Volume 5 Chapter 8 Part 2

Translation and editing: Team Foxsunes

This man understood my response to the abduction, and so he showed me the letter from the kidnapper. Having done that, he would receive a good reason to save Lucius which being, 

「I have to go save Lucius because Filmina told me so.」

If that’s the case, I don’t think that man’s such action was a bad one. But, still, the truth is I can’t really say it was a good one. 

「It doesn’t really matter even if this is a trap. Even if you get tricked, you have enough strength to counter it right? It isn’t a bad thing to have more things that are important to you, it’s more rather, a wonderful thing. It’s too late after losing them and you know it well.」 

Having slapped him with full force, I tenderly brushed both of his now-red cheeks, which were originally as white as porcelain. I was thinking of such things and his eyes started twinkling. His sunrise-tinted eyes were shaking, and before long he evaded my line of sight by closing his eyes. 


Like hell, he’ll avoid me. My call had dealt the final blow and his whole body shook in an instant. Slowly, with his long dark eyelashes, he opened his eyes. His sunrise-tinted eyes definitely had a certain determination

「I, want to…」


His eyes are filled with determination, but being hesitant to turn that determination into words even now might be this man’s weakness. Even such a weakness of his is adorable. I think he’s adorable. He seems like the perfect man who’s good at everything, but I pride myself in knowing this side of him. I didn’t interrupt the man nor did I say things on his behalf, instead I just waited for him to speak up on his own. 

And so, after waiting for a short while, finally, his sunset-tinted eyes looking down at me were filled with strong light.

「I want to help him, I want to help… Lucius.」 

Having said that clear, his eyes weren’t hesitant anymore. I was waiting for those words. Brushing his cheeks tenderly one last time, I smiled. 

 「If that’s the case, then you already know what to do right?」

He smiled at my inquiry of whether he knows what to do. This is the first time I’ve seen that kind of smile, a smile without any fluster. Even though we didn’t have a solution yet, that smile made me feel terribly safe, and before I could notice, his stiff shoulders were relaxed. My waist was enveloped by both of Edi’s arms. 

「It’s about the conversation we had yesterday.」 


At his sudden words and action, I looked up at him from inside his arms, and before I knew it a gentle kiss was dropped on my cheek. This time my body shook due to that tender and gentle touch. Yesterday’s conversation, I waited for him to complete his sentence and while I was waiting he gave me a tender and gentle smile just like the kiss. My chest filled up with joy with the smile that would make even the compassionate Fairy of the Night jealous. 

「You’ll always be my happiness.」 

It was almost like a whisper, I was in his arms so I could hear him say it, and it took my breath away. I was completely at a loss for words. He released me from his arms, and the letter that he still held in his hand, the letter from the kidnappers-Ambassador Gabriel and the priest burnt in his hand in an instance with a blazing sound. The man smiled and his smile was completely different from the smile he had before, it was intimidating. A cold chill ran through my spine. He completely ignored my response and he made a slight sound with his throat then stepped on the ash that fell from his hand. He murmured「I’ll make you regret it from the bottom of your heart for taking me for a fool.」

…It was such an ominous line that I wanted to question him where he had thrown away the cuteness that he had a moment ago. It’s best if things are solved peacefully, but I can’t hope for something like that in a situation like this. 

I concluded that there was no space for feeling sympathy for the kidnappers, so I relayed my decision to Edi through my eyes telling him to give them a good beating. He materialized his usual wand from nowhere. The beautifully designed wand’s big magical orb, which was the same colour as the man’s eyes, twinkled brightly. 

「I’ll say it just in case, but I have no intention of taking you along.」

「Oh my」, I pouted at the man who glared at me to make himself clear. 

「If it’s someone very important to you, then it is someone very important to me too. I can’t possibly wait all alone and do nothing. 」

I know that I’d just pull his legs even if I go with him. But, I can’t possibly wait in the mansion just worrying for the youth Lucius, who admired this man so much. 

There was no way he wasn’t aware of my feelings and all he did was squinting his eyes mocking my intellect. This scoundrel, thinking of him like this can’t be helped. 

「You also read the part where they told me to 『Come alone』and most of all I have zero intention of making you face danger again.」

「That’s something I could say too. I believe that nothing bad would happen to you for sure, but…..」

Well true. Not much can happen to him when he is certain about his goals. But there can always be 『What ifs』. 『What if』can be something like the death report during the subjugation of the demon lord, the incident where I stabbed him with a knife during the Festival Ceremony or the incident during the early summer picnic in the Nibbiellata isle where he turned young. If I put them one after another like this then I realize that 『What if』situations happen more often than I had expected. That’s why I can’t send this man out on his own, even if it was I who gave him the push to do so…..No, I can’t let him go because I’m the one who gave him the push. I’m contradicting myself big time. I was the one who told him that he can beat them on his own, but both of them are without a doubt, my true feelings. I looked up at him silently and this time he brushed his hand against my cheek. There were no words but his eyes were clearly telling me that everything will be fine. I flick my tongue inside my mind thinking it isn’t fair. I wouldn’t be able to say anything if such a face, such an eye were directed at me. But, I can lose here. 

He doesn’t want me to face danger and I don’t want him to go alone. I told him that it was obvious what to do, but the same can be said for me. There are things that I need to do and things that I can do.  I didn’t want to be someone who’s good for nothing and just in a position to be protected. I don’t want him to hide me behind his back, I want to stand next to him. 

「Ehm, Edi.」

And upon hearing words that followed, he opened his sunrise-tinted eyes wide with surprise. 


It was a small temple that had undoubtedly been forgotten since who knows when. It seemed like the priest in charge of it wasn’t there and there was no mistaking the desolated place had already lost any blessing of a goddess. In front of the gate that leads to the heart of this deserted temple, Agedilus was standing alone.

As the kidnapper had told him, he had come to the designated place alone, but his heart was strangely calm. Without especially stressing the “alone” part, in the case that he would come, Agedilus had without doubt chosen to come alone. Beyond letting Filmina accompany him and such, he didn’t think there was any weirdo who would go out of their way to come along with him to such a dangerous place. He didn’t think this was lonely or sad. To Agedilus, this was an obvious thing. But, however. It’s not like there aren’t any weirdos who would complain more than once or twice if they hear such thoughts of him…. nope,there is none. He told himself that and Adegilus put his hands on the gate. Aware of the dangers,he was going out of his way for neither Filmina nor his adoptive father, but he was there to save someone who had recently come in his life, his “little brother” Lucius, he thought to himself that this was madness, even in regard of the fact that Filmina was the one who gave him a push. 

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