Volume 3 Chapter 3-2: Elite Unit 『Nettle』


There were quite a few Elves gathered in the village square.

Since the Fire Foxes couldn’t join this Elite Force they did not attend.

「Everyone thank you for gathering. This duty is a dangerous one, and I had not thought that so many would apply. Thank you.」

I greeted everyone from a raised platform.

Of the ones here, 40 were applicants and there were around 3 times their number in onlookers.

Because they didn’t need to work much during the winter they had the time to come observe. Among the applicants I saw Lucy as well. The others that stood out were the members of the vigilante corps led by Roleau.

Since the vigilante corps were used to fighting, they trained their bodies fairly often. They were some of the strongest candidates….even so, if there were those among them without enough talent, then I would mercilessly drop them from consideration.

「Chief, I heard that we’re gonna choose a few from among us but…how are we going to choose?」
「According to my judgment and personal view. For this elite troop the thing that is required most is talent for magic. We will be choosing those with the greatest aptitude.」

More specifically we would choose those who had the greatest ability to utilize 『Perception Expansion』. Without the ability to use that, they would not be much different than a normal person. The point of this training was to allow them to perform super-human feats that will allow us to fight from the shadows and show incredible results.

「Chief how will you figure that out?」
「I’ll be able to distinguish quite easily. We should hurry and begin the selection. Everyone line up single file.」

At my words a silent tension spread through the air.

Those who came here to apply were divided in three by their motivations.

The first group purely wanted to defend their home with their own hands.

The second group were people who wanted to become strong like me. They believed that if they entered the elite squad and learned my techniques, they could be as strong as I was. This group was made mostly of young men….the promise of strength was that strong of a motivation.

The third group were those who sought to get closer to me with impure motives. They sought me. They thought that if they entered the elite unit then their interactions with me would increase. If circumstances permitted, I suppose they planned on becoming my wife. It was something that was caused by some people’s thoughts about my relationship with Kuu.

As I was thinking they all finished lining up.

「Good. Let’s get started. Let the first test begin.」

I stepped in front of the first person and clapped my hand onto his shoulder. This guy was the typical type in the second motive group, the ones who wanted to get stronger. He had a brazen and slightly conceited expression on his face.

I began making the wind mana around his body move and shift. I moved it violently and fretfully causing it to flicker in front of his eyes.

However…he didn’t react at all.

「You failed.」
「Eh? Wait…why??」
「You didn’t hear the voice of the wind did you?」
「What did you say? I don’t get it….」

I didn’t have time to waste so I simply stepped to the side to the next applicant. The next one was one of Roleau’s corps members. A muscular man in his early thirties with short hair.

Just like before I clapped my hand on his shoulder and moved the mana. Unlike the first man, this one showed the proper reactions when he felt the wind mana move.

「You pass.」

I led him to a different line for those who passed. He certainly had heard the voice of the wind.

For those who could not hear the wind properly it would be unbelievably difficult to teach them 『Perception Expansion』. For that reason, being able to hear it was the prerequisite.

Among the 40 applicants I found 23 members who could hear the voice of the wind. The ratio was better than I thought, but even so there were almost half who failed at the first hurdle.

However, it was a bit troublesome that there were 7 women among the ones who got through. With this my reason not to pick Lucy because she was “the only girl” disappeared.

If I only chose men, we still wouldn’t have the right number.

「Wait a second! I can’t accept this. Why did we drop out but those girls passed!?」
「Because you couldn’t hear the voice of the wind.」
「I’m saying, I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about!」

Looking more closely it wasn’t only the man who was yelling that couldn’t accept things, the others who failed were nodding in agreement.

I see, they can’t understand just by words…


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