Volume 5 Chapter 6 Part 3

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Though, they weren’t wrong about it, it was one of that man’s traits. However, I have come to learn that it isn’t all there is to him, after being beside him for a long time. There was no way that I could have remained oblivious about his nature. The hero who may, or may not have noticed how I was feeling, opened his mouth 「Hey」and started talking 「Did you ask Agedilus how he really feels about all this?」 


「Rumour has it that he is definitely moving to Nerogrant, so I was wondering what the reality is. I wanted to ask him, but as you know, we both are quite busy. I thought that you might know about it.」

I noticed that everyone’s gaze had shifted towards me by now. Hero’s light green eyes, Princess’ amber coloured eyes, commendatore’s deep reddish-brown eyes, youth Widnicol’s sky blue eyes were all looking straight at me. I could take from their gaze that they cared deeply about that man, even though they do say things to him from time to time.  

Although that man doesn’t know this, and doesn’t even try to know. 

「……He doesn’t talk about this matter.」

The words that I muttered out to myself rather than the hero, shook the air of gazebo more than I had expected. 

Yeah, that man doesn’t say anything about this―No, to be precise, it isn’t like ‘He hasn’t said anything’. But the answer that I got from him isn’t the answer that he has reached all by his free will. 

It’s just that he thought about what people around him wanted him to answer, considered what would be the best for me, and then stumbled upon a conclusion, which fills me with a great amount of sorrow.

To my answer, hero mutter in a small voice 「I see.」He then relaxed in his chair, looking up at the sky 「Well, Agedilus is someone like that after all.」

His voice sounded like he was sad and baffled. Princess shrugged while carrying the tea cup to her lips before saying 「He probably isn’t thinking anything by himself, he’s thinking that it’s for the sake of Filmina.」 

「Princess, that’s too much. He is an adult you know?」 

「Do you realize that being an adult is inconvenient in a situation like this?」

「Absolutely」 commendatore began to laugh upon hearing her words, the princess appeared to be unamused and the hero further deepened his bitter smile. Widnicol kept nervously looking at their faces, but seemed like he didn’t know what to say. His gaze stopped on me at the end, as if he was asking me to help him out. Youth, don’t look at me like that. I‘m sorry, but it’s useless, for I cannot find anything to say either. I shook my head without uttering a word and the youth Widnicol looked puzzled, but at last he spoke up 「I wonder what mentor really wants to do.」

Everyone’s eyes glared at that remark, as if they were trying to find the answer on their own. 

「Let’s see」 the hero nodded. Then, he frowned and spoke again 「Ummmm.」 「I personally think, considering Agedilus’ status and personality that he doesn’t really want to go to Nerogrant. However, that’s all of my assumption. Not even a little while ago, I said 『person like him』 but I wonder what he’ really like」 

He then went silent, diving into deep thoughts while the rest of us started to stare at each other.

There’s a point to what the hero said. I thought I had finally come to understand Edi, but then that’s all my perspective, my assumption. Princess, hero, commendatore and Widnicol all must have a  different perspective of how that man is, just like I do. Naturally our gaze went back towards the hero, 「Well, let’s see」 he continued speaking after taking a moment. 「For starters, it is a common fact that he looks beautiful」 

「He is without a doubt, smart too」

「Has a great social status」

「He has proper authority and influence」

「I am quite envious, since he seems rich enough to not worry about monetary problems.」

「He even holds the honor of defeating the Demon Lord, he’s quite the ‘big shot’. 」 

He wasn’t actually being praised, it was just that facts were being spoken, but should I feel happy listening to all this since I am the wife of the guy who is being spoken of? Should I thank them, or something? Except it was hard breaking into the conversation, so I decided to keep quiet and listen to them. 

During the time his good points began to come to an end, someone spoke up 「But.」At that moment everyone had complicated and weird expressions on their faces. 

「But, his personality, in the end, is hard to call remarkable―it is a mystery how he ended up like that, albeit being raised by Ernest. Well, his personality is a matter of perspective though.

「Umm, he is quite the lazy fellow.」

「But then, he is also sensitive and stubborn at weird moments.」 

「I feel as if the mentor has a bit of an abusive nature.」 

「That man needs to be more honest. Although he has gotten better than before, he still has a long way to go.」

They were speaking as they pleased. All four of them were more eloquent than the time they were stating his positive traits. You are being dissed. You are being dissed, dear husband. I wonder how bad you could be, to be dissed by these lovely people, who have a reputation for being accepting and who, also, are your friends.

「E, excuse me. but Edi does have a lot of cute points, even though he is like that?」

It’s just he has a mouth that is a bit…..pardon, unnecessarily harsh. As well as having a face that doesn’t even have ‘C’ of courtesy. I broke into their conversation like that, but the princess shook her head with a serious face. 

「Filmina, that’s how he is just to you and Ernest.」 

My support sentence, which wasn’t even a good support got sliced in half by the princess’ words and the men nodded quietly in affirmation. I had completely been defeated. I couldn’t find anything to refute the princess, thus I looked away. Aah, that man cannot be helped by any means. Maybe I am the one who can’t be helped since I fell for him. I’ll just give up thinking that I am unlucky. Since my lovely husband is him and only him no matter what ―and that is why I couldn’t stop myself from being bewildered. 

「…..Would Edi be..」

I put the question into words that I was hesitant to ask, let alone answering it for all these days. 

「Would Edi be happier if he went to Nerogrant?」

I said it, I said it at last. I wonder who was the one who gasped at that moment. Everyone looked at me, but I couldn’t look at anyone and lowered my gaze towards my knees. Silence naturally took over the gazebo. No one spoke a word. The chirping of the birds being carried on the rustling, cold Autumn breeze sounded louder than usual. 

When I gazed up, everyone seemed to be looking in different directions, indulged in deep thoughts. Then, the princess looked straight at me and parted her pink lips. 「No matter what the reason, I cannot let Agedilus escape to another country.」

Her amber eyes were looking at me saying ‘You understand it, right?’ without uttering a word. 

Aah yes. Absolutely. Even I am aware of that. 

But what if I wished to go to the Nerogrant Empire? What would that man do then? That’s a rather foolish question, he’d certainly try to grant my wish. No matter what his true desires might be, he’d prioritize me and try to grant my wish. It’s the same for when that man deduced that the Nerogrant Empire was a better place for me than this country, because he regrets the great  burn mark that I got when I was young, and the long lasting effect it has on me the most. The burn mark that I got while trying to protect that man. If this burn mark that causes others to frown on me in this country doesn’t cause the people in the Nerogrant Empire to react in the same way, then Edi would definitely choose the Empire. It’s true that if everyone there is like the youth Lucius, then going there doesn’t seem like a bad idea, ignoring the story of whether we can go there or not. Then again, there is no guarantee that Edi wouldn’t be treated like a weapon there in the country, where ability matters the most. If I bring such factors into consideration, then I think this country is better for him. Since we can say that he, the pure-black is being protected by the cage called Black Lotus Court in a country where ‘having black’ is shunned and feared at the same time. Though to that man, it is ‘just that’, nothing more, nothing less. 

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