Volume 1 Chapter 10-2: Kuiro


「Even so, it can only be a bow. It’ll be fine. I have a great idea. I won’t promise something that can’t be done.」
「Can I…can I believe you Cyril?」
「Lucy…you’re the one person I won’t lie to. I’ll do my best to forge a path ahead.」
「Somehow…those words you said don’t feel too trustworthy….」

Lucy smiled wryly and sighed.

But even so I could tell she was holding back her laughter. No matter what she said I could tell she believed in me.

「As long as you can live your life happily it’ll be worth it. Also make sure to finish all your food.」

I said and held out a small dish with cranberries on it.

After lecturing Lucy yesterday I had entered the mountains to collect plenty of them. These would be the best medicine to cure Lucy’s slight vitamin deficiency.

「Do I have to eat all of them?」
「Yep. You may not realize it Lucy…but you have an illness. You have to get proper vitamins and minerals. That’s right…you still have a punishment pending right? You have to listen to one of my requests right? Then do this…no matter what I lay out on the table you need to eat it all without leaving any.」
「…..this is for my benefit so it’s not a punishment. Choose a different request later…I’ll eat my food properly. Uuuuu, so sour.」

Lucy grimaced as she stuffed the cranberries in her mouth.

It was very sour and thanks to me asking her to eat sour things like this daily, I could tell she really didn’t like them.

「If we had sugar I could mix the berries with water and make juice or jam to make it easier to eat.」
「It’s fine. Sugar is too high class for us to use anytime we want.」
「Lucy is my Princess so it’s fine if you let me spoil you.」
「…..then this Princess prays she doesn’t get her Prince taken away. Hurry and let me have peace of mind. If there’s anything I can do then tell me anytime.」

Lucy said as she got up to leave for her work.

「Oh that’s right….are you properly using the 【dynamic vision strengthening】 spell?」
「Un, I am. I occasionally let my eyes chase the black ball.」
「That’s good. Okay then, see you later.」
「I’ll be back.」

We had work to do so we couldn’t do too much…but still we did muscle strengthening and dynamic vision strengthening every now and again. Slowly doing it daily was important.

Furthermore, when night fell we did exercises to maintain our flexibility.

It was a very rewarding time since I got to touch Lucy’s soft and fragrant body without guilt.

For now that was as much as we could accomplish since we had to do our own respective jobs. Once winter came around I would slowly teach Lucy magic.

As I let my thoughts drift, I waved Lucy goodbye.
I exited the village and headed to the hill that provided a blind spot.

I carried as much lumber as I could on my back.

My objective was the place I had hidden the armor and weapons from sight.

「Thank goodness. I wouldn’t even be able to laugh if everything was taken.」

I couldn’t help but to say.

I would be using the swords and armor here as ingredients to make the weapons.

This work would necessitate fire and earth attribute magic which my current self was unable to use with any precision.

Thanks to that I would have to summon my past self which specialized in such magic. But first I needed the materials.

If I needed to take them out of Deet’s 【Item Box】 then I’d have to wait for another 12 hours before using 【Samsara Recursion】 again. I would’ve wasted an entire day.

「Liberate me my soul. Let a miracle beyond time descend upon me here.」

I intoned the chant for 【Samsara Recursion】.

The one I would call today was……

「I desire the red hot steel of a metal world, the Master Blacksmith who trained to the peak, his name is….」

At that time I lived in a world that had been strangely developed by alchemy and crafting.

A world constantly colored by smoke and flames.

I had been born in that world as the race closest with metal and polished my skills for an entire lifetime.

My name back then was…

「Kuiro! 【Samsara Recursion】!」

As those words escaped my mouth my body was enveloped in light.

Then a beard began to sprout on my face as my body stretched out to 180cm in height. My physique became bulky and muscular.

My clothes changed into work clothes made from heat resistant animal pelt. A special hammer which had been tempered with alchemy appeared in my hands.

Yes, I had become a Dwarf….the Dwarf Kuiro.

「I see…since Kuiro doesn’t have a special magic like Deet or extremely high magic power, I’m able to release most of his power. My time limit should be pretty long as well.」

My time limit was 122 minutes.

Plus based on the 64 souls I had devoured using Deet’s 【Soul Eater】 I could tell that Kuiro’s magic consumption was quite efficient.

Deet always digitized damage using magic, ate enemy souls using 【Soul Eater】, and greatly strengthened my body so he had poor magical efficiency. I forcibly cheated by summoning him at a low level…but there was a limit to that.

Nevertheless, the incredible usefulness of 【Soul Eater】 and 【Item Box】 made it nigh impossible to not utilize him.

That aside it was way better when compared to my Dragon self. If I entered that form then I would only be able to last 2 seconds at most. If I used my full strength in my Dragon form then “two seconds would be enough” however……

「Kuiro is good because he’s simple.」

Kuiro didn’t have any constantly active magic effects.

He simply had the Dwarf characteristic of being well loved by ore, having skilled hands, and great affinity with fire and earth magic.

As an Elf my attributes were…

Earth: 30, Fire: 10, Wind: 90, Water: 70

However, as a Dwarf my attributes were…

Earth: 100, Fire: 80, Wind: 5, Water: 5

I had transformed into an existence of earth and fire.

「Alright, let’s hurry and get this done. I’ll wield Kuiro’s legendary skills to the fullest.」

And so I called out to the Earth Mana.

The reaction was very good. With this I’d be able to craft the best weapons possible in this situation.



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