Volume 6 Chapter 1 Part 11

Translation: Kurehashi Aiko
Editing: Team Foxsunes

If I were to ever present an opinion on the princess, I would most likely say that to me the princess is very much like a fog. She was usually keeping to herself and it was hard to get a read on her, but if you were close enough with her just like Heinrich here, you would see her true worth without any obstructions. I myself thought that I was pretty close with the princess and knew her quite well, but it was only now starting to occur to me that there was still much that I did not know about her.

I am jealous of Heinrich. I would have liked to be in such a close relationship with the princess that we could banter with each other in a friendly manner just like that. No, no, no! I must not be greedy like that! After all, it’s only been a year since we have met one another! It was way too early to be so overly familiar with one another! Our relationship is going to get there eventually, but not yet! While I was battling my inner thoughts like that, I failed to realize that the princess had something more to say.

Something along the lines of ‘Oh, yes. That’s right’.

There is one more person who was appointed as an assistant and escort for the duration of this journey. I realize that it was a decision made at the last possible moment, but I have no doubt in that person’s abilities and the fact that he will be a great asset to us.

After saying something like that in a rather cryptic way, the princess let out a sigh and turned her gaze towards the door once more.

No need to be shy. Come on in.

After the princess said that, the door opened yet again and the person standing behind them entered the room. At the same time, I could feel my own eyes widen up in bewilderment.


This morning, when I was leaving towards the palace, that man was already out, away for work as usual. But those beautiful features could not possibly be mistaken with anyone else…… It was none other than my dear husband, Agedilus Von Lancent who just so happened to enter the room. As that man reached the middle of the room and bowed down shortly before the princess, I stood up from my seat without thinking. No, wait, please wait just a moment! What is that supposed to mean!?

I turned myself to the princess with an expression that was asking for an explanation, but the only reaction the princess was able to give me was the one alongside the lines of ‘I guess it cannot be helped now, can it?’. The princess also looked genuinely amused with this situation and looked about moments from bursting into laughter. She looked as beautiful as ever right now, but it was hardly the moment for admiration like that, it would only be escaping reality. I kept on shifting my gaze from the princess to that man for a moment or two, before the princess actually spoke up and tried to explain the situation to me.

I originally wanted one of the wizards of the Kurorengu Shrine to accompany us since they are all well versed in foreign affairs as well, but it was around that time that this man here approached me and demanded that he should be given the position. Said that he arranged for the work of the wizards to continue like normal even without him to oversee matters for two weeks. So honestly, since he took so much care and prepared everything in time, there was no reason for me to refuse him.

Well, there was probably a thing or two about this whole situation that seemed really dubious and suspicious to me, but I was not really in any position to complain. Especially not if the princess was okay with it.

And technically something like that was possible. That is, if you managed to do two weeks’ worth of work ahead of time. It was certainly something that this man would be able to do since there was literally nothing impossible for him. So that was probably why over the last few days he was returning home so late. I looked at that man with eyes that looked about ready to burst into tears, but to that he kept silent, looking as unfazed and composed as ever.

 Also, it was pretty obvious that he did all that for my sake. It’s not like it does not make me feel happy, but still, I think that doing something like that is a serious going overboard.

If there is something I can do, I shall do it. Besides, I do not think that there is anyone else who is better suited to be the princess’s escort than myself.

That statement right now was really brimming with overconfidence, but there was a silent voice inside of my head that was telling me that I should not complain about that. It would be much better this way. Rather, should I be amazed by that statement, or should I just roll my eyes? I was pretty sure that right about now my expression must have been a sight to behold. But it’s not like that man did anything bad, and there was clearly no reason for me to be mad at him. So in this kind of situation, the best thing I could do was to smile bitterly in resignation.

…… Having you with us will truly be a great help.

I managed to say that, to which that man responded with a short snicker and the princess smiled warmly and said: ‘Oh, that’s so nice of you to say.’ I was really glad that the situation would resolve like that, but at the same time, I realize that a bystander like Heinrich probably had little to no idea what was going on here at the current moment.


After a moment of brief silence I decided to bow slightly to the princess and then I walked towards that man, reaching out my arm and pinching his cheek slightly. And although I was hoping for at least some sort of reaction, that man’s stoicism was as firm as ever, which was slightly disappointing and made me realize that there really was no helping it.

Edi, you should really learn to read the mood better. And learn the difference between private and public.

…… Right back at you.


The man responded to my words with a rebuttal of his own, gently flinching my forehead with his slender white fingers. But it hurt just like usual. I let go of that man’s cheek and hold onto my forehead with tears in my eyes, but he was still as cool as ever. But as I continued to look at that man, I could not bring myself to be mad at him any longer for the events of the past two weeks. I guess that man is right in the end. We both need to learn to read the mood better in the end. I guess that it is true that fights can be painful, but at the same time they can make your bonds grow even stronger.

No matter what, I just could not stay mad at him anymore. I shall forgive you, so you’d better forgive me as well. Having thought that, I could finally laugh in a healthy manner.

After that, we were all about ready to set off from the capital and start traveling towards our destination. 

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