Volume 5 Chapter 8 Part 3

Translation and editing: Team Foxsunes

I told Filmina「I want to save him」, but do I really want to save that “little brother”? He was asking himself that with a doubting tone. For a little brother from a different mother, who was far apart in age and to whom he was only half to tied by blood, where was the need to share some of his heart to this degree? Was this just a feeling of obligation for the reason of being tied by blood? Wasn’t he just trying to show off in front of Filmina? I know that my personality is twisted, but this is a part of my nature at this point. There’s nothing to be done about that. 

While harboring these answerless doubts, in the end, he’d come here. A terrible joke. Should I turn my back after all? had passed through his mind. He felt like what Filmina said.

「Are you still talking about that?」, with a bitter smile on her face, he pretended like he hadn’t noticed that and Agedilus finally opened the door.

He set foot in the room of the goddess, where the altar was placed and the moment he took two more steps inside, a loud sound started at the back and the door automatically closed. He looked back over his shoulder and the clanking noise of the keys closing hit his ears. At the same time, a being that can’t be seen by the naked eyes… Agedilus certainly saw with his sunrise-tinted eyes,  the being that is called ‘spirit’, so to speak, wrapped around the door and formed a barrier. 

He clicked his tongue a little bit. Quite a cunning trick you are pulling on me, he thought.

To me, it is an insignificant barrier. If he’s bothered by it, he can just destroy it but without his medium, the wand, it would consume time to dispel such a barrier even with his abilities. 『 Annoying 』, he muttered in his mind while scowling at the door. At that time, 「Brother!」 he heard a familiar call, to which his ears had grown accustomed to, even if he didn’t like it. 

When he turned his neck and looked over, Lucius was looking at him with a desperate expression, rolling on the floor in front of the altar with his hands and feet tied.

「Brother, why…..!」

Aah, so that’s how it is, Agedilus felt relief spreading inside his chest at Lucius’ expression and voice which were without a doubt that of a person who was about to cry anytime soon.  For him to feel relief in this situation, he felt like something was wrong with him. Nevertheless, it’s something that he can’t help but feel relief about.  

 It isn’t a bad thing to have more things that are important to you, it’s rather a wonderful thing.

He recalls the words of Filmina that he had left behind in the mansion. Ah, that’s right. I’m sure that’s it. The dust is piled up. Lucius who is rolling on the dirty floor full of dust has no injury judging from his appearance. He appears to be healthy, as he’s able to raise his voice. It could be read from his expression and voice that Agedilus being there to save him isn’t something that Lucius wishes for. 

Looking at Lucius’ state, before anything else, I’m glad, Agelius thought. If asked what he’s glad about, Agelius would probably say 『Everything』. It’s just that he unconsciously couldn’t help but to think, 「I’m glad」. 

It doesn’t matter whether Lucius is his half-brother or not. It’s not his business whether they’re blood-related and such. His current relationship with Lucius was something he created himself and his relationship with him till this moment made him carry his legs to this place. He felt like he wanted to trust Lucius. He certainly felt that he wanted to help him. He couldn’t help but to feel relieved that Lucius didn’t betray his trust, which was more like an expectation. Agedilus tried to walk towards Lucius. But, he stopped his tracks when he felt a third person’s presence. His sunrise-colored eyes were filled with a cold light and were directed towards the third person. 

「How about you show yourself?」

Agedilus’ voice felt indifferent and cold. But that voice was a voice that would definitely make the listener terrified. 

Then, after being called out by Agedilus, two people came from the side of the altar, one of them had his face twitching with fear. 

「As expected of Sir Agedilus. We’ve been noticed,」 said Gabriel, smiling while touching his mustache. He was wearing clothes that had stress on practicality that of a wealthy person unadorned with embroidery which showed the grace of an aristocrat. On contrary to that, the shivering figure was the priest owned clothed in pure white. 

Agedilus frowned obviously with his naturally well-proportioned eyebrows close to each other at their appearance.  He wasn’t surprised. He already had his predictions when he received the letter. 

If it were Gabriel who instructed Lucius to bring Agedilus into his own country, knowing Lucius had greatly offended Agedilus, he had planned this abduction this entire time. 

Gabriel is known to be on good terms with the high-ranking priest, Owen, and he also knew it from the day they met that Owen doesn’t think very highly of Agedilus. This is the result of their teamwork. It’s an unamusing and cheap farce. He just didn’t expect them to make such a grand entrance, so that was a bit unexpected. Facing Agedilus’s cold gaze, Gabriel went up to Agedilus on his own, there was not a single hint of hesitation and Owen, who had somehow managed to overcome his fear, followed him. Gabriel walked towards him until he was within an arm’s reach, his eyes glared at him like a beast, and he deepened his friendly smile more.

「Do you understand what we wish to speak about?」 

「You want to tell me to come to Nerogrant, correct?」 

「That’s right. I’m glad that you understand.」 

With a delighted nod, Gabriel pulled out a piece of parchment from his breast pocket. Agedilus’s brows grew even more furrowed at the sight of the paper that was thrust in front of his eyes. This wasn’t simply a piece of parchment. This was a contract. 

「It isn’t a bad deal. I’ll guarantee your position along with the position of your wife. Above all, you did not wish to injure your cute brother, is that correct?」 

「Lord Gabriel is being gracious to this extent. Be grateful. Be thankful to us for keeping an unpleasant “Having Black” in Valgentum till today.」 

Owen spat out those words annoyingly, resonating with the things Gabriel had said.  At this, Agedilus chuckled sarcastically.  He probably doesn’t want to hear it from him, it is quite ironic to hear it from the priest. The words magically lined up in the contract and created patterns. If that was the case, things might have been still alright, but that’s not all that the contract had in it. 

「Contract made with the help of a demon, eh? You’ve fallen a lot for a priest of the Grand Temple.」

「Quiet!! It’s a suitable contract for someone like you! For someone Having Black.」

What is he so proud about, he brought out a contract that relies on demons and he didn’t even pray to the goddess for the contract. But, I don’t really feel like pointing those things out and wasting my time. 「So, I need to write my name here right?」 

I took the feather pen that was given to me, Lucius desperately twisted his body, yelling 「Brother!」 

「Brother, you can’t! My wellbeing is insignificant, so please!ー」

「Lucius. You’re still young. You may not understand my decision today, but eventually, you will see it was the correct one. You wanted to live with me too. So, just be honest and be happy about it.」

He observed Gabriel who was full of confidence and he muttered in his mind『Ah I get it.』

Even involving the son of a nobleman with status in his own country, he had arranged this farce. I didn’t think he could end this by just a verbal promise, but didn’t expect him to use demons as an intermediary for the contract. This is very carefully prepared behavior. Did I take him too lightly? Even though he thought this, it was ridiculous, and so for the second time, Agedilus spit out his inner thoughts. 

They both were nothing more than idiots, Gabriel who used a boy with a bright future, doing things that could lead to diplomatic turmoil just for my power, and Owen who wants to get rid of me even if it comes to using taboo. This hair colour, this power has no such value. 

Because no one other than Filmina, told him that just this hair was pretty. Because she said that she liked it was why Agedilus could accept his own hair. He feels happy every time Filmina combs his hair with her delicate hands.

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