Volume 1 Chapter 2-2: Voice


The captain yelled as he swung his fist through the air. I moved slightly and it missed. In return my fist struck out and slammed into the captain’s face. I could feel his nose break beneath my blow.


Then, the 180 cm plus man was sent flying backwards.

「I-id hurds~」

Drip drip….the captain held his nose as blood flowed out of it.

My muscular power alone could not produce this. However, if I used his own power against him I could produce a cross counter. What’s more not a bit of kinetic energy was lost by my muscles as my magic ensured the perfect utilization of my body.

「I held back huh?」

I lightly massaged my right fist to get rid of the pain. In truth that one blow should have put him out of commission. However it looked like my program had held back so that my fist wouldn’t get broken.

I’d have to adjust it later. In this situation I should have ended it in one hit even if it meant breaking my fist.

「Bastard! I’ll F***ing kill you!」

The captain grabbed his helmet and gauntlet off of the ground before pulling a large two-handed sword from his back.

Then, he began swinging it wildly.
I pulled out my small work knife and held it with the blade facing downwards.

I could hear the captain’s laughter coming from inside his helmet.

I could understand why. The moment this pitiful little knife made contact with that two-handed sword it’d snap. Plus with my opponent wearing full armor and a helmet with a face guard there was no way the blade would be able to reach him.

I took a single backstep and dodged his sideways blow. I twisted my body to dodge the return swipe. The blade struck the ground making it tremble.

Incredible muscular strength. I assume it’s simple body enhancement magic.

However, he was full of openings. If I had a proper weapon I could have killed him five times.

After that he continued to strike, if there was a strike I couldn’t dodge I blocked it with the knife. Of course if I received the blows normally it’d be the end. I deflected it and averted it controlling his power. It was a soft defense. I calculated the power, angle, and timing. If any of these were off then not only my weapon, but my arm would be pulverized and I’d be cut down without mercy.

Without even 1 mm of deviation I timed it perfectly.

There wasn’t any fear. This much was a matter of course.

「Oioi, all you’re doing is running about.」

The captain said with irritation as he tried to catch his breath. He was trying to provoke me but his heavy rough breathing ruined it completely.

「Well…I think it’s about time to end it.」
「Empty braggart」

With those words he swung his sword with no energy. It was a half-assed swing. Barely any power behind it.

This was my ideal opportunity. I’d been waiting for this.

I received his sword with my knife. The tip of it snapped off and fragmented into the air. I sped up my body using one rotation and sent the knife flying towards him with a flick of the handle.

The target was the captain’s face hidden inside of his helmet.

The slits on the helmet were so thin that the knife’s blade wouldn’t pass through, but the fragments of the blade flew through them as if they were being sucked in and gouged out both of his eyes.

「GYAAAAAAAAA m-my eyes are…!!!!」

I gave the writhing captain a flying kick and stole his two-handed sword.

I wasn’t scared of a blind man. At this point he was powerless.

「Lucy are you okay?」

I ran to Lucy’s side to protect her.

「I’m alright……but…」

Lucy said and looked at the soldiers who were glaring at me full of killing intent.

Up until now they had fully believed that the captain would kill me one-sidedly and were simply spectating, but now they had drawn their bows.

「Oi shit for brains. Shoot that bow and see what happens. But only if you’re looking to die.」

I lightly provoked them but the soldiers lost their cool as their faces flushed red.

「This brat!」
「Bring it on ya little bastard!」

Of the four soldiers, three of them drew their bows.

「I warned you.」

Before the arrows could reach me they slowed midair began falling back down towards the soldiers. None of their arm guards could protect their arms from the arrows that fell from such a height. Their hands and arms were shot straight through as they screamed.

I had used wind magic to produce this result.

The collar was producing noise as usual.

I utilized two methods to make the collar powerless over me.

First I would utilize magic small enough that the collar wouldn’t react. Even if the martial arts program magic used its maximum amount, it would still only leak an extremely small amount of magic within the body so the collar would not react.

The second method was to deal with the noise. If the noise occurred every time I used magic, then I should just incorporate that noise into the magic spell as well.

I could now easily do detailed work that I couldn’t have done before.


The one soldier who hadn’t used his bow charged at me with his sword as he slashed.

I safely dodged and swung the sword I’d stolen from below.

This large sword that I could barely lift was easily swung with the power of my entire body gyrating and I was able to make a sharp strike.

That single strike stabbed directly through the armor that was clearly inferior to the captain’s. The soldier ended up with a sword through the stomach.

I confirmed that the blow was fatal and quickly gave up on trying to pull the sword out of him. Instead I dashed towards the rest of the soldiers that were trying to pull the arrows out.

They were startled as they discarded their bows and drew their swords in a panic.

However, they were helplessly slow.

「I won’t let any of you go. You’re dead!」

I couldn’t let a single one live. It’d be troublesome if they called their allies.

Even if I killed them our village would be the first suspect since they went missing here. But even so I wanted to gain some time.

I let a beastly expression emerge on my face as I charged in.



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