Volume 2 Chapter 5-2: Party


「Someday I’d like to go hunting with the rest of the guys from Erucy…but I think it’ll be tough.」

I let out a small sigh.

I couldn’t go hunting with the group from Erucy. If I went they would lose confidence. They had to go into the mountains for several days to catch 4-5 animals…but if they saw me catching 2-3 within an hour or two I’m sure they’d feel depressed.

It was the same thing if we were talking about reclaiming land for farming. If I transformed into Kuiro I could clear as much land as Roleau and the rest could in a few weeks within an hour or so.

But I wouldn’t do that. Roleau and the rest would have their spirits and will harmed badly. I’d steal their jobs. Though it was less efficient it would protect their hearts and give them productive work that would gain them respect in the community. If I forced my way in everyone would become totally dependent on me. It would make our country so weak that it would collapse once I was no longer there.

I had gutted and drained both boars but I had only drained the blood from the deer before placing it in my 【Item Box】.

It was in order to make some food with the guts of the deer.

After placing all three in my 【item box】 I took a short pause before starting to run.

Since my magic power had increased, my level as Deet had increased as well. This made my speed increase to the point that I was even faster than when I used wind magic in my elven form.
After returning to Erucy I took out all the prey from my 【Item Box】 and ended 【Samsara Recursion】 to return to my normal body.

Since I had spent only a short amount of as Deet so I didn’t have much recoil. It didn’t seem like it’d interfere with my normal activities.

Yesterday I had asked the Fire Foxes to prepare for the even today so I thought that I would help them out this morning.

They should have finished breakfast by now.

I was a bit earlier than when I said I’d be there but I decided to call out to them anyways. I raised my hand and knocked on the door.


I heard a bright voice call out.

「Kuu-anesama! Welcome back!」

The door was slammed open and a naked girl jumped into my chest.

I’m certain it was the girl Kuu called Kemin. It was the girl two years younger than me with chestnut-colored hair in a short cut style. A very cute young girl.

She was slightly inferior to the likes of Lucy and Kuu, but she was plenty adorable all the same.

I couldn’t help but pet her head.

Based on her bright expression and the situation…Kuu hadn’t told them what happened to the Fire Fox Village. I’m sure she’d tell them once everyone’s emotions had calmed down.

「Ah sorry to tell you…but I’m not Kuu.」

I diverted my attention from the naked girl in my chest, but once I looked inside I saw many Fire Fox girls in various states of undress.

There were many Fire Foxes holding half dried clothes in their hands.

I could surmise what was going on. They had wanted to clean their clothing and themselves before the promised time arrived.

Though they could use fire magic to dry things off, they had to use low temperatures for a while on clothing so they didn’t damage the cloth.

Since they had escaped to our village with only the shirts on their backs I assumed that they wouldn’t have any clothes to wear until these were dry.

I had to deal with this somehow. It would take too long to craft the clothing ourselves so I should go out and purchase at least one other set of clothing for them.

「C-Cyril-sama…I-I’m sorry for mistaking you!」

Kemin was greatly taken aback, but for some reason she didn’t let go. Instead I saw her tail wagging back and forth rapidly.

Was this girl…..a female pervert?

「Sorry for coming over at this time. I’ll come back later to talk so please let go so I can move. Look, everyone else is embarrassed so…」

It was a feast for the eyes but I had still averted my eyes. Even so it would be uncomfortable for the other girls I’m sure.

They hadn’t started screaming or yelling abuse at me but many of them hid their bodies with their hands or wet clothes.

「Ah! I’m so sorry! I’ll let go!」
「I’d be happy if you did. I’ll come back later.」
「Just wait outside please! W-we’ll be out soon!」

And so she rapidly ran in and slammed the door shut without even trying to hide herself.

「What the heck…is even going on around here…」

I stood their absentminded at her high tension.
She had said she’d be right back and just as she said not even 3 minutes had passed before an out of breath Kemin came outside.

She even brought another girl of the same age along with her.

The second Fire Fox girl was blushing and fidgeting around.

「So Cyril-sama, what business has brought you to our humble abode!」

Kemin called out energetically.

As always her tail was wagging.

「You don’t have to be so agitated. I was coming to ask if you would like to start preparing for the midday event early. We have plenty of work to do and not a lot of time to do it. It’d be best to start as soon as possible.」
「We’ll happily do it for you Cyril-sama! I’ll go call everyone quick!!」
「Thank you. Anyways it’s nice to see you so energetic.」
「It’s a rare chance to talk to Cryil-sama after all.」

She said and the girl behind her nodded vigorously.

It wasn’t as much as Kemin, but her tail was wagging as well.

Their attitude towards me was so positive it was almost scary.

「Are you really that happy to be speaking with me?」
「Yeah! After all Cyril-sama has been voted as the No.1 man Fire Fox girls want to let grab their tails!!」
「For Fire Foxes if a girl places her tail in a man’s hand it counts as a marriage proposal, if the man grasps her tail gently it counts as acceptance.」

I broke out into a cold seat. I felt like recently…no it was yesterday…i had done that.

I wasn’t a Fire Fox so I had no reason to follow that custom, but Kuu must have known it.



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