Volume 2 Chapter 11-2: Lucy and Kuu


「Cyril I’m fine with going together with you…but I’d like you to stop going and doing things like you did today without saying anything. I don’t want to be too selfish and I don’t want to trouble you, but I want you to at least tell me. If not I’ll always be worried that if you’re not with me you’re off doing something dangerous…is that no good?」

Lucy looked at me with upturned eyes.

I couldn’t handle how precious and adorable she looked so I put my hand on her cheek.

「I’m sorry, I was wrong. Of course, if I don’t say anything you’ll get worried. I’ll make sure to tell you everything properly from now on.」
「Un, if you do that I’d be happy….I want to know everything about you Cyril.」

How can this angelic smile suit her so well?

Just her expression made it so much harder to bring up the matter with Kuu.

I had broken out in a cold sweat internally as I patted Lucy’s head. Lucy grumbled not to treat her like a child, but I could tell that she was pleased by it.

「Okay then, let’s eat. I moved a lot today so I’m hungry. I got some incredible stuff today so we should enjoy it.」

I took my hand off her head and moved to the kitchen.

Okay then, it was time to cook up a special meal as if my life depended on it in more ways than one.
「Okay Lucy it’s ready. I think it’s really good so give it at try.」
「It smells really sweet and delicious. What is it?」
「It’s a treat called a doughnut. I thought something like this would be good once in a while.」

This time I had made a doughnut that was baked golden-brown.

It was easy to make. I just mixed flour, water, and sugar together then fry the dough in lard before covering it in sugar.

Rather than a doughnut it was closer to a Sata Andagi, but it was hard to say so I just went with doughnut.

「It’s so good. This is the first time I’ve had such a delicious thing like this.」

The sweet-loving Lucy seemed even happier than usual as she gobbled up the donuts.


For me I felt it was a bit lacking without eggs and baking powder, but the strong deliciousness of the sugar that Lucy had never had must have made this meal an incredible one.

「Lucy, I have more so you can eat as you please.」
「Uu, I want to ask for seconds…but I want to have more for later so I’ll hold back. How did you make something so delicious?」
「I threw sugar on it.」
「Sugar!? It’s incredible that you got some. It’s the first time I’ve tried the real thing.」
「Un, I got some from the negotiator that came from the Empire.」
「So there’s some good people in the Empire too?」
「I guess so. I think this is the first time I met a decent soldier from the Empire as well.」

This was the first time I had met with elite Imperial troops. If these were the people in command then we would truly have to brace ourselves for the next battle.

We didn’t have time to talk about being experienced. We would have to deal with things by means fair or foul.

「Is there enough for everyone?」
「Unfortunately there isn’t enough to share with everyone.」

This 10kg bag would be insufficient to share with everyone in Erucy.

「I ended up being the only one getting treated to something luxurious. Hey Cyril, I’m fine now. But…how are we supposed to split up the remaining amount? No matter how we do it it’ll seem unfair.」

Lucy said while gazing at the doughnuts with a complex gaze. Even though I had said there wasn’t enough to give everyone a portion she hadn’t given up on the idea.

I’m sure she wanted to share the feeling of eating such delicious food to everyone else.

「It’s alright. The sugar we have now would be too hard to divide up, but soon I’ll be able to share a sweet soup dessert with everyone. So you don’t have to feel guilty about enjoying the stuff in front of you.」
「But it feels sneaky…」
「The gold was obtained by me as Chief for our people. The sugar was something I personally obtained for my own benefit…so honestly it’s all mine. But I knew that Lucy would hate that so I decided to share with everyone. If you don’t polish off those doughnuts then I’ll just keep all the leftover sugar to myself.」
「You always say such unfair things Cyril…if you say something like that then I have to eat these sweets…….but thank you.」

Lucy smiled and started to stuff her cheeks with doughnuts.

It was worth the effort just to see that smile. But I still had to say something that might freeze that smile…

「Umm…Lucy…I have something I need to apologize for.
「Why are you acting so humbly?」
「Kuu confessed her love to me….I accepted….and I slept with her.」

The instant she heard what I said Lucy dropped the doughnut in her hand.



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