Volume 3 Chapter 5-1: Archmage Suzina


I firmed my resolve to call upon the Archmage Suzina and entered the room where the two members of Nettle were.

The two of them were seated on chairs with blindfolds on. This was only because I didn’t want them to see my form when I was utilizing 『The Circle of Transmigration』.

This utilization of 『The Circle of Transmigration』 would call the Archmage Suzina…who was a human. If I showed myself turning into a human there was no way the Elves would be able to keep their cool.

「Chief why are we wearing blindfolds?」
「It’s because wearing them will increase your concentration and make the magic easier to learn.」
「Is that so? I didn’t know.」

The two Nettle members accepted my lame excuse and didn’t question me further.

I lowered my voice so the two of them could not hear me and began chanting.

「Liberate me my soul. Let a miracle beyond time descend upon me here.」

I focused strongly inside my body and activated my magic.

「I desire the Mad Archmage that lit up the world of despair…their name is…」

A past name. A nostalgic name that echoed in my mind.

「Suzina! 『Samsara Recursion』!」

My body was engulfed in light as my inherent magic activated.

As the light subsided my body was wrapped in a mage-like robe. In my hands was an elaborate wand with four magic stones each with the elements water, fire, wind, and earth. I had long white hair decorated with silver hair ornaments and gemstones. I now looked like a human in their mid-thirties.


「As I thought…I don’t remember.」

Upon using 『Samsara Recursion』 I recovered my past appearance and some strong memories and emotions from back then.

However, despite the technical knowledge, abilities, and skills of Suzina pouring into my mind smoothly, I didn’t recall any of the other memories from back then.

As I was a bit perplexed…

『Father did you return?』

A young girl’s voice echoed in my mind. As I wondered how to respond to her she continued to speak.

『It’s been 532 years, 123 days, and 5 hours since we met. When you died and said that we’d meet again within your soul you really didn’t lie to me!』

That voice was filled with utter joy and deep emotions as she exclaimed.

I felt something deep in my heart filled with warmth as it went wild.

『Why aren’t you answering? Something’s…weird…it’s too noisy.』

The girl’s voice began to get further away.

『Can’t establish proper connection. Substitute line is no good, changing the formula doesn’t work either? Father is closing the channel? Blocking my soul’s wavelength completely!? Why are you going this far? Why!? Why won’t you let me hear your voice? Why are you refusing me?』

The voice began to panic and be filled with sadness. It made me think of the image of a small kitten being abandoned in the rain.

I wanted to call out but I had no idea what to do.

『I was…Ash kept the promise…but Father broke it. Un…it’s fine. I’ll break it too then…I don’t care what happens next. I already found where Father is anyways…it’s another continent…pretty far. And there of all places? How nostalgic. It’s not a coincidence right? It’s really far…but it’s much closer than when Father was dead. I’ll definitely come find you…since we promised. Once we meet I’ll hu—』

At that moment her voice completely cut off.

「What the hell was that?」

I couldn’t help but murmur aloud.

It was most likely an acquaintance of Suzina and had used some sort of magic ability to make contact.

Magic that could communicate thoughts wasn’t particularly rare. It was just that base don my current abilities the range for it was only a few dozen meters. It was pretty unbelievable that the girl had said she was contacting me from another continent. If that was true then it had to be someone with greater skills and magic power than me, or someone who knew a spell that I did not.

In the first place, something that had lived more than 500 years was not a proper living creature. Did such an acquaintance truly exist?

「Chief what’s up? Nothing’s happening.」
「Ahh, well…it’s nothing.」

I didn’t know what to say about it, but calmed the two people down.

I would have to leave that sudden contact aside for now. The length of time I could use in 『Samsara Recursion』 wasn’t especially long.

「Doesn’t your voice sound lower than usual?」
「I’ve got a bit of a sore throat…you don’t have to worry about it. Let’s get started with the training.」

I utilized my robe and hood to hide my facial features and my body shape.

This was meant as a countermeasure to prevent them from seeing my appearance once they learned 『Perception Expansion』.

「It’ll feel unpleasant but I’d like you to hold on for me.」

I said as I placed my hand on the male member’s cheek.


Magic power flowed into the man’s body and gave me a comprehensive picture of his body.

I had used this technique as Cyril when I acted as the town doctor, but when I utilized it in Suzina’s form the amount of information I obtained was several fold greater.

His physical condition was obviously obtained, however I also got the analysis of him all the way down to his soul structure.

If I had done the same detail in Cyril’s body then my mind would have fried.

The reason I could accomplish this was due to the throughput in Suzina’s mind.

Suzina had been born as a normal human, but it was a time when 『I』 had been completely obsessed with the research of magic. The moment 『I』 had been remembered by Suzina, 『I』 completely took control of the body and completely reconstructed it to become suitable for the practice of sorcery.

Taking in elements from the world tree and demi-humans I had made my body optimized for this.

For my brain I strengthened the basic specs and even forcefully utilized sections of the brain usually neglected by normal humans, while also allowing multiple simultaneous lines of thought utilizing magical virtual simulations, removing the limiter on my mind as well as adding in elements to repair damage to my mind when it overheated. Removing the inefficient pathways in the human mind and replacing them with a more efficient algorithm based sequence. This treatment was sheer madness and indescribably complex.


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  1. If i recall correctly, at the end of vol 1 the sage name was Shujina, i guess it got changed just like Rick’s name. So i’m guessing that the voice is the artificial elf hero girl that he created in the past

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