Volume 3 Chapter 1-2: War Council


「Here it’s all done. Everyone grab some.」

Finally the barley porridge was ready to be eaten.

It was prepared in a large pot that could cook enough food for four or five people so each could sit around it and grab a portion for themselves.

Yukino didn’t get up to get her share of the food and simply sat in my lap with a victorious smile as the losers Kemin and Kurone ladled out portions for the both of us and brought them over.

We waited a bit for Kemin and Kurone to grab their own portions before the both of them sat next to me. Kuu had also arrived a short while ago and sat across from me. Having four cute girls and good food was a double blessing that was hard to find anywhere else.

「Un, it’s yummy. I’m falling in love with it.」
「It’s so thick and yummy. Kuro loves cheese.」
「Kemin makes even plain food taste good….Yukino…will admit defeat in that.」
「Kemin’s cooking is great for sure, but the only reason everything tastes so good is because the three of you caught the fish for this meal. Thank you girls.」
「Kuu-anesama we just did what we wanted to do. Don’t thank us too much.」

Just seeing how happy the yummy food made the girls made me feel happier.

The barley porridge went well with the mushrooms, the cheese was melted and had a delicious taste, and the river fish had a gentle flavor that blended everything together.

Instead of removing the bones from the small fish, the Fire Foxes had only removed the guts. That was how they enjoyed eating them so I did so as well.

On a cold day filling your mouth with hot porridge was a wonderful feeling.

Furthermore, the food they were eating today wasn’t simply donated by Erucy, but was food they had earned and created on their own. This was even more impactful.

「It’d be great if days like this could keep on going…」

I couldn’t help but murmur.

Despite their sorrow, the Fire Foxes were properly looking towards the future. Days where we could all eat delicious food and smile…these were truly precious.

To secure our future I had to do my best at tomorrow’s war council.

After we finished eating we took a rest. I took out three trial product brushes that had been produces when I made one for Lucy.

I ended up making a brush because Lucy has such pretty hair that I felt it was truly a waste that she couldn’t properly care for it.

However, even with Kuiro’s skill in craftsmanship it had taken six prototypes before I created one I felt suited Lucy well enough….even though I say they were prototypes they were definitely nice enough to give to anyone else and it would have been a waste for me to dispose of them.

I’m sure that giving them to the three girls would be better than letting them sit and gather dust.

「Here girls, your big bro has a present for you.」
「Kuro…hasn’t seen something like this. Do you know Yukino-chan?」
「Yukino doesn’t know. Kemin do you?」
「There’s no way I know if you don’t know…」

It looks like the Fire Foxes had never made any brushes. Then I suppose I should show them a bit.

「Okay then, Yukino I’d like to borrow your tail for a moment.」
「Cyril-niisama…that’s too sudden. It’s embarrassing.」

I gently lifted Yukino’s tail as she sat in my lap.

I then lightly brushed through her tail to see if there were any tangles or snags in it first. Then I lightly drew my fingers through the fur to make sure I got the tangles out.

The only people who were supposed to grab a Fire Fox’s tail were their husband or parents…but just touching should be safe. In the first place if an unknown man touched their tail it would enrage them, but as they probably saw me as a big brother it should be fine.

「Hyaa, it tickles.」

Finally I pressed the brush firmly yet gently onto her fluffy tail as I slowly brushed through it.

Then the matted hair and tangles were separated by the brush as her fur was drawn straight. Even normally Yukino’s silver tail was pretty, but once any weird knots and unkempt areas were dealt with, her tail looked silky smooth and shone in the light.

「Cyril-niisama this feels good.」


This brushing stimulated her pores, had a comforting feeling like a massage, improved blood circulation, removed dirt from her skin, and improved the gloss of her tail. It was probably comparable to the pleasure a dog felt when brushed by a first-rate breeder.

My skills wouldn’t fall far behind.

「Hauu, how nice…」

Yukino’s entire body relaxed as she entrusted her entire weight to me as the brushing finished. I was quite fond of this as well. I ran my hand once more through her tail as I confirmed how silky smooth it felt and that no snarls were left in her tail.

「Yukino-chan looks happy….Kuro wants it too.」
「Her tail looks amazing. It’s like a princess tail!」

The other two looked on with glittering eyes. They both looked intrigued by the enjoyment and resulting beauty of her tail.

「Come on over, I’ll do it for you two as well.」
「Yay~ I’ll leave it to you Cyril-niisama nano.」
「Ah Kurone! You’re always spacing out but….you were faster than me…」

I slowly lowered the still dazed and happy Yukino as Kurone leapt into my lap. Unlike Yukino’s polite posture, Kurone simply dove onto my lap belly first and laid there. She stuck her black tail up near my face.

「Are you remembering how I’m doing this? I’d like the three of you to care for each other’s tails in the future.」

Trying to brush their own tails would be quite difficult so it would be necessary to help each other.

「Okay. Kuro, Kemin, and Yukino will do our best nano.」
「I’d like that. The brushes should be another symbol of your friendship. It’s a tool that is hard to use by yourself after all.」
「Un, we’ll take care of them. Everyone loves each other.」

The three young foxes nodded. Then they hugged the brushes I gave them to their chest as they looked at each other and smiled.

Friends are great…

「Also Kuu…you don’t have to look so sad that you don’t have one.」
「I-I wasn’t. I didn’t look like that!」

Kuu looked away and made a poor effort at whistling.

「Kuu. I’ll be making a brush special for you and I’ll be the one grooming you so please wait a bit.」
「Cyril-kun…you were thinking of…Yes! I’ll be looking forward to it!」

The three girls blushed as they watched us as they squealed a bit. They let out little comments about how lovey dovey we were and it was a bit embarrassing.

Kuu also blushed as we looked at each other and smiled.


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