Volume 3 Chapter 4-2: Training Start


I smiled and pulled the trigger. The bolt flew instantly and hit the deer in the head.

「Okay let’s get going. I took down the deer.」
「Yukino wants to have kids with Cyril-niisama.」

I had taken a step when Yukino suddenly said something outrageous and I nearly tripped and fell to the ground.

「Don’t….Yukino a girl can’t say things like that.」
「Why? Yukino wants to have some kids.」
「That’s something that happens when you fall in love and go through the proper steps.」
「But…I wanna have some soon. If we don’t have any then our people will die out. Yukino and the rest have to continue the bloodline. That’s why everyone in the village gave their lives to let us escape…」

Even this young girl…was thinking so far ahead.

The Fire Foxes’ previous home had been destroyed. The survivors split into two groups and escaped, but the ones who had not headed towards Erucy had died. Truly, it ended up being that the 50 that arrived here were the only survivors.

「Even if that is so, saying that you need to do something like that is too sad I think.」
「Maybe…but Yukino loves Cyril-niisama…doing those kinds of things with other people is scary and I don’t wanna.」
「I think the type of love you’re talking about is different. You look at me like an older brother right? Siblings don’t do that kind of thing.」

Yukino started to ponder with a face that showed she wasn’t entirely convinced.

「But, I think I do love you. There’s the family love…but there’s another one in there too.」

What should I do? I wanted to clearly turn her down…but I also didn’t want to hurt her.

「I’m happy to hear you say that Yukino. But, I can’t believe that a child really knows that kind of love yet. I can’t take it serious at this point. I think it’s more that you haven’t interacted with other guys besides me.」

Yukino’s eyes started tearing up as she scrunched up her fists in front of her chest. Her ears and tail drooped listlessly.

「I really do…Cyril-niisama…what can I do to make you believe me?」

Proof of love huh?

If it was something like that then….

「Let’s see. You’re still twelve right Yukino…in two years you’ll be considered an adult. If you still feel the same way when you reach fourteen then I’ll properly respond to your feelings.」

Within those two years she would surely have gotten along with some other boys besides me and even she herself would have changed. If by then it didn’t waver then it should be for real.

「It’s a promise…if two years go by and I still feel the same I’m your third wife.」
「Yukino, don’t try to bargain upwards. I meant that if you still feel the same in two years I will face your feelings seriously.」
「….I got found out…」

Truly what a cunning young lady.

Certainly at this moment the Fire Foxes and Elves were distant with each other, but once the day came that this distance was shortened a cute and good girl like this wouldn’t be ignored by the other guys.

I’m sure that amongst them at least one of the men would be able to enter her heart.

It wouldn’t be a guy like me with two lady loves, but instead a man who only thought of Yukino alone and they would…no…somehow thinking too much about it was irritating me.

I’d have to give away my precious little sister. I wouldn’t accept anyone who wasn’t stronger, better at business, and considerate as me. That’s how I’d decide.

I pulled myself together and headed towards the deer. I removed the blood and organs before making a small makeshift sled and placing both it and Yukino on it before running off again.

The sled was easy to make using the oscillating blade and some sturdy cord.

As expected the snow was hard to move through, but I forcibly increased my speed using 【Body Enhancement】.

「Okay, around here seems alright.」
「Cyril-niisama…what are you doing?」
「It’s a little something to help train Nettle.」
I took out one of the knives hanging from my waist and stabbed it into the largest tree near me.

「Hmm, we’re pretty free so how about a song?」

It was pretty boring just pulling the sled and it appeared that Yukino thought so too.

「Cyril-niisama teach me some of the songs you know. I’m tired of singing all the same Fire Fox songs.」
「Hmm…songs huh? Elves don’t sing all that much…」

Elves were specialized in instruments and dancing, but strangely enough didn’t sing much at all. A simple instrumental piece was good enough for us. But a song that wasn’t from my memories as Cyril emerged and I sang.

「Sore ike, sore ike everyone’s beating, throbbing, pounding. Dig, Dig, become all muddy and greet the morning sun.」 (TN: No idea how accurate this is because I could not find the song online)

It was a bright and cheerful fairy-tale like song. If I remembered it was a song from Showa Era Japan called 【Good Morning World】.

The song had a red fox couple as the focus as they raised their kids. Certainly this was a fitting song for the Fire Foxes….

I repeated the song once more, and on the third time around Yukino joined in with her voice. Fire Foxes were really good at singing.

Thinking that my voice was just noise in comparison I stopped singing and simply focused on Yukino’s voice.

But after a while of singing alone, Yukino noticed as she blushed and stopped singing.

「Why’d you stop? Your singing was really nice Yukino.」
「Compared to Kuu-anesama, Yukino’s singing is no good.」
「I don’t think you need to compare…」
「…Yukino thinks so too…but it’s still no good.」

It seems there was something behind this. Amongst all the foxes Kuu was golden. Yukino being silver may have special meaning as well.

「I see…if you say so, but I really like it. Your singing that is. Remember that.」
「Cyril-niisama…that previous promise…as I thought two years is too long!」

And so we safely finished hunting as the snow fell.

Now I just had to divide it into portions and place it inside an insulated container along with a large amount of ice and it should last us for quite some time.


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