Volume 3 Chapter 3-1: Elite Unit 『Nettle』


A few days after we decided to create an Elite force. We decided to accept volunteers and select from among them. They knew this as well. Today we gathered all the candidates together to make our selection.

I was trying to build up my motivation for the big job ahead of me as I ate the soft bread that Lucy baked for my lunch.

Strangely enough, Lucy’s bread tasted better than the one I baked myself. My technical skills shouldn’t be worse then her’s but….is it because the secret ingredient is love? As I was thinking that Lucy opened her mouth to speak.

「Cyril the group that you’re putting together…I’m applying to join the Elite Unit.」

I saw the light of determination in her eyes.

As I thought…Lucy brought it up. Actually I was surprised she hadn’t brought up the topic before today.

「If you want to know my honest thoughts, I do not want you to apply Lucy.」
「Un, I know you don’t. However, I am going to apply.」
「Then, with my authority I’ll refuse it.」
「Is it because I don’t have the aptitude?」

I couldn’t reply to that.

If we were talking just about aptitude…then Lucy truly did have talent. It hadn’t taken her long to learn the difficult 『Perception Expansion』 and amongst everyone in Erucy, her archery was top class.

Most likely if I were to teach her 『Body Enhancement』 she would learn it just as quickly. Unlike with the other Elves I probably wouldn’t have to use special tricks to teach her either.

「If it’s because my strength isn’t enough then I can understand it. If you’re refusing because of other reasons then I’ll get angry. I’ll hate you Cyril.」
「…..it’s not a question of your abilities. But I will state how I feel. I don’t want to place you in dangerous situations Lucy.」
「I want to fight with you to lessen the danger you face Cyril.」
「I’m happy you feel that way. But I’d hate for your pretty skin to get any wounds or scars and I’d hate it if you got too much into training and got all big and muscular. I also don’t want you to walk too much and cause your toenails to warp and more importantly if you enter serious training then we won’t be able to spend as much time together. Plus your beautiful hair and healthy skin would get hurt by such exertions. I hate all of that.」
「Cyril…you’re unexpectedly sensitive.」

Lucy said with a wry smile on her face.

I got too heated and said some strange things…how embarrassing.

「More than that, I love you Lucy. I’ll tell you right now, but to fight seriously means many of those things. If you wish for happiness as a girl then you should really focus your efforts elsewhere.」
「Cyril…if I truly was covered in scars, with big muscles, and weird toenails…would you hate me?」

I answered instantly. I really liked Lucy’s appearance, but that was nothing more than her superficial charm. Even if it was to be damaged I would not come to dislike her.

「Then I’ll still volunteer. It’s already decided.」
「As always you’re so stubborn…」
「You don’t get to say that Cyril…….」

We were both just as stubborn and couldn’t help but smile a bit at each other.

When Lucy and I truly decided on something, neither of us would bend.

For my part, if Lucy truly entered the Elite Unit, then I would pound all of the necessary magical knowledge into her head in order for her to protect her beautiful skin.

「I understand. I will choose fairly then. I’m sure you know, but this afternoon we will gather all the applicants and choose 20 from the lot of them. Fairness means that if there are people with more talent than you, then I will drop you without hesitation. Prepare yourself for that.」
「Un, I know.」
「Also Lucy, as one of the only women to join in you’ll be at a disadvantage. It will be difficult to choose you, so keep that in mind.」
「Is that…an issue of your preferences Cyril?」

I shook my head.

「It is a fact that women’s strength and endurance are usually lower than that of a man’s. Because of female physiology your health and physical condition is not as stable. It is also best for a unit such as this to not have any division based on sex. Because you will spend so much more time outdoors, changing and toilet breaks will be more easily accomplished if the group is just men.」
「Un, even so…there’s still a chance I will be chosen right?」
「Indeed. It is not zero.」

Despite what I said, it was almost definite that Lucy would end up chosen if things were fairly decided. Despite her disadvantages, her talent was enough to overturn it. Furthermore for scouts and snipers the issue of endurance was less important than other sections.

After that, we didn’t speak anymore about the matter and simply finished our lunch.


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