Volume 5 Chapter 8 Part 6

Translation and editing: Team Foxsunes


Everyone started to speak trash about him whenever they had pleased, saying whatever crossed their mind in a self-indulgent way just as they had done previously. No matter how dense the man is, he’d surely realized by now.  He wouldn’t turn a blind eye anymore and would see what he really needs to see. If he doesn’t get it now, then I won’t let him go with only a slap on both cheeks. 

Hey, darling. My cute darling. Do you already understand? You do really understand it all by now, right? 

The man felt everyone’s gaze focusing on him, he smiled, casually. Even the princess who’d gotten used to her own beauty, and Lucius, with features that resembled Edi, gulped down a breath. The smile was so vivid and glamorous. The smile was so previous and captivating that I couldn’t let my eyes off it.

「I am truly blessed.」

This elegant, quiet voice, for some reason, made me want to cry, and it would be good if nobody found this out. With a laugh, the hero happily said「That’s right!」

The head knight said「Very well.」 、shrugging his shoulder. The princess asked 「So, do you realize that now?」, while turning her head up arrogantly. Young Widnichol’s shoulders untensed from relief, he laughed. 

The beautiful moment that I desired for was right here. However, this beautiful view didn’t continue for long. The peaceful ambiance was rudely broken by a low, stifled voice. It was the voice of Ambassador Gabriel. I think he no longer has the upper hand after having the princess and others in front of him. It might’ve been a bluff, but, I frowned as my gaze followed Ambassador Gabriel’s smile, the smile had somewhat of a madness on his face.

「Even if you’ve captured me, it is too late now. No matter what anyone says, the contract still stands. Agedilus Von Lancelot belongs to Nerogrant.」

「Ye, yes princess. All I did was get rid of despicable pure black from our country, princess! I am not the one who needs to be blamed but it is the pure black that is the root of all evil!」

So, this is what people mean when they say that the guilty are audacious. 

Everyone gazed at Ambassador Gabriel and Owen-sama with pity and surprise at their stupidity, because they were staying behind when they were at an overwhelming disadvantage. Even anger refused to surface in such a situation. Lucius muttered, 「Ambassador Gabriel」 as if he was extremely shocked. 

「People who don’t know when to give up are so unattractive.」

「Mind if you guys get handcuffed without causing a fuss?」

The princess glared at Ambassador Gabriel and Owen-sama as if she didn’t care about them. The head knight tapped on the sheath of his sword and twisted his lips.

Owen-sama gasped in fear and looked at Ambassador Gabriel, who stood next to him. The ambassador was smiling. It wasn’t a smile that someone in trouble would have, but it was rather a calm smile. 

「…..Guess it can’t be helped. Owen-dono, it’s the end of our bargain.」 


It all happened within a split of a second. Gabriel unsheathed his saber and pierced through Owen-sama’s heart without even a small hint of hesitation. Blood splashed and Owen-sama fell to the ground unable to even scream. A puddle of blood spread surrounded him and he died within the blink of an eye. 

I somehow managed to suppress my scream that was about to come out as a reflex by covering my mouth with both hands. Ambassador Gabriel swung his blood-soaked saber once and dropped the contract on Owen-sama’s body. The contract’s transmutation circle began to give off an ominous light, and so did the black symbol. A sign of demonic contract started giving off similar light from under the ambassador’s sleeve. After that, the transmutation circle of the contract began to suck in the blood and the corpse of Owen-sama. I wasn’t able to utter a word due to the gruesome scene and I heard a loud tsk sound. When I looked at its source, I saw Edi, who was glaring at Ambassador Gabriel. The princess was doing the same thing and the Youth Widnichol was all pale. I and the rest of four wouldn’t let our eyes off the scene that sent shivers up our spine.

「So, he is planning to summon the demons.」 

Ambassador Gabriel deepened his smile when he heard the man’s deep voice, which was so low that it felt like it came from the depths of hell. That smile wasn’t cute as a mere “seemingly having madness” in it. His smile was of someone who’d completely gone mad. He picked up the contract that had fallen on the ground as he continued, 「If I can’t take『Agedilus Von Lancent』to Nerogrant then I’ll have to take his life no matter the price. That’s my purpose. My country isn’t naive enough to leave a threat in this country.」

Ambassador Gabriel gave a distorted smile. The sucking sound disappeared and along with it, all of the blood and the body. After a moment the transmutation circle of the contract that was held by Gabriel started giving out an unbearable noise similar to the scratching of the glass. It kept resonating and small figures resembling bats came out of the circle at once. 

I said it was a figure resembling a bat, but it wasn’t anything pretty like that. Ambassador Gabriel looked proud surrounded by the demons who were flying wildly with their fangs out with violently moving claws attached to their leathery wings. But, even upon seeing Gabriel certain about victory, our champions of salvation were calm as always. 

「So you made a pact with nameless demons. Even so, their number is slightly troubling.」

「Agedilus, do we need that commentary now!?」

Agedilus spoke as he summoned his partner’s wand and the hero bashed it following the SOPs, charging into the horde first. 

He didn’t even have his holy sword but his swings cut through and pierced the demons with precision. Princess had a violent grin on her face that was unimaginable from her usual elegant, white lily-like beauty, as she shot a beam of pure white light, purifying dozens of demons at once that were flying around. Head Knight shone his eyes ferociously accompanied by a wide smile, he swung the sword as if it was part of his body and smashed the demons against the wall. Widnichol had also obliterated the demons that fell to the ground with magic. 

It seemed like they were working independently as they pleased but they were showing a splendid amount of teamwork at the same time. Ambassador Gabriel, who seemed as if he had much space to spare, gradually began to stiffen his expression and as I was observing it, Lucius suddenly snatched away my knife. I wondered what had gotten into him as he threw the knife at my back. With a loud scream, the demon trying to attack me from behind was pierced by the knife and died. I- it was a close call. 

「That you very much, Lucius-sama.」

「Nevermind that, but the brother and others are…..」

Lucius stood in front of me as if to protect me, I looked across his back and saw the man who was raising his staff with brightly shining magical stone, which was of the same colour as his eyes. 


It was just one, short word, but it was a command that couldn’t be defined. Dawn coloured light filled the hall of the goddess. All of the remaining demons were obliterated and they weren’t even given a chance to scream. Ambassador Gabriel’s face was full of surprise and soon his expression turned into despair. 

「I-it can’t be…..! But the contract is still!」

He tried lifting up the contract above his head, but his sentence was never to be completed. The contract burst up into blue flames and burnt out. The culprit who burnt the contract sneered at ambassador Gabriel, who was on his knees holding his burnt hand. 

「Know your place. You can’t possibly bind me with such a low-class contract. If you want to bind me then at least bring a Demon Lord’s attendant class demon.」 

He continued saying that it’s impossible since they were all destroyed along with the Demon Lord. He then hit the ground with the end of his staff. The decorations on the staff made a calming sound and at the same time, an invisible force bounded the ambassador and made him fall on the ground. He probably tried to cuss at him, but his mouth just opened and closed like a fish being carried by the waves onto the shore, unable to utter a word. The man spoke with his usual monotonous voice without any signs of emotion at the baffled ambassador 「I’ve shut your loud mouth.」

His expression further sank into despair as he realized that he no longer had any sort of authority left. 

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