Volume 1 Chapter 7-3: Dream


「For now it’s fine. It’s a special time for the two of us to enjoy some luxury. We’ll be able to do it again later.」
「There’s even honey mead! I’ve never had it before!」

Honey mead was liquor that had been distilled using honey. The place we lived was cold and unsuitable for cultivating sugarcane. That means it was a very high class luxury good that relied on importation.

Because of that we could only get sweetness from fruits or honey. Without any improvements the fruits in the area weren’t very delicious. This made honey a very popular product. As a result honey leapt up in price and for that reason even alcohol made with honey couldn’t be obtained by normal citizens. This mead was most likely meant for an important guest or higher up who had a taste for it.

「There’s only three bottles. If we hand this over the adults will take it all and it’ll never reach us right? So let’s open one here. I put my life on the line so I should at least get this much of a benefit.」

The Elf village put a fairly large amount of emphasis on seniority. The delicious things would be given to the elders and very little would make it past them.

Before Lucy woke up I had used 【Samsara Recursion】 and summoned Deet to use my 【Item box】 to take out some goods.

The items in Deet’s 【Item Box】 would reset when I reincarnated, but other than that everything I put inside would remain there.

「Uu, but this kind of embezzlement….」
「Okay, I guess Lucy isn’t drinking any. I’ll just have to finish it myself.」

I flaunted the golden liquid as I poured it into my cup.

I could hear Lucy gulping.

「Here, take a sniff. It smells delicious.」
「Yeah…it does.」

Lucy said as if her mind was blank.

This was how much Lucy wanted to taste something sweet.

The mountains around us had bees, but they were more like giant hornets and paper wasps. They were carnivorous and made it prohibitively difficult to take the honey. The last time we’d seen any honey was at the wedding of the Village Headman’s son. It had been specially prepared for it.

Naturally we didn’t get to try any of it.

「Okay then. Here I go.」

I poured the honey mead down my throat. I felt my body tingle as I tasted the first sweetness I’d had in years.

The sweet flavor washed through my tired body.

「Delicious! It was worth risking my life to attack that base.」

I purposefully overreacted and emphasized how delicious it was.

「What a shame. Lucy won’t be able to enjoy this flavor. She might never get another chance to taste honey mead in her life.」

Lucy’s cheek twitched.

Just one more push.

「There’s only one cup left. I can’t wait to drink it.」
「…..give it to me.」

Lucy said in a voice as quiet as a mosquito.

「Hm? What did you say?」
「Mead….I want to drink it.」
「I see…then here you go.」

I filled Lucy’s cup to the brim.

「I didn’t expect Cyril to give it over without more teasing…」
「I was just teasing you to get you to drink it. Once you agreed of course I’d give it to you.」

I said holding out the cup to her. Lucy timidly grabbed it and sniffed it. Then she took a mouthful.


Lucy said as if she was melting.

Her face had a loose smile I’d never seen before. I knew she thought the deer liver was delicious, but it was apparent that the deliciousness of sugar was something on a whole new level.

No matter where it is or when….women were weak to sweet things.

「I’m glad you liked it.」

I said as I took a bite of the deer meat and a sip of my mead. The salty flavor of the meat and the sweetness of the mead suited each other. My body flushed as the alcohol took effect.

「I might be fine dying now….」

Lucy slowly drank her mead bit by bit as she whispered.

「I think you should stop thinking like that. Once winter comes around I’ll give you something more delicious than the honey mead. It won’t just be a cup…you’ll be able to have your fill.」

I said and patted the trunk of a maple tree nearby.

The mead was delicious, but it was only as sweet as a cup of tea with three sugars in it. I wanted to let Lucy taste a true dessert snack.

Honestly I wanted to prepare it now, but winter was the only time when I could do it properly.

「Winter? There’s no food during the winter and we can’t get honey either you know? Are there any sweet things out there during the winter?」
「Yeah there are. There’s something delicious. It’s even more sweet and syrupy than the honey mead, enough that you’ll go to heaven Lucy.」
「If I get to eat something that delicious I might die.」

Lucy replied seriously to my joke.」

Before I realized it, Lucy’s cup was empty.

I let out a little smile and poured the leftover honey mead into Lucy’s cup.

Seeing that Lucy’s eyes widened.

「Cyril’s so nice. Can I ask two things? Do you want to kiss me?」
「Of course since I love Lucy.」
「Second, are you against a kiss with tongue?」
「Of course not. I prefer it.」

Lucy asked those questions then she took a sip of the honey mead in her cup before bringing her face close to mine. Our lips touched and Lucy’s tongue entered my mouth.

I could feel warm mead flowing from Lucy’s mouth into mine. I felt like it was tastier than when I simply drank it from my cup.


Then after about ten seconds Lucy moved away.

「That was your half of the leftover mead.」

Lucy said turning away shyly.

Adorable. I wanted to push her down right now. However, I resisted the impulse.

But honestly I wanted to kiss some more. Oh, I just had a good idea.

「Okay, let’s open the second one. I’ll split it in half with you Lucy.」

If there was more mead then I could do it again under that pretext!

I still hadn’t recovered from the recoil of using 【Samsara Recursion】 this morning, but I could do it again quickly if I was prepared for a bit of after effects to my soul. I’d just have to be careful for a while.

I had to take out the second one right now.

「That’s no good. The other two are for the others.」

However, Lucy plainly turned me down.

「Only those self-important idiots will get to drink any…」
「Even so we can’t. It might reach everyone in the village. If you open it I’ll get angry.」
「If you get angry what’ll happen?」
「I won’t speak to Cyril for an entire week.」
「Okay then, let’s get ready to set off.」

I quickly cleaned up our plates and cups before going over to the horses.

She was completely serious. I don’t think I’d be able to handle Lucy treating me like I didn’t exist for an entire week.


Lucy called out from behind me. Had I gone a bit to far in my teasing?

「Thank you. It was delicious.」

However, the words I dreaded turned out to be thanks instead.

I turned around with a smile and said.

「It was my pleasure.」



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