Volume 1 Chapter 4-3: Physical Remodeling


「Ok then, let’s get started with the magic. I’ll tell you in advance…it’ll hurt so much you’ll wanna die okay?」
「…….I’ve made my resolve.」
「It’s dangerous so give me the reins.」

I switched positions with Lucy.

「I’ll need to touch you directly, are you okay with that? Furthermore it’d be best to touch the place above your heart to make it better.」
「It’s fine since it’s Cyril.」
I got Lucy’s permission and put my hand inside her clothes before resting my hand lightly on her left breast. It was the place where the soul rested, the place where magic originated. That’s why I needed to do this to cast the magic on her body properly…….though I could’ve also touched her back instead…..

My hand couldn’t help but sink into her soft chest. It was unexpectedly large. Around a C-cup. She looked slim in her clothes. I had thought she would be a B-cup at most.

The moment I touched her Lucy’s body shook.

It wasn’t a result of the spell, it was simple nervousness. She wasn’t used to the touch of a man.

I did the preliminary checks and ran a slight electrical current through her body to analyze it.

Transmission speed, reaction timing, and muscle status. All this information flowed into me.

I used it to customize the spell to her body.

「I’m starting Lucy.」
「Go ahead Cyril.」

And so I activated the magic.

I wasn’t stimulating her body with external electrical signals. I was interfering with the signals coming from Lucy’s brain, using magic to cause the muscles to strengthen the signals they received.

If these electrical signals came from the outside it would damage Lucy severely and burn her skin.

「Cyril, what is…this….it’s weird.」

Lucy’s voice leaked out as her face reddened and her body shook. She’d gotten used to it so I slowly increased the intensity. Lucy’s body began to jump about.

Somehow it looked erotic. A man doing it would be gross, but a beautiful girl doing the same thing made it different.

Then for five minutes I did it over set intervals.

「Okay, it’s done.」

Lucy couldn’t help but let out an absentminded sigh.

「Try to move your body now.」
「I’ll try i—Ow!」

Lucy let out a cry as she tried to move her muscles.

As intended, her entire body had muscle pain. Her muscles were in the perfect damaged state.

「Now next I’ll heal you.」

I said and strengthened Lucy’s healing ability to instantly repair her muscles.

Lucy had a strained look on her face at the strange sensation.

「Does your body still hurt?」
「Uh-uh, it’s all fine.」
「Good, I’m glad. We’ll do this three times a day until we reach your ideal body. I’ll warn you now, never try to do this on your own okay?」
「I understand. I couldn’t do it even if I wanted to.」

If she did it with her own self-taught style she could be in danger, and even if it went well she could create unnecessary muscle. If I saw Lucy with huge cut abs then I’d cry.

「Also, here’s some meat to eat.」

I pushed some dried meat into Lucy’s hands.

「Why? I’m not hungry.」
「Restoring muscles uses nutrients within this meat. If you don’t eat then the spell pretty much loses its meaning.」
「Is it really okay to use important food like this?」
「It’s fine. It’s something we need to get stronger. Plus if we get stronger the plan will succeed more easily. The chances of us delivering food to the village will increase as well.」
「Ok then, I’ll eat.」

Lucy chewed on the dried meat as she ate it little by little.

She looked like a cute baby animal.

「Also when you’re free look at that. Don’t move your neck and follow it only with your eyes.」

I said pointing at a black ball floating in the air.

It was the spell I was using to strengthen my dynamic vision.

「Uu, it’s pretty hard.」

Lucy groaned.

The black ball maintained its distance as it flew around drawing a figure eight at considerable speed.

Lucy’s eyes couldn’t follow it well.

「If it’s too hard then glare at it hard. It has a curse that makes your eyes follow it automatically. Do it until your eyes hurt and then say 【Caught you】 to release the curse.」
「Ah, that’s easier…but it really tires out your eyes.」
「Well it is training after all. But if you do this every day then your dynamic vision will surely improve. It’s an important thing if you want to get stronger.」
「Why did you come up with so many methods to get stronger Cyril? If you ran through the forest practicing your sword swings you would have gotten stronger too.」
「It’s because I don’t have enough time. The usual methods of getting stronger take a long time. I have a lot of other things I want to do. That’s why as long as I can use magic to speed the process, I will. I can then use the remaining time to do what I want to.」

A lifetime is too short. I knew that too well.

Even if I had another one, this current lifetime would only happen once. In order to live this current life without regrets I needed to use these cheat-like techniques.

A sportsman needs at least 3 hours of training time to maintain his form. I didn’t have that kind of time.

「Things you want to do……what do you want to do Cyril?」
「Hmm well….I want to flirt with my cute Lucy. I want to go back to our home, eat delicious things together, and laugh together.」
「Mou, saying those kinds of jokes again. We can do that stuff anytime.」

Lucy pouted while continuing to chase the black ball with her eyes.

「I’m not joking at all. I’m serious. My goal is to live a happy life with you Lucy. For the sake of that I need to secure food for the village to survive the winter, repel the soldiers the empire sends after us, and get our village to become self-sufficient by next year. Plus I have to make sure that the village can repel a large number of soldiers even if I’m not there and raise the living standards of the village.」

Raising our living standards was generalizing things.

There were a lot of sub-goals under that and plenty that needed doing.

This is the minimum I needed to accomplish for a truly happy life with Lucy.

That’s why I said that there was no time.

「Normal things are far away. If the humans hadn’t controlled our village then we could be living normally and already married huh?」

An elf village allowed marriage at the age of 14.

We were both 14 years of age.
Certainly those words weren’t anything strange.

But right now our village would not permit that. I had killed those soldiers for Lucy and picked a fight with the empire. Lucy and I couldn’t live a normal life like this.

「So Lucy proposed to me just now….I’m telling you now, but once this is all settled I’ll be proposing to you. I’ll let you start thinking about your answer.」
「Wait, Cyril…you can’t spring that kind of thing on me…」
「I might’ve brought it up suddenly, but you have plenty of time to think right?」

I said as I watched Lucy’s face switch between shy and angry.

We stopped speaking as I concentrated on controlling the horses.



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