Volume 3 Chapter 4-3: Training Start


「Alright this will give you the strength for the coming training. Eat plenty.」

I said to the members of Nettle gathered before me in the Village Chief’s house.

「We didn’t eat breakfast like you asked Chief…but I smell something delicious. What is it?」
「It’s deer meat and cream stew. It’ll warm you up so eat it while it’s hot.」

I said and passed out the special cream stew and bread to the members.

Finely minced potatoes, water, wheat, butter, and lard mixed together with a base made with deer bones and tough meat along with some goat milk.

Finally some lightly roasted mushrooms and salt to add flavoring.

It was their first day so I put in quite a bit of effort. This era wouldn’t have many dishes that required elaborate cooking.

I paired this stew with bread made with yeast which was baked to a fluffy and crunchy consistency. Also since I was able to use goat milk this time the taste of it was quite a bit more delicious and it went well with the cream stew.

Pairing this warm and delicious cream stew with having just came inside from the cold winter morning would make it feel like it was filling their bodies with warmth.

「This is great. Goat milk, deer meat, and potatoes can make something so delicious!」
「Just eating stuff like this make me feel like entering Nettle was worth it.」

It was a great success amongst the elves.

After this they’d be seeing hell so I let them enjoy as much as they pleased.

I was kind and let them have as many second helpings as they wanted before the pot was empty.

「Alright, since you’re filled with nutrition and well rested we’ll start the training. Two of you will receive my direct instruction while the rest will undergo basic endurance training.」

I announced and signaled the helper elves to bring out the warm fur coats and gloves I had asked for.

「For those going out for endurance training I want you to properly wear cold weather gear…..Roleau this is a map. You see the marking that I made? That location has a large tree with a knife stuck into it, you will take everyone there and recover it.」
「Chief we’re going that deep into the mountains while it’s snowing outside?」
「If it’s that distance you should be able to barely make it back to the village before the sun sets.」
「Won’t we die!?」
「Well, I went out there as the sun rose, hunted a deer, stuck my knife in that tree, and came back this morning. After that I still had enough time to cook this meal. There’s no way you can’t make it if you’re just traveling there right?」

Roleau was speechless.

「Let’s do it…everyone it might be far but this is our mountain and we won’t get lost. If we complain too much right now it’ll just give us less time. We need to make it back before dark or it really will be dangerous.」

Among the elves who were hesitating Lucy spoke up.

If a young girl was talking like that the rest couldn’t act pathetic. The others spoke up as well.

「If we leave now we could be back by evening if we take the snow into account.」

Roleau was used to the forests, but many of them, especially the women, didn’t have such experience.

If they matched pace with the slowest of the group then they should be able to return as the sun set.

「It can’t be helped, let’s go! Let’s get changed and head out.」
「As expected of Roleau. You’re pulling everyone along….well here’s your lunch. You need to carry it with you.」

I handed them some parcels.

「What’s this?」
「It’s your lunch.」

It was the provisions I had made.

It was a large soft cookie-like object made with dried cranberries, vinegar, salt, and lard.

It could be preserved for long periods and was very high in calories. Looking at its nutrients it was a fairly good meal replacement and the flavor was pretty good at healing fatigue.

When we began fighting the Empire they would be deployed on long campaigns so it was essential that they had some food that was high in calories, nutrients, and was easy to carry. If you used these then you could carry a month of food along in your bag.

「Will something so small be enough? How a bout a proper…..」
「No. Being able to last with only that much is training in itself. I will have you eat that for lunch. For that reason I let you have a luxurious breakfast.」

Indeed, no matter how excellent the cooking was you needed to have something easy to carry and eat. No matter how nutritious the full meal was it wouldn’t match the quick and ease of that soft cookie.

If they didn’t get used to eating one of those for their meals then during a campaign they would reach their limits quickly.

I would have them get used to eating one soft cookie for their meals. Then finally I would have them replace their meals with that for a day. If they were unable to do so, then a long campaign was just a dream.

「If you’re asking us to do this Chief then it must be for something…okay…I’ll show you we can do it.」

Within the snowy mountains they would train their legs, their endurance, their fortitude, and their teamwork.

Until they obtained the basic physical strength and unity I would have them climb the mountain.

「What will the other two do?」
「I’ll be beating 【Perception Expansion】 and 【Body Enhancement】 into their heads. I’ll show you that I can make them learn it in a day.」
「That’s amazing. I thought it took a lot more time to learn magic…」
「Well, it’s me after all.」
「Cyril…sometimes you say things like that to dodge the issue…」

Lucy said with half amazement and half respect.

「Well, it’s the truth.」

It was not possible to accomplish this by using normal means.

I would have to use 【Samsara Recursion】 to create a shortcut. That meant that only I could accomplish this.

「I’ll pray you return safely. If you aren’t back by late evening I’ll set up a search so don’t worry.」
「Okay. Chief I swear on my experience as a hunter that we won’t get lost.」

And so the endurance team put on their coats and headed out to the mountains.

The only ones left were one of Roleau’s subordinates and one woman.

They had been led away to a separate room.

「Now then…I didn’t want to use this 【Samsara Recursion】 if I didn’t need to, but I can’t think of any other one that can use soul magic.」

The one I would be calling today was the great magician Suzina.

The reason I hesitated was not because of the consumption or high burden of the soul…no it was in fact lighter than others I had used.

「A 「me」 that I don’t know…」

There were five 「me」 that had been sealed away that could not be recognized. Though Suzina was only mid-powered compared to the other 「me」 they were one of the ones that I had completely sealed the memories of when not in use.

【I】 would not have done such a thing without reason. There was something within Suzina…something that made me reluctant to call upon them.

But I didn’t have time to be hesitant.

I resolved myself and readied my mind to call Suzina.

A lifetime completely devoted to magic…
As a human using magic, surgery, spiritualism, and every possible means to change my body itself into something optimized for my desires.

「Now…let’s start.」

I strengthened my will and entered the room with the two members of Nettle.


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