Volume 2 Chapter 8-1: Play, Sing, and Dance


I carried an empty dish and headed over to Roleau’s seat. Of course I brought Kuu along. Roleau could be considered Erucy’s No.2 so I wanted the two of them to get along if possible.

「Roleau, are you having a good time?」

I called out intimately. I saw Roleau looking pleased as he swirled his alcohol around with a cheerful attitude.

「Yo Chief. The dishes today are pretty amazing. Were they really all made by the Fire Foxes?」
「That’s right. You need to be grateful as you eat. Ah look your cup is empty.」

I shot Kuu a sideways glance to let her know to refill his cup. I’m sure he’d be far more pleased if such a beautiful girl like Kuu poured his alcohol rather than a guy like me.

「It has been some time, I am the Fire Fox Chief Kuu.」
「Ahh you’re the one from before!」

As soon as he saw Kuu’s face his expression warped a bit. I’m sure he remembered when he had yelled and tried to drive the Fire Foxes away and suddenly felt guilty.

「Yes from the other day….nice to make your acquaintance.」
「Ah…yeah….I’m sorry about that time.」

Maybe it was because of the delicious food and alcohol, but Roleau’s attitude had softened and he apologized.

「I don’t hold a grudge. If I was in Roleau-sama’s position I believe that reaction would be natural. I don’t mind too much.」
「I see…then that’s good.」
「Anyways, I was thinking that Roleau-sama was quite amazing. Cyril-sama is always saying that you’re his ‘right hand man’. “Since Roleau’s there I can leave Erucy with peace of mind to take care of business with the Fire Foxes.”」

Kuu started praising Roleau to high heaven.

Of course, I don’t remember saying anything like that. In all honesty I wish I had a bit smarter of an elf for my adjutant. However, I was limited to choosing someone who was popular and literate.

Roleau was physically strong and despite his looks, good at taking care of others. He was popular as the head of the vigilante corps, the field reclamation corps, and as one of the leaders of the hunting group. He was also born into a good family that taught him reading and writing.

With all that, if he was a little more prudent and tolerant then I would have no complaints at all……

Other than Roleau the only other suitable one would be Lucy. However, recently we had picked out some elves with good prospects and were training them. It was just that there were none as popular or qualified as Roleau.

「I see, Chief said such things….」
「Kuu don’t bring up stuff like that, you’ll embarrass me. But truly I’m thankful for Roleau’s help.」
「I’m sorry Cyril-sama. But you praised him so much that I was looking forward to talking to him today. Ah, your cup’s empty. Here have another.」

Kuu said with a smile as she poured him a drink.

As Roleau continued to drink and have a beautiful girl compliment him, he started to get more and more carried away. I didn’t believe I could find a more simple kind of guy. It was both a positive and a negative.

「……that’s when I said it! All of you come at me! Then at least five of ‘em got scared and ran off!」
「Oh that’s amazing~」
「Right!? Then this happened….」
「As expected of Roleau-sama~」


Before I realized it Roleau was boasting up a storm. It was impressive that he hadn’t run out of things to brag about.

Kuu followed up with a smile as she occasionally poured him alcohol. Kuu’s amazing, if it was me I would be ready to escape at this point.

「So that’s how it is. You got it Kuu-chan? If you’ve got a problem you can come rely on me anytime. If you ask I’ll hear you out.」

And so it took around 30 minutes for Roleau to drunkenly run out of things to talk about as he looked at Kuu with slightly perverted glances.

For a while Roleau had been sneaking glances at Kuu’s chest and I couldn’t help but worry about it….today Kuu was wearing clothes that revealed her cleavage and a tall guy like Roleau could pretty easily peep down at them.

For some reason Kuu wasn’t the one getting irritated at this, but me instead.

「How reliable! When I come to consult don’t turn me away!」
「Just leave it to me!」
「Well then, it’s about time for me to vacate this seat. I had fun today, thank you very much.」

The drunken Roleau reached out his hand to try and touch Kuu’s butt as she stood up but I beat his arm down.

In his drunken stupor he barely realized it had happened and ignored it before speaking once more.

「I had fun too, we should drink….no not just drink, umm, Kuu-chan if you’d like, sometime we could…..」
「Okay Kuu! Let’s go, look Yukino’s calling for us!」

I had a feeling things were going to head in dicey direction so I forcefully pulled Kuu away and overrode Roleau’s voice.
「Kuu I know that you’re doing your best to get them to like you, but I think you went too far.」

After that we met with another three of the important people of Erucy and were now behind the stage having a talk.

Kuu needed to get along with the important people of Erucy so that the Fire Foxes could mix in, and I as the Chief needed to introduce her.

However, to my surprise Kuu was extremely good at buttering people up. She was a genius at being an active listener and drew out more and more words from her partner.

As it continued, her simple responses and good timing caused them to feel better and better.

「Yes, I’m reflecting on it…It’s just that I never expected the people like Roleau and them to like me that much.」

At my anger Kuu looked a bit down.

「Did you not realize that Roleau was almost about to propose to you? If you then had to refuse him then relations would worsen.」
「I never had that kind of intention. I was just talking normally.」
「Roleau is really annoying when he gets talking and almost no normal girl would sit and listen to his babble. If you treat him too nicely he gets like that!」
「Well….I don’t think you can really lay the blame for that on me…..」

Kuu’s fox ears lay flat on her head.

Upon seeing that I came to my senses. Certainly I was mistreating her. She was simply doing her best to complete her task to the best of her ability.

「I’m sorry. I was acting a bit weird. When I saw Roleau going on and on like that with you I got a bit irritated for some reason. I think his self-satisfied bragging got on my nerves more than expected.」

I’m sure that’s what it was. Seeing that overexcited braggart go on and on would make anyone short-tempered.

「Umm…Cyril-kun…could it be that you’re jealous?」

I felt my heart throb at that question.

「As if….there’s no way that’s it.」
「Is that so~~ I understand~」

For some reason my denial put Kuu in a good mood.



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