Volume 5 Chapter 5 Part 6

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Fiancee Wizard V5 C5 P6



Lucius-dono, have you eaten dinner yet? If so, would you like to eat together with me?


Hearing those words, Lucius’s whole body stiffened suddenly. He first looked at Owen, then at me and finally shifted his gaze towards that man, looking all troubled and unable to decide what to do. I guess it was natural for a younger brother to seek help from his older brother. But before anyone of us could say something, Owen followed Lucius’s gaze and when he noticed that man he only muttered: “Ah, I see now”.

Your companions…… Ahh, are you perhaps Agedilus Von Lancent-dono? Does that mean the person behind you is Agedilus-dono’s wife?

…… That’s right.

It was a short answer, one devoid of any kind of warmth and courtesy. But apparently Owen did not mind that or was good at hiding his distaste, for he only answered with a short: “Oh, really?” The smile not even once disappeared from his face.

I’m terribly sorry, but do you think you could lend me Lucius-dono for tonight? I assume that you’ve been touring the city, but I would like to personally tell Lucius-dono about our Lady the Goddess and the Graces she bestows onto her people.

…… Apparently, I wasn’t the only one here who was at a loss. That man must have felt the same way even though his expression remained unchanged, and Lucius was smiling in a polite way but I could see how tense he was this entire time. Apparently the matter which Owen wanted to discuss were not mere pleasantries but something related to their country. Official business. Lucius seemed to understand that as well. Then he hung his head, seemingly embarrassed.

Umm, Nii-san. Filmina-neesan. I……

Apparently  there was no way for Lucius to avoid playing along the priest’s request. And although he didn’t finish speaking, I knew exactly what he wanted to say. He looked at that man, and when he gave him a small nod he turned back to the priest and nodded as well.

Well then, shall we go, Lucius-sama? Agedilus-dono, Von Lancent-dono, I wish you a good day.

Please don’t wait for me with supper! I’ll contact you later!

After saying that, Lucius and Owen went their own way. Lucius tried to look back, but then they disappeared behind the corridor and we couldn’t see them anymore. I turned my head towards that man.

 His eyes…… I don’t like the look of them.


The man said that so quietly that even though I stood right next to him I had trouble with realizing that he said anything. Looking closely, he was still gazing at the place where Lucius and Owen disappeared to.

 Aren’t you always getting looks like that from priests? I thought it was a normal thing that the Temple dislikes you.

 Even though I said that, it was something that I did not like and that I couldn’t simply overlook. “I hate the Temple and I won’t go there”, it was mutual dislike that both sides were nurturing. It was natural for the worshippers of the Goddess to dislike those with dark hair, but since that man was an object of said looks for as long as he could remember, it really must have meant that Owen’s look was somehow different from all the rest. There was also the issue of this country’s Temple being fairly isolated from other religions, but that’s not the issue here.

 Thinking about it now, wasn’t Klanwen speaking about something similar? About people thinking that that man could be the vessel for the Demon Lord to reincarnate into? But before I could start over thinking matters further, I shook my head and laughed shortly, grasping the man’s hand in my own.

Edi, there’s a nice restaurant in the vicinity. Would you like to go there for dinner? After that we can go back home.

When depressed or sad, eating delicious food was always the way to go. Hearing my suggestion, the man blinked a few times and then nodded his head, and the two of us left the Temple while holding hands.


When Lucius returned to the mansion late in the night, he seemed out of it and said that he’s going straight to bed. He also said that he was really tired and that he was stuffed, so there was no need to prepare something for him to eat. He didn’t even take a bath and just like that, the day was over. The next day, just like usual that man got up at dawn and went towards the castle. But just before he could leave, there were loud footsteps coming down the stairs and Lucius came down, dressed in the exact same way as yesterday. He seemed distressed.

 He stood right next to me while I wondered what might have happened? Was there a fire somewhere that got him so worked-up?

I don’t have any plans for today. Can I come with you to your workshop?

It was a very direct approach. Up until now Lucius used to accompany that man almost everywhere that was not related, but the places reserved only for the Court Magician were strictly off-limits for him. It might just be that Lucius simply wanted to make up for the time that was lost thanks to Owen yesterday, but to demand that he’s be taken to the workshop with that man was ever so slightly concerning. I wanted to open my mouth to speak up, but……

…… There’s nothing interesting to see there.

Oh my, oh my, what’s this? I was expecting that man to downright blatantly refuse Lucius’s request, but instead he spoke like an elderly person would to a small child, trying to explain to him why it would not be the best of ideas. Even if it was to protect whatever secrets may have been kept there, Lucius’s face didn’t faze at all, as he said: “I don’t mind in the slightest, so please!” After looking at him for a moment, the man finally said: “I understand”. I was looking at this exchange from the side, astonished beyond belief.

Umm, guys? I have a proposition. Maybe you could go out and eat something in the city for dinner? I would like for Lucius to try out not only my dishes, but also the cuisine of this country as well.

Since we couldn’t do that yesterday, I thought it might be a good idea to give it a try today. Hearing my words, Lucius’s eyes opened wide as if he heard something completely unexpected.

It was the answer to be expected, but still, I was so glad to hear him say that. Especially since it was not the proposition itself that would be the problem. It was the attitude of that man. He should learn more about Lucius while he has the chance to do so. I know that he likes to keep his distance from people, but since they see one another so rarely, it was a precious opportunity for him that should not go to waste.

 Nii-san, umm……

…… Yesterday, Filmina brought me to a really good restaurant. The food they serve there is really delicious.

Yes! I’ll be looking forward to it!

 The expression on Lucius’s face was priceless. The man looked at his brother with the usual expressionless mask on his face, before he eventually turned towards me and said “I’ll be on my way”.

After I saw both of them off, I could finally take a seat and let out a deep sigh. Not because of something negative, but because I was so relieved at the moment.

Normally he would have never accepted Lucius’s request or my suggestion. And nothing in this world would be able to make him change his mind. But still, the man agreed. He was willing to make an exception. Does that mean that he was warming up to Lucius? I had no way of knowing that, but it was a huge leap forward in their relations. At least I like to think about it that way.

I know that I said that I would follow him anywhere if he chose to leave, but was slowly starting to change. It was his decision to make, his responsibility. But maybe that would no longer be needed, judging by how their relations started to evolve.

–– But if push comes to shove, who will he listen to? His brother? Or maybe me, his dear wife?

 No, I shouldn’t think about things like that. It’s pointless and unnecessary. I should never force that man to make a choice like that. It’s not that I don’t care, but making him choose like that would cause him more pain than it would be worth it. It would only cause him trouble and I would hate myself for the rest of my life for causing him such pain and suffering.

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