Volume 3 Chapter 2-3: Double Agent


The viciousness and mercilessness would guide us to victory. Those in the room who felt it all gasped. Hobbling them just the right amount and making them understand why having them attack as soon as possible was the proper choice.

That’s why we would use Raffa to stir up the Empire’s sense of danger to force them to increase the number of forces they sent. It was for that reason I let Raffa live.

「Chief is that why you wanted the 20 elites and the two Fire Foxes? This would be impossible for normal Elves. They’d have to be carefully trained. If you’re teaching them Chief…you say they’ll be able to accomplish all this?」
「Of course. You know of my skill with a bow right? That is improved by a magic called 『Perception Expansion』. I have already taught it to Lucy and she can use it. If the twenty people train assiduously then by the time the snow melts they should be able to use it on a practical level.」

The minimum requirement for the elites would be to learn 『Perception Expansion』 and 『Body Enhancement』. They would have to be able to use them with some proficiency.

Though I said that I could get them to succeed because I was teaching them, normal methods would not work. Both of them were subtle magics. Even if they diligently trained, they were magic that would take a few years to learn skillfully.

Lucy’s ability to learn 『Perception Expansion』 so quickly was not normal. She was just abnormally talented.

That’s why within my 『Samsara Recursion』 I had chosen a normal human with some proficiency in these matters. If it was like that then I would be able to barely make it in time.

『Perception Expansion』 was an essential skill for a sniper. The ability to detect things even without seeing them, find hidden soldiers, be able to aim while still being aware of any enemies approaching, and the ability to prevent sneak attacks. Furthermore they would be able to move at night with no issues.

With 『Body Enhancement』 they would be able to use their arms to reload their crossbows without needing to use their legs or back. This would increase their firing rate. Furthermore, if they detected an encirclement by the enemy with 『Perception Expansion』 they could run away with absolute certainty using 『Body Enhancement』.

No matter what the situation they would be snipers who could not be caught. They were close to being foul play.

「Wow. So you’re saying I can be a monster like Chief?」
「Yep. In the first place most Elves have the ability to achieve this. It’s just that none of you knew how to train properly.」

Everyone couldn’t help but gulp.

At this moment we were just training twenty elite soldiers, but they were surely thinking of the future where all Elves learned these skills.

「Raffa, the information right now is true insider information that should not be leaked.」

Indeed, the plan itself along with the Elven snipers.

「I let you stay here because I think we can believe in you. Now that you understand our situation, I understand why you chose to surrender, and we have a path to save your wife.」

I said with a smile.

「Raffa…you understand now that we can win? You must understand that it is far better to bet on me than to think that the Empire will actually keep its promise and return your wife. So I will be counting on you to only say what I asked you to.」
「Cyril….no…Chief, thank you. You thought this far even for a traitor like me…」

Raffa’s voice broke as he spoke out. Leaving aside the betrayal itself, if it had exposed Erucy to danger I would loathe him.

「Raffa…if your wife is already dead…what will you do?」
「I’ll never forgive them. No matter what I will get my revenge.」
「I see…at least you have the proper resolution.」

Raffa nodded quietly.

「Next will be, when Raffa meets the Empire I will hide in the shadows to protect him. If push comes to shove I’ll have to step in. I’ll need you to inform me of the meeting place beforehand.」
「Chief being there gives me some peace of mind.」

Behind my smile I was planning to monitor him in case he decided to have a clandestine meeting without my knowledge. Then if during the meeting he decided to let loose some inconvenient information I had decided to kill them.

He wouldn’t know how large the range of my 『Perception Expansion』 was.

There’s no way I could trust him now. I was carrying the lives of all 250 people living in Erucy.

I had not forgiven Raffa. His actions had placed Erucy in danger and if he hadn’t been useful I would have judged him mercilessly.

After that we spoke a bit about how to choose the Elites before ending the meeting.

It was already evening by that point. There were certain dangers out at night so I escorted Kuu back to her lodging.

「Kuu, I’m sorry that I didn’t cover for you back there.」
「Uh-uh. I was happy when you said that you had to treat all Elves and Fire Foxes equally. As expected of my Husband.」
「As expected of my precious wife.」
「No.2 though~」
「Even the No.2 is my wife nonetheless.」

Kuu and I laughed.

「Your plan…though it might be weird to say…makes me excited. The finishing blow needs our Fire Fox power and I’m happy that we’ll be able to take vengeance with our own hands.」

Kuu said as she touched the necklace hanging from her neck. It was adorned with a blood red magic stone. That was the essence left over from her brother….a Fire Fox Magic Stone.

She would use this to exact her revenge on the Empire’s forces.

The Elves and Fire Foxes who were loved by their elements could not use the magic stones as assistance for magic, but if they used them as one-use items they could cast enormous spells.

「Kuu, you are their leader. You should not be taking things into your own hands. The dangerous things should be handled by those more suited to it. If something happens to you, things may very well fall apart.」
「Well you’re going out and fighting even though you’re the Chief…」
「It’s because I’m the strongest.」
「Then I’m the same. I’m the only Gold Fire Fox in this group. I’m the one who can do it best. The other one we should choose is Yukino since she is a silver fox.」

Fire Foxes had various colored hair. Amongst them the Gold and Silver ones had the most power overall.

「Leaving you aside Kuu…Yukino is still a child.」
「Even so. Since young we have been treated specially. It is our duty to step out onto the field of battle. In the case where a small elite force must fight, we need the most powerful members to ensure victory….we’ll follow up with her and Yukino is a far stronger girl than you think. She has strong feelings for her family. Kemin may look like the leader, but Yukino is the one who supports them.」
「I see…so she’s not just cute huh? ….I’ll leave it to you Kuu.」

Certainly strength of feelings and power were not restricted by age. In fact I was still only 14 myself.

「Cyril-kun, could I ask something?」

Kuu said anxiously with a bit of expectation in her voice.

「You said that you wouldn’t differentiate between Elves and Fire Foxes. But…what would happen if you truly had to choose between Lucy and me?」

I couldn’t give an answer.

I wasn’t wavering. The answer was decided. I would have to choose Lucy. But…I couldn’t say that. I loved Kuu too.

「Thank you. I can understand just from the look on your face. I’m relieved that you couldn’t answer easily…」
「….Kuu, I will…never allow such a situation to exist. I will make the two of you happy.
「I don’t doubt that. But…as a girl…I do wish I could be your number one some day.」

Kuu said a bit sadly before laughing a bit.

「Well, I’ll do my best so you love me more and more.」

She said with a smile.

I smiled back and opened my mouth.

「Kuu, before you head back to the communal house would you come to my workshop?」
「Yes, happily. But I’d like to ask you to put some cloth over the window please.」
「Sometimes those three peek in. The saw something strange and Kurone asked me. That’s how I found out.」
「…..that’s not good for their early education huh…」

The both of us smiled wryly and I went to grab a small blanket that we had made.



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