Volume 1 Chapter 5-1: Camping at Night


I stopped the wagon, left the road for the forest, and prepared our camp for the night.

While taking short rests we had driven for 5 hours. I estimated we’d gone about 60 km today.

The horses had gotten tired so we shouldn’t proceed further today.

However, the empire’s supply base was only 40 km away. We’d probably reach it by tomorrow.

Lucy had led the horses into the forest to let them eat grass. I gathered firewood, kindling, and a flint as I worked hard to light the fire.

「As expected….fire magic is really hard for an elf.」

Magic attributes were the ability to use internal magic power to influence external natural mana, however the strength and compatibility creates certain affinities with the natural mana.

Breaking it up into broad sections, there were six attributes. However, two of those attributes were unique to certain people so there were four important ones.


Let’s say for example a standard human, their magic attributes would usually be around a max of one hundred total. They would be distributed something like this…
Earth: 40, Fire: 40, Wind: 30, Water: 30

So that’s to say when using Earth magic their compatibility would be 40. So even if they used a large amount of magic the earth mana wouldn’t respond very well to them, and what they could use would be difficult to control.

The existence known as humans were not suited to attribute magic. But I’m an elf so my affinities should be like so…

Earth: 30, Fire: 10, Wind: 90, Water: 70

I was well loved by the elements of wind and water, wasn’t very good with the element of earth, and could barely even use fire.

With a 90 affinity with wind I could use 1 magic power to gather 10 wind mana. Plus the control would be so easy I could use almost all the power gathered in my spells.

However, for fire which I only had 10 affinity for I would use 1 magic power to gather 0.05~0.1 fire mana. Furthermore, the difficulty to control it was beyond difficult and bordered on impossible. For me even the act of gathering the mana would be a loss.

Even for a first class magic samurai, an affinity of 40 was the limit for being able to cast spells effectively.

「Fire and earth are so useful…it hurts not being able to use them. If worst comes to worst I’ll use my inherent magic to recall my dwarf lifetime or my dragon lifetime.」

My ability to do so was my strong point.

If it was a past ‘me’ I would be able to change my affinities entirely.

At any rate, Lucy is really slow.
I’ve got some spare time so maybe I should catch something for dinner.

There was still dried meats and supplies on the soldiers’ wagon, but it’d be best to save those for a rainy day.

「{Perception Expansion}」

My internal magic activated and blended into the surround wind mana.

As my perception blended with the wind mana around me I could sense things through the atmosphere as my field of perception expanded. With the processing power of my brain right now I could only receive the information for the surrounding 300 meters safely. However, eventually I’d be able to expand that even further.

As expected of 90 affinity. Far from feeling any resistance from the wind mana, it felt like it was actively helping me.

「Some deer around here.」

My enhanced senses had noticed some wild deer and a boar.

Plus I could sense a stream and some edible plants and mushrooms. There were even some wild cranberries growing nearby.

But most of all……

「This forest is made of maple trees!?」

I couldn’t help but speak up.

Maple trees are one of the most useful trees in existence. The wood from them is quite good, strong, and impact resistant. Above all it was beautiful.

It had other uses than just lumber. Though it was just in winter in the future we would be able to………

「No, I’m getting too ahead of myself. First I need to secure our food.」

I locked onto a large deer around 100m away. I chose it because there weren’t any major obstacles between us and it was dazedly chewing grass without any intention of moving.

I used magic to strengthen my body as I took my knife out of my bag.

I prepared to throw my knife while running calculations on the trajectory. Then, all the muscles in my body worked together in ideal form to throw.

My knife was granted the divine protection of the wind.

With that, the wind avoided my knife, crosswinds wouldn’t affect it, and wind resistance would barely affect it. It allowed my knife to reach its target at near initial velocity.

My knife flew through the air along my simulated course and sunk into the deer’s neck, cutting its carotid artery and causing blood to come flowing out.

「Okay, let’s go grab it.」

I muttered and started walking.

As I walked towards the deer I collected some of the edible plants and mushrooms and filled my canteen with water from the stream. I didn’t forget to use my magic to removed foreign matter from the water. Sometimes unboiled water could be poisonous.

「I won’t waste your life.」

The deer had sunk into a pool of its own blood.

I pulled my knife from its neck and began to dismantle it.



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