utmost importance.

His tone was so serious that I could only mutter “Thank you” with gratitude. The man said nothing, only reached out his hand towards Lucius and placed it upon his head.



The man ignored our voices and tilted his head a little, muttering some words under his nose. In the next moment, Lucius’s clothes dried up in an instant, his hair fluttered in the air as if struck by the blow of the wind.

…… You have my thanks as well.

 Those words were silent as the whisper, but the two of us heard them clearly. Lucius looked at that man with glittering eyes before he shook his head energetically.

Think nothing of it! It was only natural for me to do this! And thank you for drying me up, Nii-san!

Lucius’s cheeks were flushed red as he said that. It was really cute of a reaction. While he was being dried up, the spectators turned the snatcher to the knights and picked up the apples that fell onto the ground and gave them back to Lucius. Then someone give him back the cloak he tossed away. He smiled at the girl that handed it to him, which made her blush in turn. 

…… I guess we can’t really eat those anymore……

The apples that fell onto the ground and were trampled by the people were by no means edible for the moment. Realizing that, Lucius dropped his head and shoulders, seemingly thinking it was his fault.

I’m sorry, it’s because I was so engrossed with this stall that……

No, it’s not your fault, by any means. So please, don’t torment yourself over it so much.

I say that to reassure him, and then place the crushed apples in the paper bag and throw it away into the nearest trashcan. Really, nothing of that much value was lost here. Sure, it was a sad thing that good food was wasted just like that, but there was nothing we could really do about it. We can always go and buy new ones for ourselves.

My emotions must have been pretty visible on my face, because this time around it was Lucius who was looking at me with concern in his eyes. I’m sorry that I got the two of them worried over something as trivial as that. The man must have known what I was thinking, for he shook his head as he let out a sigh.

I know that my face right now must have not been the prettiest sight in the world, but come on. The least that man could do would be to not looked as annoyed as he looked just now. Just then he turned on his heels and started to walk away.

Wait here for a moment.



I wonder what happened to him? Sure, we can wait here, but for what exactly? But before I could ask him about it, he already disappeared in the bustling crowd. While the life around the market went back to normal, I sat at the fountain’s rim together with Lucius.

I wonder what happened to Nii-san?

I would like to know that myself.

Even you don’t know, Filmina-neesan?

Yes, even I don’t know. Your brother is a very…… difficult person to understand.

Lucius blinks in surprise while I laugh shortly. I wonder if I’ll ever be able to understand what goes through the mind of that man? He was so mysterious and so difficult to grasp that I thought it might as well be impossible of a feat to accomplish. But still, there are lots of things I want to know about him. I thought that after all this time I’d be able to do that just like my Father can, but apparently I couldn’t be more off the mark than I am right now.

Or maybe he seemed to be that difficult only to me. Lately he’s been showing more of his warm side to me and he was starting to learn to act obedient in certain situations, but it was only at home. Outside of it, he was just the same kind of man that he was all the time. But I actually thought it to be nice that he has a side that only I get to see. If only his personality wasn’t so nasty, but I guess that you can’t have everything in life. It was that kind of situation that no matter what you do the outcome would always be different from what you wanted it to be, so there was no use fretting over it.

Yes, that is right. I knew that Lucius was looking at me in confusion right now, but there was no possible way for me to be able to put my thoughts into words at the current moment. And even if I was, it was something I would be too embarrassed to actually admit out loud. Just then, a sweet scent penetrated my nostrils.


I lifted my head and what I could see before my eyes was a variety of different colors. At the same time, the sweet scent I sensed became more intense, filling not only my nostrils, but also filling my chest.

Is this……?

Nii-san! Welcome back!

As I was blinking rapidly to try to grasp the current situation, Lucius stood up energetically and welcomed that man back. True, that man was indeed back, and what he carried with him was……

…… A rose?

Autumn one.

When I heard him mutter those words, I finally understood that the thing that was right in front of me was in fact a bouquet of Autumn roses, which were more fragrant than the Spring ones. It took me a moment to realize what was going on, but then I took the flowers from that man with both of my hands. It was surprisingly heavy, and when I brought it closer to my face its sweet scent filled my nostrils once more, making me all warm and fuzzy inside. When I looked towards that man, I could also see a paper bag which was probably filled with apples from the very same stall we visited before.

 I wanted to buy apples alone. But the stall owner saw the whole incident and forced me to but those flowers as well.

Ara, how nice of him. I guess I must thank you for that, Lucius-sama.


I say something like that towards Lucius who became visibly confused, and then I laugh in a happy manner.

Because there are so many of them, maybe I’ll make some of them into a jam.

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