Volume 2 Chapter 9-2: Negotiations


「Cy-Cyril-kun!? You were awake?」

I was hugging her deep into my chest and I could hear her panicking.

I could feel how fragile she was…a young girl and felt shocked at the effort that this girl had put in…the effort she had made.

「I’ve been awake since the start…I heard everything. So just let me hug you.」

She cried out blushing furiously and clearly confused.

「Umm, if…if that was the case then wouldn’t pretending that you didn’t hear anything be the gentlemanly thing to do!?」
「Shut it.」

I said firmly and grasped Kuu’s tail firmly.

「Hiyaau! What are you doing all of a sudden!?」

Kuu cried out in a strangely erotic voice before protesting.

「I’m just grabbing your tail.」
「The first time you did this you didn’t know the Fire Fox custom so you were still safe…but you know what that means now right Cyril-kun? Our tails are important to us. If you’re grabbing it with casual feelings I’ll get angry you know?」
「I’m doing it with full knowledge. Plus the official one is the girl carefully placing her tail in the palm of your hand right? Well I have some things I have to say. First…I love Lucy. She’s the number one in the world. That is something I can’t change.」

This was the lowest of the low confession. At the very least I did this knowing that it was something that I couldn’t be proud of.

「I…already know that. Just by looking I can tell.」
「Even so…I fell in love with you Kuu. I don’t want to give you up to anyone else. In the first place if you fell into desperation you’d start having self-sacrificing thoughts so I can’t stop looking after you. I’m sure that you had already thought of sacrificing yourself to an influential elf for the sake of the Fire Foxes right? At that moment you realized that you’d fallen in love with someone you shouldn’t have and thought of it as your own punishment…that you could try and make the lives of the Fire Foxes better or something like that.」

Kuu stared at me vacantly.

Then slowly opened her mouth.

「…….Cyril-kun…are you using mind reading magic?」
「No, that kind of convenient magic isn’t usable at present.」

It wasn’t as if there wasn’t a ‘self’ that could use it…but as Cyril I was unable to.

In the first place there was no way I would need to use that kind of magic with how obvious her thinking was.

「Kuu…be mine. I want you to be my number two in the entire world. Of course I can understand if you don’t want to be with me…this kind of man who wants everything….it’s your choice. If you want to be with me….then just leave your tail in my hand.」

Kuu panicked as her eyes darted around.

「What about Lucy-chan!? Even if I say ‘yes’ then if Lucy-chan says ‘no’ it’s all useless!」
「I’ll persuade her with my life on the line. If that doesn’t work out then I’ll hide it from Lucy and go out with you.」
「You’re saying it as if it’s really manly but I’m pretty sure that’s the worst line I’ve ever heard someone say!?」
「It’ll be alright. I love both of you and Lucy loves me. The only question here is your feelings. I don’t intend to pressure you into this. It’s just that I love you and want to be with you…so I had to use these poor methods.」

This was the best option at present.

It was a bit of an excuse…but for regular Elf Villagers polygamy was not allowed because it would cause trouble with bloodline and family lines.

However, the Chief of the village was the exception. This was to allow their bloodline to be passed down more effectively. Even Lucy knew that.

「I have one condition for this. A third is no good. Too many will beget jealousy. Lucy-chan may forgive my presence, but I’m sure in her heart she will have some dissatisfaction. Even so I…..but a third may cause this entire thing to crumble…so no third.」
「I can promise you this….there won’t be a third.」

As I spoke those words Kuu smiled wryly.

Then she quietly hid her face in my chest.

「Umm…well……I’ll be in your care.」

Kuu murmured and lightly placed her tail into the palm of my hand.

I gently grasped it and let it run through my hands.

「Kiyaau~ our tails are sensitive so…please stop.」

Her reactions were fun so I couldn’t help but mess around a bit.

「Furthermore Kuu…I think you understand this, but don’t think you can escape after entering a man’s bed wearing only your underwear.」

I said and lifted her up. Kuu’s eyes blurred as she blushed.

「Umm…well…uh…my head’s all messed up my heart and my feelings are so full…how about we leave it for later. Plus I haven’t washed up.」
「But I really would like to. I finally got to know your true feelings, got to hear your heartfelt words…now I want to know your body as well.」

I blew lightly into Kuu’s ear as I slowly touched her body.



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