Volume 1 Chapter 4-1: Physical Remodeling


「I’m off. Expect good things.」

I said as I walked away from the people who had come to see me off.

There were about twenty people who came to see me and Lucy off.

Winter would be here in three months. If we solely depended on crops we had grown ourselves the village would end up withering away. The attack on the supply base carried the fate of the village.

「If you don’t come back then we’ll say you killed the soldiers and ran. With that they should still give us our usual supplies. They’ll do so if we give them the three elves they asked for. In the first place, do you really plan on doing it with just the two of you? Since you’re just going to die uselessly why don’t you spend your last days in the village? Plus it’s best for us if we capture you ourselves and turn you in.」

The headman Nietzsche stated bluntly while looking us over.

The reason he didn’t assign an observer to us was neither from hope or kindness. It was because he was afraid of me after seeing me easily kill those five soldiers. They were afraid that if they tried to stop me I’d turn that power against them.

「I don’t plan on dying and the two of us will be enough. You saw me instantly kill those five even with my collar still on right?」
「But there should be around 300 soldiers in the base you know?」
「My objective this time isn’t to fight. It’s to steal and run.」
「Even if you sneak in how are you going to carry the food out? The amount you can carry out by yourself is negligible right?」
「There’s a convenient spell. If I use it I can carry as much as I need. You saw me use it yesterday when I was carrying the soldiers’ bodies. If I discard them behind me during the attack on the base I can buy some time.」

Those words weren’t false, but my current self could not use it.

Amongst the different people I could recall using my inherent magic…there was one such person who could use that kind of magic inside of me.

「Can you really do that sort of thing?」

The Headman asked half in disbelief.

Things would be solved if I simply demonstrated it here, but my inherent magic had bad fuel consumption. That meant I had some limitations. I couldn’t squander it.

「It’s true. So I’ll sneak in, use the magic to steal everything I can, and leave. This will reduce the danger to its minimum.」
「……when did you learn this kind of magic withou—」
「Amazing Cyril! Even when you looked all depressed you were practicing your magic in secret.」

Nietzsche’s looked at me with a stiff expression and Lucy gazed at me with admiration. My heart twinged as if pricked.

「W-well yeah of course.」
「But the problem is where they store the food in the base. Since there are so many people inside it it’s definitely large. It’d be difficult to search the entire thing.」

Lucy said with a little uneasiness.

「I dealt with that as well. I treated the Captain a little roughly and made him tell me. I have all the info I need.」

I had purposefully only destroyed the Captain’s eyes. Later I had tortured him a bit to extract the information I needed. I had tortured and been tortured many times so I was used to it.

Of course I wasn’t talking about my own personal experiences. I was talking about the experiences I got from the voice.

Since the Captain was a man who embezzled taxes and abused his power I thought it wouldn’t take long to get the information out of him. However, he was surprisingly stubborn. He lied and tried to fool me while enduring so it took time. If it was someone inexperienced with torture he would surely give up or leave with false information.

High attack power, high class body reinforcement magic, and high mental capability…a capable person.

Turning him into a cripple and driving him into a corner…it was a shame that such a talent couldn’t be reused without killing him.

「That far…….Cyril what made you change this much?」
「Cyril hasn’t changed at all. It’s just the Cyril from before who worked so hard and put in so much effort to do everything is back.」

I didn’t answer either of them. I just let out an ambiguous chuckle.

Both of them were right and both of them were wrong.

With that we left the elf village.


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