Volume 1 Chapter 6-1: Raid


Immediately after waking up we placed the leftover deer meat onto the wagon and set off. The meat itself would be useful for food and the pelt could be used for colder weather gear.

In the cold weather climate of our Elf Village, pelts were precious commodities.

After riding for another 4 hours we were only around 10km from the supply base. The horses needed a break so I got down off the wagon. I instructed Lucy to take the wagon into the forest and hide.

「Cyril, you can’t die.」
「Of course, I’ll bring you a souvenir and come back soon.」

I’d bring back enough food for everyone in the village to survive the winter.

「Come over here for a moment.」

Lucy said beckoning me shyly as she pulled the horse’s bridle.

Then when I neared her she quickly leaned in and pressed her lips against my cheek.


「It’s a good luck charm to make sure you come back safely.」

She quickly said as she averted her face shyly.

Her long ears and white skin were clearly flushed red.

I bet she was feeling really embarrassed.

「When I come back I’ll be expecting one on the lips. I’ll work hard for it.」

Her shyness was too adorable so I couldn’t help but tease her a bit.

And so I set off in the opposite direction to complete my own task.

「Wait Cyril I haven’t given you an answer yet!」

I heard Lucy’s panicked voice cry out from behind me.

I stopped my legs and turned around.

「Be prepared for some tongue as well.」

My words served as the final blow as Lucy overheated.

Her eyes swam as her face blushed pure red. It was almost as if steam would explode from her head at any moment.

I couldn’t help but let out a chuckle.

Then I turned once more and set off.

「Cyril, umm, well, uhh, uuuuu……if you come back safe then maybe….」

From behind me I could hear her murmur those words. This time I didn’t turn back, I simply waved my hand in response.

If I turned around now my feelings would waver.

After a while I could no longer sense Lucy’s presence.

「There’s no way I can die now…」

Dying without knowing a kiss from Lucy’s lips would be the regret of ten lifetimes.

「I guess I’ll have to get serious.」

I had fully replenished my magical reserves.

With proper nutrition I had rested enough on the wagon. More than that, the promise I had with Lucy gave me even more power.

I took a step forward with my newly strengthened body as I gathered wind mana to carry me forward on a sudden gust.

Each step I took carried me forward 5 meters.

I repeated it over and over.

At minimum magic consumption I moved at high speeds of up to 80km per hour. If I completely ignored efficiency I could go even faster.

As I ran forward I continually did my final checks on my body condition.

「My inherent magic should be usable.」

My inherent magic. It allows me to summon my past self.

For a normal person it would only allow them to recall a time when they were young. However, I had 30 lifetimes I could choose from.

My Dragon self, Vampire self, Human who surpassed humanity self, machine body self, Demon King self….I had many to choose from.

However, for me to call certain selves from the past I needed to have a minimum body quality and amount of magic power.

The old status of my current body couldn’t even support a single one of my past selves.

The number of selves I had that far surpassed this body in combat strength is 9. Among them I could only summon 3 with my current abilities. The other 6 were either restricted due to my current lack of magic or lack of bodily strength. If I diligently trained then someday I would be able to summon the rest of them as well.

Among the three of them I selected the most compatible one with for the situation.

It was the body that I had lived in during my 18th life. A world that you could only imagine in a game.

It was natural and easy to use, a self that I used quite often.

After running for a while I finally reached a distance where I could see the supply base.

「【Perception Expansion】」

I merged my perception with the wind mana.

The size of the base was around 300m x 200m. The gate was made of iron and the walls were made of stone. The buildings inside the wall were made of wood and quicklime, there were also some brick ones.

There were around 300 humans inside.

This supply base should be both a checking station and a method to protect the Empire’s homeland from the different species out here.

The enemy soldiers and structure that I saw with my strengthened perception was nearly the same as the information that I got from the torture.

It seems like I could put some trust in the location that he said the weapons and food would be.

「Liberate me my soul. Let a miracle beyond that of time descend upon me.」

Unlike attribute magic, my inherent magic used solely my own internal magic power. This in turn made its consumption of power huge.

I chanted powerful words to the soul and power within myself.

「I desire the Noble and Virtuous Knight from a Vainglorious World, His name is…….」

A name from my past. A name that brought nostalgic memories. A name I called firmly.

「Deet! 【Samasara Recursion】!」



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  2. Only 9 out of the 30 are stronger by a large amount huh.
    Assumably some of the other 21 are still stronger than him right now by that wording (just not like 2x stronger or whatever you take to be a large margin).
    I wonder how many of them are weaker though. Like a world where everything was just reduced in magnitude. Or if he possibly has any lives where there was no magic. There’s technically the possibility for that. He could actually have thousands of those since I’m not sure he’d be able to save them.

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