Volume 5 Chapter 6 Part 2

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Mmm, so good…! Thanks, Filmina. I’ve been rejuvenated.

It looks like he is back to his usual self. He let out a deep sigh, as if to let out all the harsh feelings inside, and gave a refreshing smile. With bits of cream and crumbs left on his cheek, his refreshing smile didn’t look cool as it should have, but at the same time, it had a charm of its own. Being handsome is such an advantageous thing. The world we live in is unfair as always. 

That aside, I wonder what’s up with the hero’s reaction. It’s so strange for him to be this thankful for some scones. It’s not even just the hero, but the Commendatore, and the youth, Widnichol as well. They nodded deeply to show that they agreed.

I feel like this is the first decent meal I’ve had in a while. Thanks.

The bento we usually have is pretty good, but this was also amazingly delicious!

I am glad to know that but…

I wonder what’s gotten into them. The three of them, who just minutes ago had the eyes of a dead fish, are now beaming as if everything until now was a facade. Since I didn’t understand what was happening, such attention brought nothing more than discomfort. I wonder what must’ve happened in the span of a week for them to be like this. As I glanced over to the princess who seemed to know, she poured a drop of rose jam into her freshly poured tea, and a fed-up expression came across her flower-like face.

The three of them are worn out from taking care of all the ambassadors. Today is the first break they’ve had all week. Since they’re so tired of eating foreign foods that they aren’t used to, I thought I’d give them a taste of Filmina’s simple homemade sweets. I figured that even without my saying so you’d bring some sort of gift like you always do. It appears I was correct in thinking so.

We thought that taking care of them just meant having free food with them. In the beginning, we thought that it was a good deal, but day after day gets exhausting.  Hell, even just food would’ve been better. There is nothing good about having sake with old men who lack the smallest bit of charm.

It’s terrible, just terrible, cursed the commendatore. It seemed as if he had come to realize that there wasn’t anything more costly than free things. He couldn’t even toss the job to his subordinates like he always did. He must have accumulated quite a lot of stress. The hero to his side wearing a bitter smile must also feel the same, although he didn’t say anything. 

Whatever the case is, there’s no doubt that both men, who are more like commoners, aren’t used to formal dining even though they hold a notable status. 

I have come to realize that food is delicious on feasts only because you get to eat such things occasionally. I don’t want to see any more thick-cut steak for the time being. Recently we’re even being called upon during lunch so we don’t even have time to enjoy Filmina’s wonderful food.

Once again, the youth Widnichol covered his face and sighed as if the current topic is causing him distress. His gestures made me feel sympathy for him. The most I can do is pat him on the back and tell him Good job.

It seems like Edi isn’t attending such engagements like you guys, is it ok for him to do so?

As far as I know, Edi has the responsibility of taking care of the youth Lucius but apart from that,  it seemed like he was just doing the usual work. I don’t really think he was taking care of the guests the entire week like the princess and the heroes. I wonder if he was ditching them. Considering how that man is, I can’t deny the possibility. My face got tense upon imagining that, the princess probably found my expression amusing and started to laugh in her bell like voice.

Agedilus is taking care of that short-term exchange student from Nerogrant, thus he is exempted of all matters related to foreign affairs apart from that. So, there is no need to worry.

…..What to say, he is getting quite an exceptional treatment. I wanted to inquire whether or not  it was ok for the Royal Court’s Head Magician to act in such a manner. Then again, I feel as if it can’t be helped. No matter how splendid his looks are and how scenic it is to have him just standing around, he is extremely blunt and quite introverted. Even if we demanded the smallest amounts of diplomacy from him, he’d just sneer at it. Although it is possible for someone of his mental capability to deal with such things, the prejudice against people ‘having black’ exists more or less in other countries as well. There is a high probability that he was assigned only to take care of Lucius in order to avoid any sort of strife that may have been caused by him ‘having black’. 

I then carried the tea to my mouth imagining the youth,  Lucius’ face identical to that man while also having that beautiful yet cute smile which Edi could never emulate. The neighboring country, Nerogrant Empire, is a strong nation. We cannot turn down a request from such a country’s grand nobility’s son, even if our neighboring countries didn’t wish for that man to go to the Empire no matter what, and cause its power as a nation to increase. 

The top-ranking government officials are probably pulling the strings and making underground negotiations which I cannot even fathom, this must be a result of complex interwoven will of fine threads woven by the officials. That man himself is doing nothing, but his existence itself turns him into the center of turmoil. Hell, it’d be better to call it a talent at this point. Though yes, I should rather say that it’s us because he isn’t doing anything.I feel as if he could live more peacefully if he tried. Now that I think about it, it is quite a pain. 

Due to the jam I put in my tea, the scent tickled my nostrils, and thanks to the tea, I was somehow able to hold back my sigh. 

Aaa―…..The commendatore started to mutter without showing much interest.

Speaking of short-term exchange students, it’s that kid with wine-coloured hair right? I saw him from afar at the banquet. He resembled Edi a lot. They’re half-siblings, aren’t they? I’ve heard that he’s staying at your place.

Yes, they seem to be in good terms as they headed towards the castle together as usual.

He accepted Lucius’ request without any sarcasm, which is rather rare for him. I was glad that I had made bento for three people, Edi, Widnichol and Lucius. Although Widnichol’s bento got wasted due to the princess’ invitation, the two of them would definitely eat all of it. Upon hearing my words, the youth, Widnichol, who was stirring the jam in his tea, having nothing to do, suddenly looked up and saidAh! I know about that too, my mentor was with that Lucius kid in the laboratory this morning. He spoke casually towards me, and I thought he was a nice guy but…..

I don’t know why, but Widnicol’s dialogue grew timid as it reached the climax, but I put my teacup back on the saucer and thought to myself that, that’s just how it is. So, he finally decided to invite Lucius to the laboratory. I wonder if it’s to make up for yesterday, I thought to myself. That man is starting to trust that youth to quite a degree. That’s a good thing. It certainly is a good thing. Although I was rambling a lot, I certainly wished for Lucius to be accepted by that man. But I wonder why. Somewhere deep in my heart, I begin to worry. 

Even though I want to accept Lucius, I feel something odd, there must be something wrong with me. I wonder how I feel about that youth. 

…..Filmina, are you ok?


You had your I’m worriedface on.

The hero’s worried query hit me hard, and I was at a loss for words. Were my feelings pouring out that much? The commendatore laughed cheerfully, as if to blow away my gloom while I was trying to find the right words.

You don’t need to make such an expression. He isn’t the type of person to have his feelings hurt by such a young child.

 True, we’d be in trouble if our nation’s Head Magician was the type of person who’d weep at a word uttered by his half-sibling, but I do think that he should have that much charm.  


Both of you…

Although they were being rather blunt, their exaggerated dialogue made me laugh.

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