Volume 6 Chapter 1 Part 4

Translation: Kurehashi Aiko
Editing: Team Foxsunes

Hooray for my dear husband’s research! Because he is always so absorbed in his work and does not think too much about food, I get to try all the different recipes in order to surprise him with just how delicious they can be! He also tends to get absorbed in his research so much that he often forgets to eat and drink properly, all the more reason to cook healthy meals for him. I wonder, was he malnourished before we got married? I was always curious about that. But now, even the smallest of meals was an opportunity to let him experience something new and tasty.

Of course, with the money that man earns from his work at the palace, we could have gone out to eat at various restaurants around town. It would not be a problem, and it would have saved me a whole lot of time and effort put into cooking. However, there is a reason why we do not do that.

One is that I really enjoy cooking and I want to train my abilities in the kitchen as much as possible. The other is simply because I do not like to eat out all that much. On paper it sounds like a really sweet deal, but in fact it is nothing but the opposite. That man may not look like it, but he is really picky when it comes to his food, and if he finds something to be not quite to his taste, he would simply refuse to eat it and there is nothing you could actually do to convince him to even try it at the very least.

Fortunately, both my mother and nanny took exceptional care that I would be well-versed in the culinary arts from an early age, so even compared to other noblemen and noblewomen I could handle almost any kind of meal with relative ease. Plus, I do not know if it could be counted as cheating or not, but the memories of my previous life on Earth as an office lady in the country of Japan made it even easier for me to handle cooking and other housekeeping chores like that. Thanks to all that, I am quite convinced that I can cook any dish that the man desires and that said dishes will always be up to his taste. And when I am inside of the kitchen, surrounded by cooking utensils and ingredients of various kinds, I can feel that my heart is truly at peace and I can feel genuinely happy.

Today’s dish is rather simple, but I am deeply fond of it and I am sure that it is going to suit that man’s tastes just fine. It is arranged in such a way that you can add or modify it in whatever way you please, and if you are left with plenty of leftovers it can be even arranged into a cheese risotto that can serve as tomorrow’s breakfast.


Unfortunately, once I started to wonder just what else can I make with the possible leftovers, I got absorbed into it so much that once I finally managed to get out of my fantasy zone I noticed that the magic stone that was used to inform the inhabitants of the house that someone was waiting at the door was brightly lit. Seeing that, I hurriedly took off my apron, hung in on a chair and rushed to the front door.

There, at the entrance hall, stood Agedilus Von Lancent, my dear husband and the owner of this magnificent house. The moment I walked towards him he was just hanging back the black cloak he was usually wearing when leaving for work, a symbol of his status and allegiance to the place’s Magic Research Division.

Welcome back home, Edi.

Yeah, I’m back.

I immediately walked towards the man and took his cloak off of him. It was still cold from the chilliness of the early winter weather, but at the same time it was so warm from the man’s natural body heat. I then started to hang the cloak properly, taking extra care so that it would not get wrinkled overnight. Once I was done with that I looked at the man and realized that he’s been looking straight at me, his eyebrows frowned.

…… What is it?

Excuse me?

You keep on looking at me like that, is there perhaps something you would like to say to me?

No, not really. It’s nothing much. It’s just that, your face looks really beautiful today. That’s all.

If earlier that day I happened to compare the beauty of the princess to that of a Spring morning, the beauty of that man could be compared to that of the Winter evening. Even though he is a man, he could easily go toe to toe with the princess in terms of beauty and charm, giving the princess a good run for her money.

 Suddenly, I was overcome with a strong urge to reach out towards his hair and comb them with my fingers. His black hair was shining as if it were lacquered, and they were so soft and smooth, without any tangled parts. His eyes were as dark and magnificent as ever, with his long and beautiful eyelashes casting shadows over them every time he was looking down. They were also glowing brightly, bringing to mind the beauty of the moment when the dark of the night slowly transcends into the orange of the sunrise. Whenever I look inside those eyes, I get the feeling that they are going to suck me in and never let me go again. It really is weird. Everything about that man seems to be so perfect. Even the small scar that was running under his left eye was beautiful, acting more like an ornament to his perfect facial features rather than diminishing them.

His skin is so pale, just like that of a white snake. It also feels cold to the touch, as if a gust of evening breeze brushed against my own skin. But I am the only one who knows just how warm he can really be. It felt just as if that man was touched by the Goddess herself, no longer a mere mortal but rather a whimsical spirit. At least that’s how his beauty makes me feel.

That man’s beauty was always like that for as long as I can remember, ever since we were little children. However, I could not resist the feeling that there was always a tinge of sadness to that beauty of his. But on the contrary, with each passing year, he was becoming more and more beautiful, to the point when I started to think that his beauty started to get out of hand. How else could you call this beauty, one that was transcending the feminine and masculine charms alike, if nothing but sinful?

Having a man like that as my beloved husband, sometimes I catch myself thinking that I am simultaneously the happiest and the most misfortunate woman in the entire world. And having a husband like that makes the eyes of everyone around you locked in on you as his partner, which in turn always forces me to make that much extra effort in order to meet everyone’s expectations.

Sometimes I even find myself wondering if that man was really happy with someone like me and if he did not choose to be my husband simply out of obligation. Even though I knew that it is crazy to overthink matters like that, I even think that one day he might just get tired of having to deal with me and simply walks out without saying a word, never to come back. But if that would ever come to happen, I know that I would have no right to stop him. I myself am really happy with him being by my side, and I would never want to do anything that would make him unhappy. That is why I would just say goodbye and hope for the best for him.

We have been married for quite a while now, but I see that you are still keeping on saying things like that completely out of the blue, huh?

That is only because you are so beautiful and cute to a fault, Edi.

So you only got married to me because my face looks nice?

Do you think I am that shallow of a woman? Marrying someone just because their facial features look nice? Do you really think I am that terrible?

His personality leaves much to be desired and as a result, he often blurts out things like that, but I know that deep down inside he is a good and kind-hearted man. Then suddenly the man pinched my cheek slightly and pulled on it gently, causing my hand to back away from inside of his hair.

Well, I’m sorry for being such a nasty partner.

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