Volume 8 Chapter 3 Part 4

Translation by Goma
Editing by Team Foxsunes

「Ah, I can’t let you do that」 


Without allowing me to sense her presence at all, the being—–the demon in question was standing behind me. Its hand caressed my cheek from behind. I was genuinely frightened at the hand which was as cold as ice. I completely froze in a position in which I was in the middle of turning around. Glancing at me, she curled her red lips. 

「Mo, ther」 

「Noct, what a bad boy you are. If she loses the magical tool, the magician would not be able to come to this estate, right? Why do you think I kept her? 」 

Chuckling, she seductively sat on the table. Then she crossed her legs. Her juicy thighs boldly peered from the slit. If it had only been this seductiveness, I would have been able to just describe her unbearably sexy. However, in front of her, surely fear would reign over allurement.  

Nonetheless, I did not care about such a thing now. The issue was in what the demon said. Although it was not directed at me, a chill ran down my spine at what she had said. The reason why the demon had not thrown the bracelet away. That directly linked to the demon’s purpose. 

「Don’t tell me, your purpose is……! 」

I recalled the morning glow colored eyes at the back of my mind. Hearing my voice I had somehow managed to project, the demon smirked in a beautiful and terrifying manner. 

「Alright then. Since the time is near, I shall tell you」 

Just as she finished saying so, the demon snapped her finger loudly. That moment, my vision bent wildly. My whole body felt as if it was floating. The second I closed my eyes involuntarily, my body suddenly dropped onto the ground. 

Although it was not a significant height, even though the impact simply made me crash onto the floor on my butt, it was indeed painful since I had been dropped without notice. I wanted to complain, what kind of treatment you are giving to a pregnant woman. Thinking like this, I opened my eyes. I swallowed my complaint upon seeing what was in front of me.

It was not the dining room we were in earlier. It was the large hall I had seen when I was transiting from the room I was trapped in, to the kitchen. It was probably the largest room in this estate. Around me, several tongues of magical fire burned as sources of light, making the large hall appear very eerie.  

Panicked, I stood up and looked at the seat at the end of the table. The demon was lazily seating on an extravagant chair, while Noct was there diagonally behind her with an expressionless face. The bracelet was in Noct’s hands. 

「This is the stage. It is a little bland, but it would be beautifully decorated soon enough, so I shall compromise. Anyways, the important part is not the stage and equipment, but the actor」 

Receiving the bracelet from Noct’s hands, the demon played with it with the tip of her long fingernails. As if satisfied with playing with it after a while, she carelessly threw it towards my feet. 

The bracelet did not seem to break, even though it landed on the ground with a thud. While I crouched down and picked the bracelet up, the demon observed me with narrowed eyes. Then, she smiled dreamily. 

「My life’s wish, is the revival of my master」 


Although being disclosed after keeping it under the curtains for the whole time, the demon’s desire was surprisingly rather expected. For the servant to wish for the revival of its master, the demon lord. It was a thought that was natural to have. 

「……Hadn’t the demon lord been perished by sir Yuri? You should not be able to revive him」 

Yes indeed. In contrast to 500 years ago when the demon was merely sealed, in the battle against the demon lord earlier, I had heard that the demon lord was completely destroyed by the hero’s holy sword. The demon lord should not be able to be revived. 

When I pointed this out, the demon trembled in hatred while her eyes shined. 

「Ah, yes. Ah, just recalling this made me frustrated. My master, my lovely master was, by those puny little bugs……! 」 

As if in concord to the demon’s hatred-filled voice, the surrounding fire flickered wildly. Nevertheless, strangely I did not feel warmer at all. I felt like I was dropped into this disgustingly lukewarm fluid. I scolded my body for subconsciously shivering at this sensation. 

「Then the reason why you kidnapped me……」 

「Little girl, you can’t infer, is it? You still don’t know? In fact, I do not care about you or your stomach’s child. But, hadn’t I gone through the trouble to invite you to this place to gain what I truly want? 」 

The demon mockingly looked down on me while I instinctively rubbed my stomach with both my hands. A chill ran down my spine. If the demon’s aim is neither in me nor this stomach’s baby. What was the deduction I could make from this? I already knew the answer. The thing the magician desired through utilizing me. That was, simply one thing—-there was only one person. 

「You, Edi……!?」 

「It’s great that you finally understand. The reason why I brought you here is to lure that magician which is your husband」 

「What do you intend to do to Edi!? 」 

Instinctively, I raised my voice. As if disturbed, she flicked her hand and rested her elbow on the chair’s armrest. Then she placed her chin on her hand. The gestures were alike a queen. That did not mean I adopted a sense of reverence for her, since I knew somebody that better suited such gestures. Right, princess? 

I attempted to maintain my composure by asking the in-brain beauty, the silverish-white princess to agree with me. The demon wrote an arc with her red lips and looked down at me as if pitying me with her dark eyes. 

「You don’t need to hurry so much. I will explain to you, so don’t panic. I am in a splendid mood tonight」 

The demon giggled out loud like a young girl. Then she swiped at the air with her fingers. Her fingers had black fingernails that looked like thin, sharp, and pointy obsidian stones. Then, the black fire that had been shining on the large halls’ walls blazed with greater intensity. For a moment, I thought the fire dropped to the ground as it blazed. Then like a snake with an independent mind, the fire slithered across the floor, and surrounded me in a circle. That was not all. The black fire made an incomprehensible pattern on the floor with me in the centre. 

I twitched my face at the beautiful but somehow fear-inducing circular pattern that was finally completed. It was a magic circle. Moreover, it seemed that I was a key part of the magic circle.

Despite instinctively knowing that if the current situation continued, it would be bad, I could not move easily, since I was surrounded by the blazing fire. I did not know what the demon’s intentions were. Nonetheless, this situation was not acceptable. I wondered if the sweat that traced my back purely because of the fire surrounding me. Or was I breaking a sweat from nervousness? I was not able to tell which. 

Gazing at me, the demon continued speaking. 

「Yesterday, the church formed a unit and immediately started a proper search. For a normal human, it should be a little hard to reach this estate without much clue. Also, being constrained by the church, your beloved magician would not be able to come to your side……ahh, if you were to say it, 『come home』, isn’t it? Whichever it is, it would be impossible that help comes your way」 

「Then, even if I am here, you should not be able to lure Edi here, right? 」 

「Ah, you are surprisingly sharp. That’s right. Actually, for these two days, I had been waiting for the magician to act on his own accord. I had thought that even if he was restrained, the magician would definitely come. Nevertheless, apparently the church had gone beyond my expectations. They seemed to have taken very harsh measures against that man.  Really, how impudent of them. Because of them, it seemed that even the one who was born pure black was not able to act freely. Hence, I helped him」 


What did she mean by that? I gripped on the bracelet and glared at the demon. The demon did not seem to care about my glare, and deepened her smile. A chill ran down my spine at seeing this smile. I had a gut feeling that something terrible was going to happen. 

What did I mean by such gut feeling when I was already in such a situation? There would not be a worse situation than this. But why? Silently, I waited for the demon to continue talking. Then, the demon’s red lips curled further into a deeper smile. 

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