Volume 1 Epilogue Part 2: Founding of the Nation 『Erucy』


It was documented in several different books that Shurano-sama spent her life single.

She remained unbound and marriage was a taboo to her. Her love life had been offered up in service of her work til death.

It was possible that she found herself pining away for the Archmage or someone else and could not bear the pain of ending that love.

「We elves must never forget Shurano-sama no matter how many ages pass. Our present world exists thanks to Shurano-sama and so we must convey this to each successive generation. This is our duty.」

At those final words the dance ended.

I met Lucy’s eyes. Her face was smiling, but I could see the anxiety in her eyes.

She was probably worrying if she was able to dance properly after so long.

「It was beautiful.」

I spoke quietly, but exaggerated my mouth movements so she could see them.

Lucy’s smile became radiant. It looks like the message was properly conveyed. Once we get home I’ll praise her a lot. It was truly beautiful. I’m sure it wouldn’t even lose to Shurano-sama.

Finally the applause died down and Lucy got off the stage.

She was promptly surrounded by villagers so I was unable to approach.

I could forcefully extract her if I used my authority as Chief, but I wouldn’t do something so boorish. This festival was for the villagers’ sake after all. I’d let them soak in their joy for today. It’d become motivation for tomorrow.

Some villagers praised Lucy, hit on her, and some tried to propose.

You’ve got some nerve….I’ve memorized your faces so get ready to suffer some hardship.

The atmosphere heated up. This was the Kagura dance we could not see for five years. After seeing this old tradition brought back to life they must have realized that our village was free once again.

I savored the atmosphere as I sipped my alcohol.

Everyone in the village was laughing happily. This was all it took to fill them with joy and pride.

「Now I suppose I should finish the last job of the day.」

It was the perfect time for me to take the stage.

I turned my body to face everyone.

「Everyone, lend me your ears. I have something important to say.」

Even though they were in the midst of their excitement, everyone turned to look at me when they heard my voice.

This alone showed that they regarded me highly.

「With today’s battle we have completely cut ties with the Empire. We’ve crossed the point of no return.」

Indeed we had an important battle, furthermore we were victorious. The Empire would never forgive such a thing.

「Our village is no longer one of the many that the Empire controls. For that reason we have to do what’s necessary.」

I spoke strongly and hopefully towards the future. I put all my energy into my words and conveyed them to the villagers.

「Roleau, do you know what that thing is?」

I asked since he was close to the stage.

Roleau panicked a bit since he didn’t expect to be questioned.

「Eh, uhh, become stronger?」
「That’s important, but not the answer. How about you Kona?」

I asked the cute elf girl next.

「Umm, get more food?」
「That’s a top priority, but not our first priority.」

I shook my head in denial.

「Right now our most important thing is to have a name to call ourselves. This place is no longer a slave to the Empire. We are a free and independent community. This village has already become an independent nation!」

I cried out. The elves seemed surprised as their eyes widened.

「Chief Cyril can we be called a country when we’re so small?」
「Yes we can. We are under no one’s protection and decide everything by our own power. Once these things were established we had already become our own country. That is why I hereby declare the founding of our nation. It shall be called….」

I gesticulated gathering their attention fully upon me.

As I prepared to finish my sentence I looked at Lucy with a mischievous look.

「Erucy. This village will no longer be a simple Elven village. It shall be our country Erucy. I declare that here and now!」

Erucy was a name I had thought up overnight.

It was a combination between 『Eru』, which means blessing, and Lucy’s name. It was a word I made with the two.

If you broke it down it could mean Blessings to Lucy….or Blessing of Lucy.

For me the latter was the more important meaning.

「A country…our country Erucy.」
「Our home with no connection to the Empire…our country.」
「It’s got a good ring to it.」

The villagers…no…the citizens spoke the country’s name to see how it felt.

「I am sure we will have various difficulties from now on. It isn’t as though today will be the last battle we have. We’ve only just started. However, I believe we can overcome all of this. If it is all of us from Erucy!」

The elves broke out into vigorous applause and whistling.

Our vague feelings and resolve took full form and solidified on this day.

Yes…today was the first step.

The beginning of Erucy’s battle with the Empire.



  1. Lol, name your country after your first waifu.
    Bold move.
    I’d like to see the reaction of his future harem if they learned the meaning of the name.

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