Volume 5 Chapter 8 Part 5

Translation and editing: Team Foxsunes

After saying farewells to the man who took my suggestion but didn’t completely agree with it, I contacted the princess. After hearing my story, a truly elegant, beautiful smile spread across her face, 「I’ll head immediately to your mansion.」 she said. I waited for a bit and she came to me using teleportation magic and along with her she had brought our champions.

To be honest, I was astonished at what I was seeing. To be more specific, I was scared. I thought she’d send her shadow squad, who serve and protect her, or her royal knights, who protect the royal capital, would come. But, I never thought the princess herself would be to come and bring both the hero and her squad along with her. What’s more, each and every one of them, every single one, with a smile, unimaginably lined up. Even though they were smiling, they also had an intimidating aura. I was at a loss for words. Also, speaking of exceptions, apart from Widnichol, each one of them had a pressure that intimidated me, but Widnichol was also enraged and was wrapped in anger. Thus, I told them about the temple mentioned in the letter and how we went there by teleportation magic. Still, the man stood there in surprise as if he couldn’t believe it, he kept staring at the hero in disbelief.

The hero walked towards him with elegance and pinched the cheeks of the man, who had a surprised expression as if the smile he had before was a lie. Startled, he brushed off the hero’s hand, and, taking advantage of the moment, reached out for the princess’ slim fingers, flicking his cheeks with her fingertips. Furthermore, the commendatore gave his head a little punch. It wasn’t a small clang but a bang made by a heavy fist. Finally, to the man who finally grasped the poking of his cheek, Young Widnichol said 「I’m sorry, master!」, then hit Edi’s stomach’s pit with a loud warcry. I certainly heard Edi make a weird sound as if all the air in his lungs were pushed out, the blow delivered by Widnichol must have been unexpected. 

It seemed like Widnichol had inadvertently caused the most damage. The four stared at the pinned down man with eyes mixed with anger and pity. He glared back at the four with his dawn-tinted eyes holding his abdomen, and as if to say that they didn’t care about it. The first to speak up was the hero. 

「Agedilus. Truth to be told, to me, aside from whether or not it is feasible, I do not think that it is a bad deal. To you, certainly this country is far too small. If it’s hard to breathe in this country then you should just cut ties with it and leave. Even if you and Filmina went to Nerogrant, you wouldn’t have a reason to sever connections with us. But yeah, my opinion is just an opinion of an aristocrat from a rural area that has gotten dumb due to too much peace.」

He said all that in one breath in his calm voice and after a breath, there was a quiet interjection by the heroe, with a 「But」 that carried dangerous darkness. 

「This all stands as long as it has your will to do so. If it is against your will and if you are made to do it by force,I will do everything in my power to stop it.」

…I was shown a good example of the saying that the calmer the person is, the scarier his anger is. His unusually low voice was frightening. I, as well as the promoter of the protect Agedilus’s happiness alliance, both truly desired his happiness. This made me really happy but at the same time it was scary. 

The hero made the man choke on his words with the weight of his words, and at that moment the commendatore laughed as usual then shrugged his shoulders.

「I also think that you should start whatever you want to do, don’t you think so too? Even I, who is the head of the knights, sometimes want to throw away everything, so your stress must be far greater than mine. If there’s a country that sees you, accepts you and evaluates you as an individual, Agedilus Von Lancent, rather than the magician of the pure black,the head of royal magicians then I think it is logical that you pick that country. But, it is as Yuri said, it’s all up to your will and I wouldn’t have it if you were forced into it.」

Having said that, he moved his gaze to the stiffened Owen and Gabriel, staring at his prize like a large carnivorous beast. It was a frightening sight. His tone was too casual, like a ruffian and unlike a commendatore. But, then there isn’t anyone else fit to serve this country as the head of the knights. I sometimes feel like the position of commendatore was given to him to restrain him to the country, since his mastery of the sword and his charisma wasn’t something our country could lose. Having said this, he is one of few who was in the same boat as the man, expected from a person who was a commoner. But, he was admired even by the sons of the great aristocrats. The things he spoke of were always exceptional.  

Widnichol tightened his grip, held his staff tight, and looked at the man with a deep serious look. 「I don’t want you to leave, master. I have yet to learn many many things. Most of all I haven’t been acknowledged by you yet. It’s said that I am one of the champions, but in reality I think that I would truly be a champion when you acknowledge me.」 He admired him as his master from the depths of his heart that’s why he gave an honest opinion that he didn’t want Edi to leave for Nerogrant. The words were not two-faced, with no flattery or exaggeration whatsoever, thus it hit that man’s heart deeply. Edi went silent, it seemed as if he’d even forgotten to complain about that blow on his abdomen. Then, to deliver a final blow to the man, the princess opened up her pale pink lips. 

「In the past, I have said that I can’t allow  Agedilus to move to a foreign country. Those words and feelings of mine are still the same.」

She had looked up at him directly, and told the truth as the truth in an uninterested tone. 

「This is my opinion as a member of the royal family. Our country is one of the smaller ones. The rest of the countries haven’t meddled with us since we had the ability to counter the Demon Lord that could awaken any time. However, now that the Demon Lord has been slain,there is absolutely no reason for them to be silently watching over this country. Your existence is important since it keeps other countries away from us. There are some people like this priest who doesn’t seem to get it.」

The princess’ amber eyes gazed at Owen as if she was looking at a gnat. The glare had more impact than a strong, well built man, Owen shivered after being subjected to harsh words and gaze. 

「…..I understand that much.」

That man, quietly murmured. 「If that’s the case..」, then meaningfully smiled at the princess. 

「Do you know that apart from me, who is a royal and is Agedilus’ friend, feels the same way too?」 

「…..What’s that supposed to mean?」 

「My, so you don’t understand yet, I see?」

The princess giggled, stretching her hand out and flicking his cheek once again. Once more, having not managed to evade this, she gazed at him in amusement as he held his cheek in pain and she continued.

「There aren’t many people who can talk to me as an equal. To give away such a rare existence to a foreign country isn’t interesting. And besides, if you went to Nerogrant, Filmina would surely accompany you, wouldn’t she? I think that’s detestable.」

「Your highness….!!」

Such appreciable and happy words. Emotions overtook me, and the man looked at me with a strange expression. But, ignoring the man and entrusting the petrified ambassador, Gabriel and  Owen sama, to the men, I ran towards the youth Lucius who was lying helpless on the floor.

「Are you alright, Lucius sama?」

Crouching down and helping him up, I was met with a red face full of tears, and slowly, Lucius nodded. 

「Ye-yes. However everyone is speaking of brother in such good words…」

「Lucius sama, it is as they say.」

Of course, that’s not all there is to him. Taking a self defense knife, I cut the rope binding Lucius with a smile on my face, and his expression turned into that of a surprised person as if he wasn’t expecting it. He gazed at that man, dumbfounded. I followed his gaze too and looked at the man. 

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