Volume 2 Chapter 6-2: Fire Fox Traditional Cuisine


「Now when we need it, we just need to heat it up a bit and it’ll turn back into oil and we can use it to give flavor to our cooking. Is there any bread left from breakfast? Could one of you bake it a bit?」
「Okay I will!」
「You already did something Yukino! I’ll do it this time!」

A different Fire Fox grabbed the bread and toasted it. Then I took it from her and put it in the jar with the lard.

The bread melted the top layer of the lard and a delicious smell began spreading out.

「Here now each of you take a bite of the bread and see.」

I said and they each passed it around.

As soon as they took a bite their eyes began to sparkle.

I’m sure the boar lard was delicious.

It’s why I had used it in place of butter.

It was lard, but it wasn’t too heavy. It had the flavor of meat and a little bit of sweetness.

Furthermore it was just as delicious whether it was warm or cold.

Cow lard melts at 48 degrees Celsius while Boar lard melts at 30 degrees. It was the perfect temperature that lets the lard melt in your mouth and spread the flavor.

If you listed out the creatures that could produce good lard it would be boar, berkshire pig, pigs, and cattle. However, boar lard was especially flavorful.

On Earth boars were not as easy to obtain as the other varieties so it was high in cost.

「Okay, let’s move on to the main event.」

Once again I ordered the Fire Foxes to begin making lard. This time we wouldn’t be bottling it. Instead we’d be using it immediately.

「We will be putting the potatoes into this boiling hot lard. First we’ll be making the potato chips. The first step is to cut the potatoes into very thin wafers.」

I began using the slicer I had made in preparation for this event. In order for this event where the Fire Foxes would prepare food for everyone, I needed to create tools that anyone could use.

I pushed the slicer against the potato and began shaving thin slices of it into the pot underneath me.

I sped up a bit and in the blink of an eye the potato had been turned into thin slices.

The lightly colored slices floated in the pot and quickly began to turn brown.

I scooped them up and placed them on a plate.

Finally I ground up some rock salt and sprinkled it on top.

「Next I’ll show you french fries. We cut these into larger portions.」

Without using the slicer I went on to cut a potato into eight portions.

When making french fries with the skin still on you would make them into larger wedges. This was a short-cut.

I don’t recognize pre-boiled, crushed, and remolded french fries as properly made. Those aren’t real french fries.

「Could you lower the heat a bit?」
「Like this?」
「That should be good. Remember this temperature.」

The first step was to slowly raise the temperature so we could determine the correct heat to cook the potatoes.

「Okay! Now raise the temperature all at once!」
「L-like this?」
「Faster and stronger!」
「Un, this is perfect. First you have it simmer on low heat, then at the end you turn it up to high heat. That’s the trick.」

I said as I patted the young girl’s head. I then scooped the french fries out of the pot and put them on a plate. Thanks to the sudden increase in temperature at the end, both the taste and consistency should be good.

「Next it’s your turn to try what I just did.」
「Umm okay…」

She responded without much confidence. But as I watched she seemed to grasp the trick of simmering before raising the heat properly.

I should be able to leave this to them.

「These are the potato dishes I want to share with everyone today! I’d like you to make 100 potatoes-worth of each. Potato chips are still delicious even when cold so you should start with those. It’s important that we make the french fries right before the event. So what we do now is make potato chips and cut the potatoes in preparation of making fries! Can you do this?」

I asked and they all nodded.

This should take care of the potato squad for now.

Next I needed to talk to the steak squad, but as I started to walk away I felt a tug on the hem of my shirt.

「Umm, Cyril-sama…could we try a bite?」

The little girl Yukino asked bashfully.

「Yeah that’s fine. Each of you can have one potato chip and one french fry.」

I said and saw their eyes glitter as they stuffed their mouths with the sample fries and potato chips.

「These potato chips are so crispy and yummy!」
「I like how soft and flaky the french fries are.」
「I think both of them are amazing.」

I’m glad these dishes were popular amongst the Fire Foxes.

In the first place these dishes used simple ingredients but were first-class in deliciousness. There’s no reason they wouldn’t be popular.

Natural boar lard and organically raised potatoes. Plus the rock salt from the Fire Fox Village.

These were great things you couldn’t purchase in stores.

The potatoes completely sucked in the flavor of the wild boar fat along with the mineral goodness of the rock salt. In a certain way this could be considered an incredibly luxurious dish.

After seeing their smiles of satisfaction I left their area with confidence.



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