Volume 3 Chapter 5-3: Archmage Suzina


「Oh, I think I’ve got the feeling. Chief you can stop. I’m going to give it a try on my own.」

The man spoke up with confidence so I stopped the insertion spell and allowed him to try as he pleased.

「L-like this?」

The spell formula had gotten distorted, but at the very least it did activate.

「I feel like this is different from the one before…hmmm…where did I go wrong?」

I silently activated my magic and led the man back onto the proper formula path.

「I see. So like this? How about now? Does it work?」

The man seemed to have misunderstood that he had fixed it himself and was excited, but the previous error had been eliminated.

Just like that I let him continue to experiment by himself. Every time he made a mistake I would quietly guide him back onto the correct path and allow him to slowly reach the proper form of 『Perception Expansion』.

It was a bit roundabout, but allowing him to experiment on his own would make it easier to remember the proper method.

「How’s this? Chief this should be perfect right? Haha this is nice. If I used this for hunting I’d be able to find a boar no matter where it hid.」
「Un, very good. Now you need to let this feeling soak into your body so maintain the spell for another hour.」

The guy said and happily continued to test out 『Perception Expansion』.

The girl, on the other hand, had been going through trial and error as well. At this point she was just slightly off in some of the calculations, but she would soon fix that.

The two of them should be able to learn to use this spell without issue.

It had been around 3 hours since I had invoked 『Samsara Recursion』. At this point they had almost completely grasped the spell.

Suzina, though modified, was still just a human so the magic power expenditure, level of existence, and soul damage were all quite small. At my current level I could hold onto this transformation for five hours.

What took the most time was coming up with the proper conversion engine, so I believe that we could complete 『Body Enhancement』 in the next two hours.

「Un, good job you guys. Don’t forget to practice 『Perception Expansion』 at least 30 minutes every day.」
「Mm, I understand.」
「Okay, the next magic is 『Body Enhancement』. We’ll learn using the same method as before.」

And so I was able to teach them the spell within our remaining time. As expected I was at my limit teaching two at the same time. If I tried to go any further then I wouldn’t be able to teach them within the time limit of 『Samsara Recursion』.

….plus I had secretly used a technique on the two of them.

It wasn’t something big but…

It would simply make their brains release a small amount of pleasure chemicals when they followed my instructions.

More simply, if they listened to what I said they would feel better and be more motivated. Things that were painful or difficult would become easier to bear.

If I was to be completely honest, the thing that the Elite Forces needed most wasn’t disposition or endurance, it was instead motivation. It was obvious they would want to escape from boring, painful, and unreasonable training.

I’m sure that when they came to join Nettle they had all harbored some burning ambitions and emotions within their hearts. At some point those emotions would fade, we needed those who would not run or hide once the initial burst of emotion faded.

Even on Earth when putting together an elite unit they would pull troops from various different areas. They gathered and were made to go through grueling training until only a third of them were left.

In the first place I didn’t believe that these Elves who were not used to fighting would be able to overcome such painful and boring training. It’d be nice to say that I believed in them, but that would simply be neglecting reality.

Every day two of them and using up my precious 『Samsara Recursion』 time every day. Even if they asked to stop I had no time to train someone else. Even without that there weren’t enough Elves that could hear the voice of the wind….I couldn’t make changes to the current members of Nettle.

It might be cruel, but as the Chief of Erucy I could not simply leave such an issue alone once I saw it.

「Un, you should be able to use it now. With this we can win again the Empire.」

I complimented them with a smile while at the same time apologizing internally for my own self-satisfaction.


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