Volume 1 Chapter 4-2: Physical Remodeling


Along with the swaying of the wagon I began to strengthen my physical abilities.

My mind’s processing power was fairly weak, but my physical abilities were pitiful.

I had such a good pair of eyes, but they were practically a waste of talent.

Right now both my magic and combat power was under heavy restriction. I could only use 30% of my full abilities at most.

I allowed a wave of magic power to circulate through my body. I strengthened the electric signals of my body and their control within the entirety of my body. The muscles of my entire body began to react to the strong electric signals I had created as my entire body began to jump and convulse.

An unbearable pain began to assault me as my muscles ripped and tore. Finally the magic was suspended.

I couldn’t help but let out a ragged breath. Then I immediately set a new magic spell in place. It was meant to strengthen the recovery abilities of my own body. The damaged muscles that would normally take 24-48 hours to heal were recovered in an instant.

Furthermore, the large amount of protein needed for this activity was provided by the dried meats that the soldiers had brought on this very cart.

「Hey Cyril, what have you been doing all this while? Your whole body starts to shake, then you look comfortable, then you eat tons of meat, and then you repeat it again. Honestly it’s gross.」

Lucy asked as she continued to control the wagon.

「I’m purposefully hurting my muscles and reconstructing them to make use of the overcompensation when healing. It will allow me to build up my physical strength within a short amount of time.」
「Sorry, I don’t understand at all.」
「I’m just using magic to train my muscles. You know how if you move your body a lot, the next day your muscles hurt?」
「Isn’t that just muscular pain?」
「Yes that’s right. The cause of that is that your muscles have been torn a bit. The torn muscle will slowly heal itself with time, but moderately torn muscle will repair itself to a state stronger than before.」

I explained the important points simply.

If you did too much and tore your muscles more than necessary, it would have the opposite effect.

Plus if you tried to do more once you were injured it would end up worse.

That’s why short term body building was very difficult. However, with my magic I could build muscle hundreds of times more effectively. Plus I would be able to choose which muscles to train and which to leave alone. This would allow me to keep any muscles that were adverse to my movements to a minimu.

「Just making your body shake can make you stronger…that’s cheating.」
「I guess so. But learning to use this magic takes a lot of effort so I think it evens out.」

Manipulating each of the individual electric signals required complete and utter control over your magic.

After coming up with this method it took me thirty years of training to actually achieve it. For a normal human honestly going about their muscle training would be more productive.

「But with that you can’t train your stamina.」
「Stamina is a result of your cardio-pulmonary system. That is something I can train 24/7 like this.」

I manipulated the mana in the air around us and expanded the area of the spell I already had activated. I expanded it so it would cover Lucy.

「What is this….hard to breathe.」

Lucy’s face warped with some pain.

I confirmed that and immediately returned the magic area to what it once was.

「I purposefully made it like that. You train your stamina by running right? In the end that is a method to make yourself lack oxygen…I mean air, and train your body to more efficiently take in air. That’s why causing the area around my body to lack air will help train my stamina and breathing.」

I guess you could call it high altitude training……the thin oxygen was at a level of around 2000-3000 meters in the air. It was very helpful in stamina training.

「Other than that I already have spells helping train my flexibility and dynamic vision.」
「Amazing, can it be that you were doing this training while pretending to slack off? That must be why you seemed so lazy.」
「…….yeah sure.」

I didn’t deny this misunderstanding that raised my value in her eyes.

「But Cyril, your strong point is your magic right? Then why not use that? You don’t really need to train your body that much right?」
「That’s not true. What you need in the end is strength and stamina. At the end the one who can run farthest at the end of battle is the survivor. Magic is just a tool. You can only use it well when your body is working and you’re still alive.」
「I guess that makes sense….but you’re saying these things without ever being on a battlefield.」

Lucy took some of what I said as a joke and poked fun at me.

I answered her with a wry smile.

I’d experienced hundreds of battlefields.

「Cyril I have a request.」
「What is it?」
「Teach me that magic too.」
「Impossible. The configuration is way too complex, it needs extremely fine control and tuning, and is extremely dangerous for an amateur to try.」

Common magic spells you could simply follow the formula and roughly control it. That’s why after a certain amount of training you could use it.

However, this spell required abnormally high control. Even a top class sorcerer would need a few decades of focus to use it proficiently.

「Is that so? Then can you use the spell on me?」
「I don’t mind doing that, but why?」
「I want to become stronger too. I want to fight with you Cyril.」

The emotions mixed within Lucy’s voice were serious. It wasn’t a whim…they were words she was prepared to follow.

「Are you sure? You could leave the fighting to the men and just stay behind to protect our home. Even for the attack on the supply base I brought you along to watch the horses while I infiltrated. I didn’t intend to have you fight.」
「I don’t want to be the type of woman who just stays behind. If I sit at home while Cyril goes off and dies I’ll regret it for the rest of my life. I want to fight together and survive together.」

Lucy was truly a strong girl.

Yesterday she had almost been killed by soldiers, but today she was already looking towards the future.

「I understand. I’ll train you. But this time you still have to watch the horses.」
「I can’t come with?」
「No. It won’t be so easy to escape while carrying a full load. I don’t have the spare ability to protect you in this situation.」
「Got it.」
「You’re not complaining?」
「Un, I want to fight with you to help. I don’t want to selfishly cause you trouble like a little kid. But I’ll get stronger soon and help you fight.」

I couldn’t help but smile. I’m so glad that I saved her.


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