Volume 5 Chapter 6 Part 6

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「I’ve tried to think of what happiness is to me and it’s not even something worth thinking about in the first place. My happiness is being beside Filmina. Even if I go to the neighboring country, if Filmina comes along with me, your proposal doesn’t sound so bad. 」

「Don’t you agree?」 He asked with a tilted glance. I nodded as a reflex. Certainly, it’s as he said. If this man decided to go to the neighboring country, I will certainly follow along with him. Not because he wishes for it, it’s undeniably because of my own will. Even if he says 「Don’t come. 」, I wouldn’t agree with him. After all, my happiness is besides this man too.

What it means is that, be it in this country or the neighboring country, our whereabouts don’t matter. I’m sure that the youth Lucius noticed it too. It seems like he finally lost control over his emotions, he stood up from the sofa and raised his voice. 

「Well then, isn’t it fine if you both come along together! Compared to this country, brother and sister-in-law, Filmina will be happier in Nerogrant. Rather than this country that looked down and ostracised brother and sister Filmina, Nerogrant is much more-」

「Lucius. 」


 As if he’d just realised his own verbal slip after having called his name by the man, quietly, youth Lucius’ beautiful face sullied into such a sorrowful expression, it also looked as if he’s sad and frustrated. While standing up, his tightly grasped fists were shaken. I’m sure that he wants to say more but I suppose that the atmosphere the man is cladded in doesn’t allow it.

Most likely, the words that youth Lucius is saying are not wrong. Not only me, the man also… No, the man understands it more than me, I’m sure. Me, being hated by spirits, and the man that’s called pure black being avoided. Even if I say so myself, we’re an unthinkably problematic husband and wife. Our country that worships the Goddess cladded in the Pure White and is yearned by fairies and served by the spirits, the neighbouring country, that respects the abilities of the individuals and doesn’t even have an official religion, is easier to live in compared to this country. You don’t have to think deep to reach that conclusion. 

But, is it because of the 『previous』Japanese origin, whose national character is being open-minded regarding religion? Compared to the people around me, I have a thin self-consciousness of religious piety. So, I don’t really care much about religious circumstances. The man also seems to have little allegiance to religion too, it’s more like he worships father more than the goddess, such is his father complex, so that’s probably why he couldn’t agree with Lucius’ speech. 

But, youth Lucius, who’s completely ignorant of the situation, droops his head low. Although, his silky wine-coloured hair is covering his expressions, even if I can’t directly look into his face, his voice tells me what kind of face he’s making. Finally, he lifts his face again and his expression is a mix of anger and sadness.

「I won’t accept it. I can’t accept it! Even if Brother, himself, chooses to stay in this country, I want us to go back together! Even the ambassador says that he wishes for you to come…… 」

「…..What did you say?」

At that moment, Lucius and I certainly noticed that the man’s tone of voice had changed. Ah, this is bad. I wasn’t the only one thinking like that. The youth Lucius’ expression got worse. The man stood up swaying,  he looked at Lucius with a chilling gaze completely different from the gaze he had prior to that. 「Is it because of the ambassador, that you’re trying to drag me into the Nerogrant Empire? Even going through the trouble of preparing herbal tea, way to go. 」

「Y- You’re wrong! I, It’s my own will-!」

Although the youth Lucius is trying his best to correct his slip of the tongue,  the man is already done listening to him. I don’t think that everything the youth Lucius did was because of the ambassador. He wouldn’t devote himself to this man to that extent just because of a reason like that. But, this man doesn’t realise that. That’s because of the affection people take for granted, which is something like an air to people and should be obvious to anyone, but apparently not to this man. That’s why he always ends up doubting the affection directed at him. He loathes being hurt and therefore, he’d rather doubt than believe. 

「Edi, please calm down. Lucius too, please…」

Even though the ambassador’s intention is there, I’m sure that’s definitely not the only thing behind Lucius’ action. I tried to calm him down and make him reconsider by pulling the hem of his shirt but he didn’t even glance at me. 

「Get out. Never show yourself in front of me again. 」


He gave Lucius the final warning without even hearing what he had to say. My goodness! I tried my best to handle the situation but once the words jump out of my mouth, they could never go back. Lucius’ expressions began to change and what he had on his face was that of a hurt person. He bowed deeply once and then rushed out of the room, I couldn’t even stop him. I stood up in a hurry and followed him.

「Please wait, Lucius!」

I raised my voice at Lucius, who was about to exit the house, he finally stopped, then turned around and looked at me. His sunrise tinted eyes were covered in a thin layer of tears, probably because of resentment, or due to the sorrow, or both of them together.  「Please, please forgive Edi. He certainly didn’t utter those words out of spite towards you. 」

Instead, it’s the opposite. That man was trying to accept this boy. He’s been counting on him. That’s why the man had received a shock when he realized that his actions weren’t only of his will, but also had the intentions of the ambassador, Gabriel. He couldn’t forgive the fact that the youth Lucius’ affection towards him wasn’t all natural and that it was somewhat made by someone else who wanted the pure black .

「Please, discuss with Edi once again.He’ll certainly understand that it was all just a misunderstanding.」

So please, as I tried to say more, Lucius shook his head at me. 

「Thank you very much. But, I am sorry.I have already received the orders from the ambassador to visit the Imperial Villa tonight.  So, pardon me but I have to take my leave for now. 」

I felt like clicking my tongue without realising it. The timing couldn’t have been worse. Seems like the ambassador really has his eyes on this boy. His previous tongue slip must’ve been the truth. But, that cannot be the reason to deny all of his actions. I want to trust him because I’ve seen how hard he had practiced to make herbal tea for a week. 

I was trying to think of a good way to put things and Lucius smiled bitterly, with a hint of loneliness, at me.

 「Hey, Filmina-neesan.」

「Yes, what is it?」

I asked back with a weak tone, Lucius lowered his eyebrows and said 「Sorry,」 once more  with his trembling lips. 

「I caused you both trouble. Brother had given me complete hate too, I really don’t know why I came here if this was to happen.」

Self-torturing words uttered by him were a fact inside him, it didn’t even have a shred of doubt in it. I looked up at his face and he looked as if he were at a loss for words for a moment, but he opened his mouth again after taking a pause. 

「I knew I was putting a burden on Brother and Filmina-neesan with my selfishness. But I really wanted you both to come to Nerogrant. Even if Brother brushed me off like that….. no, because I had made him say it like that, I believe that he’d be far more happier in Nerogrant than in a country that made him say things in such a manner. 」


 His words could be taken as arrogance or a riot due to his youth. It’s an easy task to ask him how he could say such a thing with certainty but, he probably had gathered the material inside him, which was enough to make him say something like that. He has probably learnt about us and seen and heard how people who have Having Black are treated in this country since the day we had that Garden party till today. The things he has learnt about our country is nothing more than a side of our country, it has various other sides too but I don’t know how to tell this boy about them. 


I couldn’t say anything to him and Lucius suddenly shut his mouth too, he seems to have realized that he’s spoken too much. By looking at such a gesture, I couldn’t stop but to think that he was still a boy. He’s still too young to have dirty political bargains. It’d be the end of it if I were told that I could think of him in such a way just because I was inclined towards this youth and because I wanted to trust him. But even so, I want to trust Lucius. 

「I think I would be able to pay a visit here tomorrow night. Let me apologize to Brother properly on that occasion. 」 


I quietly nodded at him and Lucius smiled awkwardly and continued 「And if it’s fine with you, can you let me eat those cheese cookies when I return? And if it is possible, let me help you out again. And if Brother forgives me, I’ll  pour good herb tea for sure.」

It was a trivial thing to be a request but it was also a difficult wish because it was trivial. I doubted whether the man, who was obviously showing anger towards Lucius, would easily forgive him but Lucius’ straightforward, sunrises-tinted eyes made me think that everything was going to be fine. I nodded and somehow managed to smile back at him. 

「Yes, sure. I’ll be waiting for you.」

「Thank you very much. I’ll do my best.」

Upon hearing my answer, the youth finally smiled happily and rode the carriage that was already arranged for him, and left our mansion.

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