Volume 1 Chapter 7-1: Dream


This is a dream. I recognized that in an instant once I saw the unrealistic sights in front of me.

Within my dream I was facing myself. The ‘me’ in front of my eyes changed from Deet’s appearance, to Johann’s appearance, to Shouji’s appearance, and continually changed into different forms I had taken in the past.

『Oi, what was that? My skill and knowledge shouldn’t have produced such a poor performance.』

Dream me said as if making fun of me.

‘Shut up’

『Shut up about what? It can’t be helped I guess I’ll tell you why. You haven’t accepted all of me. That brain, that body, and even that magic…all of it is far too weak. At best you can scrape the surface.』

Yeah I know. I truly could do much more.

In the past I had made a small village into a huge country. In the past I had destroyed several countries on my own. I had even destroyed the Demon King’s world.

In comparison protecting a single Elf village was nothing difficult.

『Lucy is much like the woman who made me choose this way of life. In order to protect her I will lend me a hand.』

That’s not right. It wasn’t because Lucy was like that woman that I had come to like her. I loved her because of my life as Cyril. The time we had spent together. Lucy was no substitute.

『Fumu. This me seems to like fussing over small details and individuality than the rest of us. Well whatever. I’ve seen this kind of me once or twice. However, mediocre me…as you are seeing this kind of dream you will need to yield some to us.』

I understood that as well. The fact of the matter was we were both me. My current self, and my past selves…they were things I couldn’t deny. However, Lucy was the one thing I would not yield.

『I understand current me…I will simply support you from behind the scenes until the day comes when we stop being Cryil. I will give the current us our knowledge and experience “excluding one part”. I won’t touch this personality. However, don’t forget. Once you abandon yourself as Cyril…I will take you in as a part of myself.』

You won’t force me?

『There’s no way I’d do such a wasteful thing. The normal love, emotions, impulses, and life are all things that have worn thin with time for me. The feelings that flow back into me through you are my one true pleasure.』

I see, then for all the power and knowledge you give enjoy my life as you please.

I’ll show you the best happy ending.

『That sounds wonderful. I’m already sick and tired of tragedy. This world is a special one for us. I hope that child we left will…….no nevermind. By all means we will save that child……..』

My voice was cut off in the middle.

And the dream ended.
「A beautiful morning.」

The fatigue that had robbed me of consciousness had disappeared and my magic power was filled.

The souls that I had absorbed yesterday had become my own.

Just sucking them in didn’t do anything so yesterday they hadn’t helped me much, but as I slept they had blended with me.

Yesterday I had cut 64 soldiers down.

After taking in the power of those 64 souls my internal magic power had increased by nearly 11 times.

Combined with my refined control I had ranked up from normal person to superman (ubermensch). With this many things were now possible.

Though the amount of magic I had increased, the amount I could release at once and my skill in controlling it hadn’t changed much. This was the next thing I would work on.

「But still this sure is a great way to wake up in the morning.

A nice smell floated into my nose as I felt a warmth in my hand.

It made me feel as if my body was being purified.

「Cyril, stop idling around…..ahh no, if you act so irresponsibly I’ll get angry….」

I could hear Lucy sleep-talking.

It appears that the me in her dream was quite the good for nothing. But I couldn’t blame her based on my actions up till now.

Lucy was wrapped up in the blanket with me gripping my hand and leaning against me.

「Now that I think about it we used to sleep like this sometimes.」

In the poor Elf village where the nights were cold, we would sleep together to keep warm. Two people’s body heat wrapped in a blanket made for a perfectly warm and comfy sleep. But starting last year Lucy started to refuse to do so anymore.

Maybe she had become aware of me as a member of the opposite sex. After all it hadn’t been long since she seemed childish…at this point though she had grown much more adult-like.

Five years ago we had been raised as if we were brother and sister. I hadn’t looked at her as a woman, but Lucy might not be the same.

「Maybe just a little bit longer.」

The time period to bring the food back to the village was five days. Even if we took a break today we would still make it back in time.

Right now I wanted to enjoy the feeling of Lucy’s warmth. I carefully moved her body into my arms and hugged her.

「Wind, lend me your eyes.」

I activated 『Perception Expansion』 to look around. Unlike yesterday, I had plenty of magic to spare. Even if I slept I could easily allow a part of my consciousness to keep watch. This was one of the advantages of my expertise.



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