Volume 2 Chapter 4-3: Things Bequeathed by the Father


We had fulfilled our reconnaissance objectives.

The Fire Fox Village as well as most of the soldiers who invaded it had been wiped out. What was important was that the village itself could not be used as a base of operations.

It’d be practically impossible for them to invade Erucy like this, and even if they forcefully tried then we could easily deal with such a small number of soldiers.

「Kuu, what do you think we should do with the soldiers here? I could easily deal with this amount by myself.」

I said and Kuu started thinking desperately.

She bit her lips and then slowly opened her mouth.

「You should leave them be….they have to be alive to convey how dangerous the Fire Foxes are to the Empire.」

I’m sure she wanted to take her vengeance, but Kuu said to let them go.

It was a decision she based on the future of the Fire Foxes instead of her own emotions.

「I’m of the same opinion. You’ve worked hard Kuu.」

I patted Kuu’s head softly and enjoyed the feeling of her soft Fox ears.

「I am the Chief after all.」

Kuu said with a sorrowful smile.
After that we went around to the salt areas and gathered as much rock salt as I could fit in my backpack.

Using my large capacity bag we were able to gather enough salt for the village to use for a few months if we were a bit stingy.

Now that I knew the location I could travel here within 2 hours and periodically collect more.

Then I picked up Kuu in a princess carry once more.

The weight of Kuu and the bag now exceeded 100Kg so even with my body reinforcement magic it was a bit painful.

However, I refused to show it in face or actions. That was the pride of a man.

「Kuu…I’m sorry about hitting you before. I just couldn’t allow you to keep badmouthing those who died. If you want to hit me back later I won’t mind.」

The thought of them giving their lives to fight for someone overlapped with things in my past lives and my emotions went out of control.

Even if I got angry I didn’t have the right to raise a hand to her. This was my mistake.

If it was Roleau I wouldn’t even mind if I ended up using a ‘Pharaoh Special’ on him, but Kuu was a young woman.

「It’s alright. If Cyril-kun hadn’t gotten angry then I might not have acknowledged how hard my Father and the rest tried to help us. That scares me more. When we get back to Erucy I can convey to the others how courageous they were and how much they loved us.」

Kuu was talking to me in friend mode.

This allowed us to speak much more casually.

「You think that’ll help keep them from being depressed?」
「I think they’ll be depressed anyways. But, I want to convey their feelings properly.」

Kuu’s voice didn’t express any hesitation.

I’m sure they will mourn. However, as they understood the love that was behind their loved ones’ actions they would be able to stand up once more.

No, Kuu will have them stand again.

「…..do your best.」
「Yes, I’m still immature but someday I’ll be a great Chief like Father and Cyril-kun.」

Kuu’s eyes looked to the distance.
I’m sure those words were aimed at her late Father.

「Well, for now you can just aim to be like your Father. I can’t be arrogant and say I should be your goal.」
「But…I really think that a Chief like my father or you is my goal.」

Kuu’s arms tightened their hold around the back of my neck.

Even when we were coming here I felt like Kuu was being strangely affectionate.

「Also Cyril-kun…earlier you said something about a Brothel? And that you’d patronize me there?」
「Did I say something like that? I don’t remember.」

In truth I remembered perfectly. However, after my emotions calmed down I was embarrassed by my outburst.

「You did say it. Could it be that….you’re backed up Cyril-kun?」
「Hey! Kuu!」

Her completely blatant words surprised me and I almost dropped her.

We were moving more slowly than when we arrived, but I was moving at around 60km/h so it was extremely dangerous.

「So? Did I get it right? Are you backed up? Could it be that Lucy-chan doesn’t let you do it? A so-called sexless marriage?」
「I…haven’t married Lucy yet.」

After getting poked where it hurts I couldn’t help but stutter.

「How unexpected…you got along so well since long before I thought you’d long been married. If I remember correctly Elves don’t engage in any premarital relations right?」
「That’s only old-fashioned elves. There are plenty who don’t care. However, Lucy’s family lineage is made up of Shrine Maidens and her Grandma was very strict so those kind of things are no good.」

Looking at it from another perspective Lucy had strong sexual desire. That was shown by what she did next to me while I slept…but with her Grandma’s lessons firmly in mind she wouldn’t cross that line.

If we were married she wouldn’t have any issues with it, but I had decided not to get married until things had stabilized.

If I went around merry-making and celebrating while things were still bad it would set a poor example.

So we mutually refused to lay a hand on each other.

「Is that so? Then would you like to make children with me? I’m okay with you Cyril-kun.」
「K-Kuu calm yourself….I’m sure the situation in the village must’ve been hard to bear but don’t fall into desperation. Treasure yourself more.」
「I’m completely calm. I’ve had good feelings for Cryil-kun since long ago and ever since we reunited you’ve been very reliable and kind.」

I started to blush.

Kuu was an absolutely beautiful girl.

I personally thought Lucy was a little better, but that was simply a matter of personal preference. I’m sure there are plenty of people who would say that Kuu was prettier.

I hadn’t seen a girl whose beauty matched that of Lucy’s until I saw Kuu.

「If I would eventually have to do such a thing with an elf then I was thinking that I would prefer it to be you Cyril-kun. I also think that I would be good for the future cooperation between our people if we as Chiefs had a child together.」
「I don’t like taking such calculating things into consideration.」
「You said it yourself Cyril-kun. If your emotions and logic are pointed in the same direction then go for it. My personal emotions and my rational thoughts are both giving me the go sign.」

Listening more carefully I could hear a bit of shyness in her voice.

It looks like she wasn’t as stoic as she wanted to sound. After realizing it I regained some composure.

「No. I won’t do that to you Kuu.」
「Are you worried about sexual disease? I don’t have any experience so you don’t have to worry about something like that.」
「That’s not what I’m saying!」

Even though I said that I was a bit surprised at the relief I felt when I heard she didn’t have any experience.

「Do I not have any charm for you? Even though I’m like this I was the most popular girl in the Fire Fox Village.」
「Kuu is certainly charming.」

She was soft, cute, smelled good, and had a large breasts. I even thought she had the ideal body type.

Kuu’s chest was practically perfect while Lucy’s was a bit lacking.

「As I thought. My Brother especially said that my tail was erotic. Even my father said that my tail was a once in a hundred years beauty.」
「I wouldn’t understand that and I’m scared of how your brother saw you!」

I couldn’t help but rebut.

I’m sure that our species differed on how we rated beauty, but I’m sure the tail was not a common one.

I certainly thought that her golden fluffy tail with a white tip on it was cute, but I couldn’t muster up any sexual desire for it.

「Is that so…..I’m confident in my tail though…want to try touching it?」
「If you’re going that far then I won’t hold back.」

I said and placed my hand on Kuu’s tail.

I moved her body a bit so I could carry her while touching her tail and ran it through my hand.

My hand sunk into a soft fluffy feeling. This was certainly really nice.

The way it ran through my hands felt like it’d turn into a habit.

「Nnnn….it feels good Cryil-kun…but don’t do it so hard.」

As I was playing with her tail, Kuu let out a romantic voice. It made me feel weird.


「Sorry. Fire Fox tails are pretty great.」
「It is great. Ah, but don’t touch other girls’ tails. A girl’s tail should only be touched by her parents or he husband. If you do it forcefully it’s practically rape.」
「Wait a second…then why did you tell me to…」
「Cause it’s you Cyril-kun. Plus I was serious when I said I didn’t mind if it was you Cryil-kun…so just tell me whenever you change your mind.」

Kuu said as I let the last of her tail slip out of my hand.

I felt great regret as my hand parted from it.

My male instincts wanted to accept her…I wanted to play with her tail some more.

However, Lucy’s smile floated through my mind.

「I made a promise with Lucy…and I don’t want to betray her.」

That was my answer.

It’d be way too uncool if I ran away to another girl just because I couldn’t do it with her right now.

「You act like a gentleman. I like that part of you too Cyril-kun. I’ll keep it a secret that you touched my tail so don’t worry about it.」
「Well…that’s not really what I was talking about.」

And so Kuu and I talked as we returned back to the Village.



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