Volume 1 Chapter 17-2: Training


「Chief you keep shouting orders but when are you going to practice?」
「I don’t need to practice because I can already do it.」
「Ohh? Then lead by example.」

I bragged unnecessarily which now caused the roughneck of the village, Roleau, to throw down a challenge.

「That’s right! I want to see Cyril being cool!」

Lucy joined in with a teasing smile. She probably didn’t have any ill-will she probably wanted to see me participate.

Roleau aside I couldn’t betray Lucy’s expectations. I smiled wryly and opened my mouth.

「I understand. I’ll give an example. First is from 100 meters.」

I said and pulled the string and set the arrow.

Then I activated 3 different spells.

The first was the 【Wind Ward】 spell that the other elves used. It made it so that the wind would not affect the trajectory of the arrow and would reduce the air resistance to near zero.

In the elf village children would be taught magic to cause wind and to ward it off once they reached a certain age. Conversely you could say that most elves only knew that kind of magic.

The second spell I used was 【Perception Expansion】. I melded my senses with wind mana and was able to magnify my perceptive abilities. It’d be helpful to teach the others this magic, but because of the amount of information it provided, it was an incredible burden on your mental faculties. Implementing it would be prohibitively difficult.

The last spell I activated utilized my internal magic power. It was my original magic 【Program】. This was a spell that would calculate and initiate actions based on the feedback from my body and 【Perception Expansion】.

「Hit the target.」

I casually fired off the arrow and it looked as if it was sucked into the target.

It was fairly easy to do considering I didn’t need to calculate for abnormalities in the wind.

「Next up is 300 meters.」

I said and backed away. I had to step further because the furthest target I had set up was only 100 meters away.

Furthermore 300 meters was around the limits of 【Perception Expansion】.

When reaching a distance of 300 meters the pull of gravity can’t be ignored so I had to aim at a 42 degree angle above.

「Once more hitting the mark.」

My arrow flew in a parabola and hit the target once more.

Tentatively, this would be the limit of what would be considered as a useful reference for them.

I wouldn’t ask them to be so precise at that distance, but using 【Wind Ward】 they would still be able to fire arrows with killing power.

With fifty of them firing at the same time they wouldn’t have to be so accurate. It would have plenty of stopping power.

「Last is 500 meters.」

This was already beyond the limit of 【Perception Expansion】.

If I switched 【Perception Expansion】 from sensing in every direction and switched it to simply sensing what was in front of me, I could strengthen it and forcibly reach that distance.

I had to adjust the firing angle to around 120 degrees. At this point the gravity and range reduced this shot to a mere acrobatic performance.

Theoretically I could fire it no matter the distance because of the lack of air resistance, but since I had to compensate for gravity by shooting it straight upwards it was basically unusable as a weapon from this range.

The arrow I fired flew through the air for 5 seconds before finally hitting the target.

「This is my limit with the crossbow.」

I sighed and returned to the villagers. They were simply staring at my arrows with shocked faces. It looks like it was completely out of expectations.

「As you can see you can reach a certain degree of mastery with devoted practice.」

I intentionally put on a self-satisfied face as they began to return to their senses.

「Cyril, that’s too amazing…we can’t even use it as an example.」
「You’re…really an elf? You’re not a legendary High Elf right?」
「Can’t you shoot their commander from anywhere?」
「I feel like 500 meters is impossible, but I’m confident I can reach 200 meters.」

The elves all kicked up a fuss.

「First we should start from 100 meters. For now let’s bring today’s training to a close. Everyone is dismissed to collect their arrows. Oh, before that I have a reward for you.」

I said as children and elderly who couldn’t pull crossbows walked around distributing dried berries.

「Cyril what’s this?」

Lucy asked curiously.

「These are dried cranberries.」
「Uuuu, more cranberries…I don’t like how sour they are.」

Lucy cried out recalling how I forced her to eat raw cranberries everyday.

Many elves had similar expressions. Wild cranberries were terribly sour and had barely a hint of sweetness, few people enjoyed them.

「Well if you think I’m fooling you just give it a try and you’ll see.」
「Cranberries are yummy?」
「What are you saying?」
「That’s right, here, I’ll give you mine.」

There were plenty of surprised and doubtful voices as some tried to return them to the children who distributed them.

Amongst them the children who received the dried cranberries back had a glitter in their eyes.

「Thank you!」

They cried out and stuffed them into their mouths.


The innocently said.

Even those who were doubting me looked curiously at the dried cranberries in their hands before putting them in their mouths.

「Woah it’s true.」
「Ah dammit…shouldn’t have given them away.」

They ate them one after another. Sweet food was precious even in normal times, but they were tired after training so it must have been even better.

It was simple to make them. You bake them in an oven on one side for an hour at 100 degrees then dry it in the sun during the day for two weeks.

The heat reduces the sourness and concentrates the sweetness making it delicious and easy to eat.

「Cyril, if it’s like this then I’m willing to eat them every day.」
「That’s no good. I’ll be having you eat raw ones for a while longer Lucy.」
「I’m not doing this to be mean. After heating them like that it breaks down many of the vitamins. It’s better if they’re raw for your treatment.」

Even I wanted to give Lucy delicious things to eat. But, although she had greatly improved, she was still suffering from vitamin deficiency. I still needed her to continue eating vitamin rich foods.

After seeing her health improve it wouldn’t be impossible to switch raw cranberries for dried ones. They still had plenty of vitamins left.

「It’s really delicious. Is this why you had the women and children gather cranberries Chief Cyril?」

Roleau asked while staring at his empty hands.

「That is part of it. Dried cranberries can last for around a year so it’s an important source of vitamins during the winter. But that’s not all…」

Cranberries aside, there weren’t any edible plants that grew during the winter so we would be lacking in vitamins except for those gained from meat. Thinking health-wise these cranberries would be a great help.

「Can we use them for anything else?」
「Once winter comes around I was thinking of making alcohol. These are part of the ingredients.」
「Alcohol!? We can make that in the village!?」
「Yeah, if it goes well we can even make vinegar.」
「Seriously!? Amazing…but why can’t we just make it now? I want a drink quick.」
「That’s impossible. It needs an ingredient that we can only get in the winter. Plus I only know how to make it, I’ve never done so before. It’s possible I might fail so don’t get your hopes up.」

I said with a strained laugh.

Alcohol and vinegar were fairly luxurious products in the village. If we were able to make them here then our lives would become more plentiful. It wasn’t as if we’d die without them, but life and enjoyment were tied together.

I could have made ale using the wheat we produced, but there was no way I wanted to reduce our emergency stores of wheat. Plus the processing took more time than I was willing to spend.

「Okay that’s the end of today’s practice. We’ll be going hunting and gathering. We have plenty of things to prepare for the winter. I aim to have all of us overcome this winter season.」

Everyone answered me with a positive attitude. We’d ride this momentum through the difficulties of the soldiers and the winter. For our current selves it was easily doable.

Chapter 17 End.



  1. Thank you for your efforts.

    I rarely write any comments, but I couldn’t hold back with such a delicious bait dangled in front of my eyes (I study mathematics and physics at the university).
    For those that don’t care about the calculations, the conclusion is in the second last paragraph I wrote, in case you’re interested.

    Firstly I hope I won’t get flamed for this comment…

    Secondly I have to admit that the data concerning Cyrils shooting angle is somewhat ambigous. I take it that 120 degree is meant measured from pointing straight at the ground, as otherwise he’d be shooting backward, which is apparently not the case. I can’t actually make sense of the 42 degree, as if it was measured as before, it would mean shooting at the ground, which seems weird. On the other hand, if it was measured as usual, then it would imply that 300m is actually close to the maximum range of the crossbow (Without air resistance any shot projectile reaches its maximum range when shot with an angle of 45 degrees, which is actually more logic than physics). That’s why I’ll work with the 120 degree and assume them to be measured from pointing at the ground, which means they’d be 30 degrees in the usual sense.

    Ok, so let’s get to the actual calculations:

    First lets take the 30 degree, the distance of 500m and assume a gravitational acceleration of 9.81m/s^2 (so the same as on earth).
    We have to equations:
    1: t = 2*sin(30°)*v/9.81m/s^2
    2: 500m = cos(30°)*v*t

    The first equation is stating the fact that rise and fall time of the arrow are the same (we assume flat ground) and gravitational pull is constant, as well as there being no air resistance (luckily, otherwise I wouldn’t do these calculations, as it would take too long).

    The second equation states constant forward velocity.

    Putting 1 in 2 we get:

    2*: 500m = (2*sin(30°)*cos(30°)/9.81)*v^2

    By simply solving the above to get v, we get apporximately:
    v = 75.26

    Taking this result, the flight time can be calculated by inputting it in equation 1:

    t = 7.67

    So actually the flight time would be closer to 10 seconds than to 5.

    This time let’s take the 500m, the 5 seconds flight time and assume the usual gravity. Then we’d get for the forward velocity:

    v_f = 500m / 5s = 100m/s

    And for upward velocity:

    v_u = 2.5s * 9.81m/s^2 = 24.525m/s (using the fact that in half the flight time, the initial upward velocity has to be reduced to 0 by gravity)

    Which gives us a total initial velocity of:

    v = sqrt((100m/s)^2 + (24.525m/s)^2) = 102.96m/s

    The problem is, the actual shooting angle would be:

    a = tan^-1( (24.525m/s)/(100m/s)) = 13.78°

    So at last lets assume that the author made no mistakes concerning physics and all the given data is actually meant the way it’s written here. Then we can appoximately determine the gravitational acceleration of the world Cyrils living in:

    First, from 500m distance, 5 seconds flitght time and 30 degree shooting angle we get an initial velocity of;

    v = 500m/(5s*cos(30°)) = 115.47 m/s

    But then, taking our first equation and replacing 9.81m/s^2 with g, putting the value just calculated for v and 5s for t, we solve the equation for g and get:

    g = (2*sin(30°)*115.47m/s)/5s = 23.09 m/s^2

    Which would mean the gravity in this world is a bit more than 2.5 times stronger than ours.

    So for the conclusion we get the following: Either the author made some mistake (most likely he just rounded the time far too much, getting from 7.67s to 5s) Or otherwise, an average male in that world would be as heavy as a 200 kg Sumo in our world. Which I find would be… quite amazing.

    At last I want to say that the above does not mean I don’t like the novel. It’s just my personal interest and I still like this story. The above mentioned weird physics has done nothing to change that, so I hope no one misundarstands my motives in poting this. I simply like physics and mathematics. ( By the way, in cas someone spots a mistake, do tell me, I often happen to make some in these long calculations). Thanks again for the translation.

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