Volume 1 Chapter 14-4: Village Headman 【Village Chief】


As expected it’d be hard to get support for me to be the next Chief since I was only 14 years old. However, it should be fine as long as I’m the adviser for the next Chief.

I slowly broke down his position little by little to smoothly rob him of his authority.

With this the village should move according to my wishes.

「Actually…don’t you guys think Cyril could be the Chief already?」

Unexpectedly Roleau, the strongest in the village, spoke up to endorse me.

「You might be right. It feels like Cyril can do anything.」
「Yeah. I think Cyril could lead us.」
「His father was an amazing Chief himself…」

One after another people recommended me to the position of Chief.

This was unexpected. I had truly thought it would be impossible for me to take the position of Chief directly.

I felt a tickling feeling deep inside. My childhood dream was to become a great Chief just like my father. I never imagined that it’d come true like this……

「Wait! Are you crazy!? Did you forget how many people died because of my brother!? Cyril is his son!」

The old chief screamed and pointed at me.

It seems like his inferiority complex to my father had been ignited.

He had always lived while being compared to him. It had slowly warped him and his fate.

「My father lost…but I will not.」
「Words are easy.」

Well I suppose he’s right. Even my father had fought with the intention of victory.

「I came up with the weapons we needed to fight.」
「And just like that you’ll show everyone hope like your father, get them involved and get them killed. Your words and your way of thinking are all just like my brother! You’ll repeat the same thing over again!」

I couldn’t think of a response. My thoughts felt dull and heavy. It might have been because of my own sense of obligation from my father’s actions and how I felt about him. My tongue was tangled.

Logically I could deny everything he said. However, my emotions kept getting in the way.

It drew out too much of the Cyril in me.

I couldn’t step back here. If I did then their faith in me would weaken. In my head I knew all this but I couldn’t step forward. My courage was failing me.


「Cyril isn’t all talk!」

I heard Lucy’s voice cry out.

Her words cleared my head.

「Cyril showed results every time he acted. He obtained food, he obtained the weapons we need, he healed many injuries and illnesses, and did many things to make our lives and jobs easier. This Cyril can win! That’s why I believe in him.」

As usual it was the straightforward and honesty Lucy. She transmitted her feelings to everyone.

Lucy gave me the final push I needed.

She’s always been the one to push my back when I was stuck. I wanted to protect her, but she always ends up protecting me.

I couldn’t help but smile. There was nothing to fear.

「I won’t speak of things I can’t do. I’ve shown you that I can do anything I say I can. I will continue to do so. I will bring us victory.」

I didn’t raise my voice and spoke very matter-of-factly. I spoke calmly yet it was perfectly audible.

In truth the most important thing was sentiment. In this place and this atmosphere, Lucy was my ally.

Everyone around us cheered. They began to believe in the possibility of our victory. They could see the future and it was getting brighter.

The old chief’s words no longer held sway.

「Where did I go wrong?」

The old chief muttered as he crumbled to the ground.

I turned my eyes from him and faced the gathered elves.

【It wasn’t all your fault】

Anyone in the old chief’s position might have done the same. Anyone could have tread the same path as him. To put it simply, a normal man was put in the position of Chief. That’s where things went wrong.

I let an ambitious smile emerge on my face as I opened my mouth.

Different from what I planned, I now had to announce my will to the villagers.

「My people. I, Cyril, hereby vow before the Spirit of the Wind and our Great Forefather. As the new Chief I will guide our people and lead us into prosperity.」

This was one of the heaviest oaths that an elf can make.

If a promise before the World Tree was for personal promises, then the Oath before our High Elf Forefathers was the most formal pledge we had.

To speak this oath you needed to be suitably prepared to follow through. This oath had been spoken throughout the history of our Elven people and was no longer just words. It had a curse associated with it. If you were to ever break this oath then your soul would be terribly wounded.

In order to properly convey the depths of my conviction and my feelings I spoke it.

The elves all got on one knee and pressed their right fists to the left side of their chests. It was the Elves’ highest form of salute.

It was proof that they had accepted me as Chief.

With this I had become the Chief not only in words, but in truth.

I could feel the weight of these two-hundred lives that were now my responsibility. The responsibility of those at the top.

But this weight was comfortable to me.

I would protect this village for sure. No, I’d change it for the better.

「So follow me my beloved people!」

They responded with a powerful cry.

This was the birth of Chief Cyril.

The realization of my childhood dream.



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