Volume 3 Chapter 5-2: Archmage Suzina


Suzina was the best for handling spells that required intense control and power.

The body had received quite a few alterations as well that provided me with quite high combat power, however amongst all the 『me』 within myself Suzina’s pure combat power ranked in the lower middle area.

If similar modifications could be made to my current body or to that of the other elves then…we would be much stronger. However, doing so would mean discarding their own body identity. I had considered doing it, but in the end I decided against it. I wanted to go through this as Cyril with my own body until the end along with everyone.

「Structure analysis, estimate transformation pattern, simplify reproduction capability conjecture.」

Magic formulas would change based on individual differences. Even when speaking the same structured spell every person would obtain a different output based on their individual characteristics.

It was like if you entered the same code into different programs. You would need a conversion engine to make it run correctly or risk crashing.

It was because of this that teaching individuals magic was a very difficult task. Even sensing magic differed from person to person. At best you would be able to inform them of the basics of magic and their affinities, then set them free to go through trial and error.

If I tried to teach using this method we would never make it in time.

For that reason…

「Predict output result. Input command formula. Output. Approximate rate 75% checking against control value. Retry. Retry. Retry.」

I was attempting to forcefully connect my soul with their soul, input the spell formula, and observe the results. This turned me into something like a human conversion engine to find the proper spell formula.

Magic was the power of the soul. For that reason it had it’s own self defense mechanism that could reject such interference which made this action prohibitively difficult.

However, because Suzina’s magic control was incredibly precise, I was able to cause the soul to recognize the spell I was inserting as a part of itself. This allowed an integration without rejection.

Analyzing their soul was difficult even at normal times but at the same time I was also disguising my magic power. My brain was already overheating and screaming for relief.

Finally one broke down. Of the five virtual processes one broke down. Four remained. At the same instant an automatic spell activated to begin the mental repair process.

This was occurring as expected. Suzina’s existence itself was made to function at full power while breaking and repairing. Rather than functioning safely and for a long time it was more effective to run at maximum power while repairing functions when they broke down. The damaged part of my brain was being regenerated rapidly.

「Chief…something’s been tickling me for quite a bit…what is this?」
「It’s preparations to let you learn the magic. It’ll end in a while.」
「It…feels like my body isn’t my own right now.」
「You’re pretty sharp. Since you could feel that it means your talent for magic is pretty high.」

As we spoke the Operation Code was entered over and over in different permutations as the calculation errors lowered after every new piece of information I gained.

「Retry. Approximate 98.5%. Retry. Approximate 99.1%. Retry 99.9% Control Value Clear. Calculation Complete.」

At that moment I finally completed the conversion engine for this man. I moved on to do the same for the girl and comprehended her particulars as well.

At that moment I took both their hands.

「Now I will show you the magic I am going to teach you. 『Perception Expansion』 is an application of wind magic. You will share your perception with the wind, so as long as it is a place with wind you will be able to detect everything.」
「How are you going to show us? We haven’t learned the magic so how are we supposed to use it all of a sudden?」
「I will be utilizing the magic through your bodies, it’ll be fine. What you need to do is to remember the feeling of this magic as accurately as you can.」

I poured the spell code into their souls.

Since I had calculated the conversion engine for both of their souls I simply needed to utilize the magic as I usually did and simply pass it through the conversion algorithm that I had set up.

「Chief…this is…crazy…I can see everything…ahahaha, so you’ve been seeing things like this all the time?」
「It feels like I’ve turned into a bird…no a bit different…I can see everything in here…amazing!」

They were both entranced with their first experience with 『Perception Expansion』.

Even just experiencing it once could fully convey just how useful this ability was.

「It’s fine if you’re excited, but you need to properly remember the feeling of using this spell. After around fifteen minutes I will stop my magic and then you’ll have to try to do this. If you have any issues I will correct them.」
「You can do that?」
「I can use magic through other people’s bodies. There’s no way I can’t fix it as well right?」

Indeed, this was the full reason I had called upon Suzina.

Since each person has their own different feeling, teaching them was too difficult. It was much better to show them utilizing their own bodies and allow their minds to memorize the feeling.

It was the same as riding a bike. Once someone taught you how to ride straight and you experienced it, then you would eventually be able to learn to do it on your own.

「Alright, focus guys, feel how the magic flows through you and the image of the spell formula. Once you understand that you’ll be able to learn it quickly.」

I was teaching them a simplified version of my own 『Perception Expansion』.

The perception range was capped at 220 meters, the detail was lowered, and I limited a portion of their field of view.

Doing this would lower the burden on their minds, make it easier to learn, and decrease the amount of magic power it required.

This would remove a large amount of the augmentability of 『Perception Expansion』 but if it was simply for sniping then this much was plenty.


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