Volume 5 Chapter 8 Part 4

Translation and editing: Team Foxsunes

For Agedilus, that was all to his pure black hair. People might ask 『Is that all?』and he’d laugh scornfully at them saying 「What else of a value is there to it?」

Lucius was trying to stop him by calling him in a teary voice again and again, but Agedilus ignored him and slid the weather pen over the contract. Even if he is his blood-related brother, why is he doing something a prostitute would do, just for someone he’s only known for around 10 days or so. Agedilus couldn’t understand it himself. But that question soon melted away. It was as Filmina had said, he had accepted Lucius without realizing when. He was worried about him and he couldn’t stand the thought of him being in danger. So he was relieved to see him safe. Lucius had always been the well-wisher to him and Filmina and seeing his younger brother call him “Elder Brother” had made him feel comfortable. Agedilus laughed at himself for realizing such a simple fact so late. The contract with his name, Agedilus Von Lancent written on it, started to give an ominous glow.

Kihihihihi! An annoying laugh that resembled scratching on the glass hit his eardrums, Gabriel and Owen were looking at the contract with a satisfied look, seemingly unaware of the laugh. Lucius apologized again and again with the tears rolling off his cheeks. Then, at that moment, bang! The door behind him made a powerful noise. That noise continued to repeat. It seemed as if the door was being hit by something. The lower class spirit that was protecting the door was confused and scared, then had started screaming and ran away at once. Eventually, with a loud noise, the door was destroyed. 

The first thing to come into sight was the statue of the goddess I saw before entering this hall. It took me some time to swallow the fact that the statue had vigorously destroyed the door. Even Agedilus was baffled looking at the goddess’ statue that was now rolling on the floor. There should be only a handful of people in this country who could commit such an atrocity, in a country where people worship the goddess. There was only one person who could do such a thing among the people Agedilus knew. 

「Wha…what have you done…..!」

「What just happened!?」

Gabriel and Owen raised their voices in panic while Lucius widened his eyes unable to understand a thing. Agedilus lost his words when he saw the first person to enter the room in the midst of chaos. 

 「I’ve come to rescue you. My lovely princess?」. 

Upon hearing that usual voice, calm yet having hints of mischief, Agedilus didn’t feel the anger and surprise he was supposed to. He started laughing loudly, which was an unusual thing for him to do. 「Ah, so you did come.」 His heart was filled with an emotion he couldn’t describe, it was a mysterious emotion that was neither surprise nor comfort.  Aah for goodness’ sake. He smiled brightly at the person who had intruded the hall, submerged in an emotion that was closest to happiness. 

「You are late, my dearest prince.」

* * * 

「You are late, my dearest prince.」

I deepened my smile at those words that were directed towards me with a smile. 

It’s still a bit too early to be surprised, be mad, or to laugh. You’re wrong if you think it’s just me here, it isn’t just me, his wife Filmina Von Lancent that has come here. A lot of familiar faces came one after another from behind and this time, for sure the sunrise-tinted eyes of the man widened with surprise. He really thought that I came here all alone. 

Dear husband, even I am not that reckless. I did tell you this a few moments before leaving the mansion. 

「It isn’t just Filmina, we are here too.」

The hero said it while sulking, letting the man know of their existence since Edi didn’t even try to conceal his surprise at the fact that they were there. The hero was holding a simple sword that was commonly sold instead of the holy sword. 

A figure in a luxurious dress, which also had delicate beauty, followed the hero. The beautiful sight didn’t suit this old temple at all and Edi was finally at a loss of words. The princess sneered at the man 「Your reaction was so boring and bland. If you’d reacted in an unexpected way then I might’ve admitted that you have some sort of charm.」

「Well, if it is Agedilus after all. Yo, Agedilus, glad to see you safe and sound.」

「Master! Lucius-sama! Are you ok?」

Commendatore laughed at the princess’ words. He had a long sword on his shoulder, it looked plain, but if a person who knew about swords saw it, he’d have immediately found that it was a masterpiece. The long sword coupled with his own size made him look intimidating. Next to him stood Widnichol holding his wand in his trembling hands, he was the only one who had uttered words worrying about the man and the youth’s safety. 

All the members who had defeated the Demon Lord had gathered. Witnessing those prominent faces Gabriel and Owen’s expression turned obviously tense. 

「Wh..wha…!? That door had a barrier! It wasn’t a weak barrier, and it wasn’t something that can easily be broken like that….!」

「I borrowed strength from the goddess and broke it. Was there a problem with it?」

I intentionally tilted my head and gave a slight smile countering Owen’s words which were trembling with anger. Come to think of it was quite mean of me. Contrary to Owen, who now had his eyes wide open, the man nodded as if he had understood everything. Oi, what does that nod mean? What is that 「So, that’s how it is. 」 expression you have. I didn’t have a choice you know. 

This door was locked and on top of that it had a barrier. But the point was that the barrier had been set by a lower class spirit. A burnt mark on my back was left behind by a higher class spirit that had a name as an 『Individual.』It is as Owen-sama says because of this scar. I’m hated by the spirits and lost their protection. Not being healed by the healing magic of the water spirits would be a good example of it. Personally, I don’t care about it but the man still feels guilty about it and people who value the existence of the spirits pity me, ridicule me, and look down upon me. 

However, I discovered today that it wasn’t all bad. 

I was able to destroy the barrier because the spirits despised me. There was a presence of the angered fire spirit on my back, as the princess had shown me moments before. Then the lower class spirit, frightened, ran away. While it was possible for the princess to break the barrier, since she had the goddess’s divine protection, it would’ve consumed a lot of time. It seemed like it would’ve been far more efficient if I broke it with my own hands.

It was great news for me who didn’t want to stay idle at the door doing nothing. 「Please let me handle this,」 I said, placing my unfaltering hands on the Goddess’ statue, and having seen me, the princess erupted into laughter. A bitter smile appeared on the head hero’s face, and the head of knights nodded in admiration. Young Widnichol was baffled by it but I have no regrets. 

「Tsk, you insolent fool, how dare a lowly creature hated by spirits commit such an atrocity. Know your place!」 

「It is all for my dear husband. The goddess is a compassionate, benevolent ruler of love, that’s why I think she will definitely accept and forgive my act and definitely aid me to my goal.」 

Having brazenly said this, most likely from anger, Owen’s body started shaking and his face turned red. At his side, Ambassador Gabriel furrowed his brows, having grasped my words. I am a frail maiden and the reason I can act this way is all because of the hero and others.  I understand that and I am thankful for that. 

This is a true person who swaggers under borrowed authority.  I’m an extreme example of relying on others for something now. People can say whatever they want to. I wouldn’t even get hurt or annoyed at this point. The important thing is, I managed to gather them all for that man. 

Why had all of them gathered for him? The reason is simple. Before that man left me at the estate and departed, I had suggested a certain plan to him. We should contact the princess explaining what had happened using the communication pendant that the princess had given me. The man had decided to solve everything by himself so he didn’t hide his surprise and said, 「There is no need for it.」 You are too naive my dear husband. You still don’t understand the fact that you’d get scolded later by the princess if you don’t inform this incident to her beforehand. Quite a hassle, you aren’t dumb, but you are pretty dense when it comes to things like these. 

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