Volume 5 Chapter 9

Translation and editing: Team Foxsunes

To conclude, Lucius’ kidnapping incident was disposed of like a secret after everything had happened. There was some sort of backdoor negotiation made between our country and the Nerogrant Empire. Luckily, the incident didn’t turn into diplomatic turmoil. I don’t know what happened to the ambassador Gabriel or Owen-sama, but I can imagine that they’d never be allowed to come out ever again. Owen-sama isn’t even among the living anyway. 

Nothing serious had been done to Lucius, apart from being drugged at the beginning so he wouldn’t resist. He was then left on the floor tied up by Gabriel and Owen, I took a deep breath of relief when I found out that. Later on, three days after the incident, the day when delegates from the Nerogrant Empire were to leave our country meant that it was the day to part with the youth Lucius. 

「Pardon me for causing all the trouble.」

「Yeah, seriously.」

Lucius bowed down and apologized to the man while the carriage was waiting outside the mansion. The man didn’t even deny Lucius’ apology and affirmed it, I pulled his sleeves as a reflex. Please, I beg of you, be more subtle with your words. 「Edi.」I called his name to scold him but the youth suddenly interrupted 「It’s fine.」 Lucius lifted his head up and gave him a troubled smile. 

「This incident made me realize that till the end, I was just thinking about myself.」


His ways were certainly rough, but he was definitely thinking about Edi at every step of the way. Lucius, who is also one of the people who care about Edi, blaming himself makes me hesitant. But, he himself deeply regretted his own actions in the end, his expression was gloomy and his lips were tightened. 

After a brief moment of silence, Lucius looked directly at the man with sunrise tinted eyes. Just like the man, his tightened lips opened up once, as if it was to show that he had already made up his mind. 

「Your happiness is something you’ll decide on your own right? The happiness I had planned for you is probably nothing more than my own self-satisfaction. I have my own happiness, and you also have your own. I am not worthy yet to be a part of that happiness. I have no right to call you an 『elder brother』since I am still not worthy of being your 『younger brother』.」

「But…」 Lucius opened up his mouth after pondering hesitantly for a while, trying to decide if what he was about to say was appropriate, but at the end he continued his words after a short gap, 「I shall be someone worthy of being your younger brother the next time we cross paths. Will you please wait for me till then, Mister Agedilus?」

Lucius called the man 『Mister Agedilus』instead of 『Brother』. This moment is probably the true beginning of their relationship. Lucius looked at the man for the first time not just as his elder brother, but also as an individual. The man looked back at the youth with the eyes of the same colour and nodded. 

「I’ll be looking forward for it.」

He said it quietly under his breath, he said it as if he was trying to swallow the words himself. But, Lucius heard it loud and clear, his face exploded with emotions just like a flower bud opening up. To him, I handed over a box wrapped in a ribbon

The box could fit in both hands. Lucius’ eyes moved in surprise. 

「Mrs Lancent, what is this…」

I tasted the loneliness of him calling me 『Mrs Lancent』instead of 『Sister』,but I smiled at the youth who had taken the box. 

「They are the cheese cookies I’ve promised you, as well as the tea leaves of the herb tea. Do, please have the cookies on your way back. Use those tea leaves to practice the brewing of the herb tea and let us have your tea whenever we meet once again.」

「Thank you very much! I’ll do my best!」

The youth smiled again upon hearing my words. It looked very similar to the smile Edi had on the night Lucius was kidnapped. 

「See you again someday, for sure!」

Lucius said that, then rode the carriage and departed. We saw him off till we weren’t able to see even the tiniest hint of the carriage anymore. After that, there was nothing more left to do. 

When we entered the mansion, we were now two instead of three, the mansion felt way bigger, but at the same time, lonelier than it was before. Without any deep reason, I looked up at the man and I saw him looking down at me. He placed his hand on my cheek. I put my hand on his and opened up my mouth. 

「Hey, Edi.」

「What is it?」

「I wouldn’t mind if it isn’t right away, but we should make more of people dear to us together.」

I don’t think the man is dense enough to not have understood what I meant. I realize that I’ve said something extremely bold and embarrassing. But, now that I’ve said it, I am really looking forward to that day. 

「Yeah, we should.」

The man nodded once and pushed his lips against mine. He smiled like a kid that has thought of mischief. 

「But you know, I still feel like I want to have you all for myself. 」

It’s a given that my face had turned as red as a tomato upon hearing those words. 

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