Volume 1 Chapter 12-2: Safety Zone


Finally the deadline arrived.

「It’s finally the promised day…did you make the weapon Cyril?」

I was accepting patients as the doctor as I did every morning.

The Village Chief Nietzsche…my uncle. He had some muscular henchmen behind him.

It was most likely an attempt to make sure I wouldn’t escape.

Lucy grasped my clothes tightly. She had asked the other elves in the fields for the day off so she could spend the day with me.

「Of course I did. Gather everyone in the village for the demonstration. There are still people waiting for treatment so we’ll do it in the afternoon. I have preparations to make as well.」

The Village Chief laughed scornfully at my words.

It seems like he didn’t believe me.

「What use is buying time at this juncture? How about you stop struggling pointlessly? The Empire hasn’t sent any soldiers to the village yet which means your theft hasn’t been discovered. I’ll hide the food you stole well. If I offer you to them then the village will be saved and our lives can continue. Please understand. It’s difficult for me to have to hand over my brother’s son. But I must for the sake of the village.」

The Village Chief said with superficial sorrow.

However, I could see what lay beneath. If he handed me over the crime of killing the soldiers would be squarely on my head.

Thanks to the value of the magic stones our village would not be harmed unnecessarily. Of course if he could hide the fact that I attacked the supply base and instead simply asked for their usual supply they’d be able to enjoy the luxury of having both sources of food.

「Everyday life huh? You want the everyday life where we sell the lives of our friends and family?」

I filled my voice with ridicule.

Originally I had wanted to take the route of obtaining the Village Chief’s favor…but since that was already impossible I would go the opposite way. I no longer needed to conceal my true feelings.

Thanks to me curing many people in the village and providing useful tools to the workers my popularity had shot through the roof. I had some confidence that I would find plenty of allies amongst the villagers.

Even now the patients who had gathered at my house for treatment were glaring at the Chief.

「You can say whatever you like! It’s better than getting wiped out since we can’t win!」
「That’s why I created a weapon. A weapon that can beat Empire soldiers.」
「Then show it to me right now.」
「I told you I had some preparations to make. Furthermore it’d be best to have as many spectators as possible right? I want everyone in the village to see.」

At my words the patients who had gathered for treatment nodded in agreement.

However, just these people weren’t enough for me. I wanted as many people as possible to show off my crossbow piercing the armor.

「Hm. Then when the sun is high in the sky we’ll show it in the public square. I won’t wait more than that!!」
「Understood. That’s fine. Everyone please tell as many people as you can about it. It’s my big moment where the fate of our village will be decided.」

Plenty of the people raised their voices in agreement.

By the time noon rolled around it would’ve spread through the village.

「Tell me Chief…would it be best for you if I didn’t have a weapon that could fight the Empire?」

I honestly threw out that question.
The Chief probably heard my question like this.

『Do you want to continue our slavery to the Empire without a fight?』

In truth it’d most likely be more beneficial for the Chief to maintain the status quo.

Unlike the normal villagers, the Chief was in a position where he could distribute all the goods amongst the village. He was probably living a more luxurious life than when we were free.

Furthermore, there was a dark secret. Although the selection of elves who would die seemed random…the Village Chief was the one who sent a list of recommended people to the Empire beforehand.

During my preparatory phase I had sneaked into the Chief’s house to obtain proof.

As the ruler of the village he had no fear of losing those important to him.

That’s why he simply took the Empire’s control easily. He turned his eyes away from the suffering of the villagers as he did so.

It was an inevitable thing. Everyone held their own selves preciously.

If they were safe then they wouldn’t fight unnecessarily.

However, I couldn’t forgive this.

I would end this deception.

「Th-that’s not true. E-even I don’t like having to listen to whatever the Empire says.」

The Chief’s face cramped up as he said words that were unconvincing at best.

「I see, then that’s good. I’ll be looking forward to this afternoon.」

I said with a refreshing smile.

This expression would mess with the Chief’s intuition the most.

「As I thought…you’re just like my big brother. Even so, if you try and play any tricks…..If you fail I won’t show mercy!!」
「That’s the deal. I’ll keep my word.」

I said as the Chief left with his entourage.

One of the patients called out worriedly.

「Did you really make a weapon? You’ve been working hard for everyone in the village so did you even have time to make one?」

A woman who I had just treated asked.

「Of course I have. It was because I finished it that I had all this free time.」
「Seeing how you’ve been Cyril it doesn’t sound like a joke.」

A male elf said and everyone laughed in agreement.

This was a good tendency. Many people in the village had begun to see me as an indispensable part of it.

I thought about how to fire things up for the debut of the crossbow this afternoon as I continued to treat my patients.

From this point on…it’s do-or-die.



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